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10 Best Broad City Guest Stars, Ranked | ScreenRant

The Comedy Central series Broad City was one of the funniest and most underrated series in recent memory. As the show followed the wild and often surreal adventures of Abbi and Ilana through their life in New York City, a lot of famous faces showed up along the way.

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Through the show's five seasons, there were countless great guest stars, with some notable names who really stood out and stole the show. Some of these big names were other funny people who shared their comedic talents with the show while others were more unexpected guests who played against type in this off-the-wall series.

10 Seth Rogen

Abbi and Ilana have both had their share of bad dates over the course of the series and Seth Rogen is lucky enough to rank among them. He appears in the show as "male Stacey," Abbi's boyfriend in the second season premiere.

He and Abbi plan a romantic evening of cooking at home. Unfortunately, it is in the midst of a heatwave, and Abbi's air conditioning is broken. This leads to a rather unpleasant and unromantic evening with Rogen clearly game to play along.

9 Amy Sedaris

When Abbi and Ilana begin looking for an apartment, they seek the help of a real estate broker played by the hilarious Amy Sedaris. There are countless series Sedaris has appeared in to steal the show and this role is no different.

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As soon as she makes her entrance by parking her car on the sidewalk and getting out with a neck brace on, it's clear this is going to be another wonderfully eccentric character from Sedaris. With each new terrible apartment she shows them, Sedaris reveals more about this woman's own outrageous life.

8 Amy Poehler

Fans might not realize that Amy Poehler is a producer on Broad City, so it's perhaps not surprising that she eventually made a cameo. In the finale of the first season, Ilana and Abbi go to a fancy restaurant for a night out.

While the two friends admire the elegance of the restaurant, the show keeps cutting to the kitchen where Amy Poehler plays the chef who is having a long-running and very nasty fight with her waiter boyfriend. After getting used to seeing Poehler plays someone as sweet as Leslie Knope on Parks and Recreation, it's fun to see her let her angry side show.

7 Kelly Ripa

Kelly Ripa is best known as a bubbly talk show personality with a wholesome and family-friendly attitude. That's why it is so fun to see her completely play against type as an exaggerated version of herself on the show.

After a chance encounter at a charity event in which she is working, Abbi is invited to spend the night with Ripa who is in a partying mood. What starts off as a friendly hangout at Ripa's massive apartment spirals into drinking, drugs, and sex with Abbi eventually running away from the chaos.

6 Tony Danza

While Tony Danza made a name for himself with his own television career in the 80s, he still shows he has the comedic chops when he shows up to play Abbi's dad in season 3 of Broad City.

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Abbi and Ilana spend some time with Danza as they return to Abbi's hometown. Danza makes for a natural fit into the show's wacky sense of humor yet also brings a sweet quality as the loving father. The weird and wonderful breakfast dance is a perfect example of this balance.

5 Shania Twain

Abbi was never overly proud of her job at the fitness center Soulstice, especially because she was mostly just a custodian there. One of the ways she would make it seem more impressive to others was by claiming she was singer Shania Twain's personal trainer.

Somehow, Abbi's often repeated lie became a reality as the country music legend started training at her gym. Twain showed some solid acting chops in the role while playing herself as a very lazy person who doesn't seem to understand boundaries.

4 Steve Buscemi

Steve Buscemi is one of those incredible actors who is a joy to see appear in whatever project he pops up in, from his most famous roles to the underrated ones. Once again, he delivers a performance that is both hilarious and compelling.

He plays a mugger who tries to take Abbi's money. After forcing her to an ATM to withdraw some cash, Buscemi is shocked to see her total account balance and begins questioning her about her reckless financial situation.

3 RuPaul

From his various movie and television appearances to his wildly popular reality show, RuPaul always brings such a magical energy to any project. He plays the manager of an upscale restaurant where Ilana gets a job.

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RuPaul brings an eccentric and commanding energy to the role of someone who demands perfection from everyone and has very little patience for those around him. It was a very memorable role that lasted for three episodes.

2 Hilary Clinton

While the show has obviously gotten some big names over its time on the air, the fact that they managed to talk a Presidential candidate into appearing on their weird and wild show is pretty funny.

The girls never made their political affiliations a secret on the show, even bleeping out the name of a certain politician whenever his name is mentioned. So when Ilana and Abbi run into Hilary Clinton at her campaign headquarters, their heads nearly explode with happiness.

1 Blake Griffin

It's quite impressive how this Broad City has always managed to convince celebrities to do such ridiculous things while appearing on the show as themselves. This is especially true of basketball star Blake Griffin who takes a rare acting role in the show's third season.

After meeting at a club, Ilana and Griffin immediately hit it off and decide to spend a wild night together. Not only is Griffin able to carry his own in the comedic scenes, but he is also willing to do a hilarious nude scene in the episode.

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