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10 Best Female Isekai Protagonists | ScreenRant

Isekai shows are those that have the main character transported to another world, usually a medieval or fantasy realm. The character may be dragged into the world by a monster, or put on a virtual reality headset, and get trapped in the game, or the character is killed (often by a truck) and reincarnated in the new world with sudden magical powers.

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Regardless of how they got there, the main character is sure to find their new world full of over-the-top action, beautiful girls, and problems that only they can solve. The isekai genre is full of male main characters being transported into the arms of a beautiful woman (or several women), but female main characters also have adventures alongside fun casts of characters that fans adore.

10 Spirited Away - Chihiro

While moving to a new home, Chihiro enters the spirit world, where she takes a job at a bathhouse to try and return herself and her parents to the human world. Chihiro helps and is helped by the inhabitants of the spirit world, including a dragon named Haku and a silent creature named No-Face.

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This beautifully animated film won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature in 2002, and Chihiro's journey has many similarities to that of Alice in Wonderland, falling into a mythical world full of magic as well as danger.

9 The Saint's Magic Power Is Omnipotent - Sei Takanashi

Walking home from work, Sei suddenly finds herself in a medieval land, having been summoned alongside another woman to banish dark magic from the land. However, the people who summoned her prefer the other woman, so instead of banishing the dark magic, Sei is allowed to become a researcher at the Research Institute of Medicinal Flora.

Sei is mature and ensures that her time spent in the medieval land is busy with work and learning to become more powerful. She proves herself to her peers through her hard work, leveling up her skills in potion-making and magic.

8 Bofuri: I Don't Want To Get Hurt, So I'll Max Out My Defense - Maple

Kaede Honjou plays the virtual reality game NewWorld Online with her friend Risa, but strongly dislikes getting hurt, as the virtual reality system allows its users to feel pain. Kaede puts all of her skill points into defense, making her character move extremely slowly but take much less damage than a normal player.

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Maple is an innocent air-head that strongly dislikes pain but is often reckless due to her love of fun. She enjoys the company of friends and dislikes hurting others, even in a video game. She is also game-savvy, using unorthodox methods to take down opponents.

7 Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online - Karen Kohiruimaki

Taking the username Llenn, Karen quickly becomes one of the best players in the online virtual reality game Gun Gale Online. Llenn participates in a tournament, Squad Jam, inspired by the Ballet of Bullets tournament shown in season 2 of Sword Art Online. She faces formidable opponents in action-packed fights, but her fighting ability earns her the nickname Pink Devil.

Karen strongly dislikes her tall height in real life, so at first, she only played Gun Gale Online to enjoy having a short body, but over time she began to enjoy the game fully and become a great player. She is persistent and introverted, and although it takes some convincing for her to take the role, leads teams with confidence.

6 So I'm A Spider, So What? - Shiraori

A mysterious force kills a classroom of students and their teacher, causing them all to be reincarnated in a fantasy world. Shiraori (nicknamed 'Kumoko' or Baby Spider by fans) is reborn into a spider's body and is at first trapped in a dungeon, which she must level up to get out of.

Shiraori is constantly optimistic and has a casual attitude, making jokes and often breaking the fourth wall to comment on an event. Her humor is the main reason that fans adore her, but her willpower is another, as she launches head-first into battle and uses her skills and quick wit to outrun and overpower her enemies.

5 Inuyasha - Kagome Higurashi

Kagome is dragged by a demon into a well in her family's shrine and is transported 500 years into the past. She meets Inuyasha, a half-demon half-human, who helps her recover pieces of a precious jewel that Kagome accidentally smashes during a fight. While the show is named after Inuyasha, it is Kagome who was isekai'd, and the show follows her arc to becoming a kind, brave, and powerful girl that masters archery and spiritual powers.

Kagome is extremely courageous. Despite the danger that she faces, she is always willing to help people, and emotionally supports those around her. Her support of Inuyasha creates a deep bond between them.

4 The Saga Of Tanya The Evil - Tanya Degurechaff

An atheist businessman is killed by a disgruntled ex-employee. The businessman is confronted by an unknown entity and given the chance to live again, on the condition that the businessman must find faith and turn to the entity for help. Not truly believing the entity, the businessman is reborn as Tanya, a short-statured girl in a war-torn world.

Tanya quickly turns out to be the most ruthless and blood-thirsty soldier, rising through the ranks of the army, unafraid to challenge people and order them around. While a lot of isekai heroes fight for good or justice, Tanya is self-serving and cold, only thinking of how to advance her rank, making her character refreshing in the isekai genre.

3 I've Been Killing Slimes For 300 Years And Maxed Out My Level - Azusa Aizawa

Azusa dies after working too hard at her office desk job. As her final wish, she requests that in her next life, she can have an easy-going lifestyle. Reborn as an immortal witch, Azusa spends her days slowly leveling up by killing slimes, but her peaceful life is challenged by the fantasy creatures that live nearby.

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Azusa is the kind person that downplays her abilities and tries not to show off but does not let anyone push her around. Her platonic harem of fantasy creatures - dragons, elves, and demons included - are all adorable additions to the show that make Azusa's life a lot more lively than she anticipated.

2 My Next Life As A Villainess - Catarina Claes

An otaku is reincarnated as the villainess from her favorite game, Fortune Lover. The otaku knows that the villainess, Catarina, has routes in the game that lead to her exile or death, and so she pursues drastic measures to ensure her safety and happy ending. Despite being a villain at first, Caterina becomes a kinder person eager to make her way in the world.

Nicknamed 'Bakarina' by fans for her overly optimistic mindset, Catarina is a joy to watch, as well as her interactions with the characters around her, who inevitably end up falling in love with her. Caterina is a different kind of isekai protagonist, as she is not ultra-powerful, but gets by on her kindness and reliance on others.

1 Ascendance Of A Bookworm - Myne

A book-loving student is reborn as a commoner girl, Myne, in a world where books are ultra-rare and expensive items reserved for only the upper class. Despite her lack of money, Myne becomes determined to read her beloved books and become the librarian she has always aspired to be.

This anime is driven by Myne's determination and genuine love for books, as well as the challenges that Myne faces when the world throws obstacles her way. Unlike a lot of isekai shows, the world is genuinely challenging for Myne to navigate, and her victories feel earned.

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