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10 Best Movies Based On TV Shows (Ranked, According To Metacritic)

Just like it can be difficult for a television actor or actress to break into the world of movies successfully, the same is true for the shows themselves. Although attempted quite often, not many television shows have been adapted into movies and achieved the same level of commercial or critical success. Oftentimes, movies may recast fan-favorite characters from the television adaption or maybe the movie just lacked the thing that made the show so special.

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Over the years there have been a few hidden gems and the rare case of the movie adaption being even better than its source material. Although it's no easy task to reboot any movie or franchise that has already had success, these movies show that it certainly is possible.

10 Addams Family Values (62)

Despite not achieving the success that the television show had, the second Addams Family movie adaption is one that many fans of the series will look back on fondly.

Using the original cast and bringing back many aspects that made the show so popular, Addams Family Values can almost feel like a really long episode of the series at times, which is what helps it maintain the show's charm. Despite doing just mediocre at the box office, the film is a must-see for fans of the show.

9 Beavis And Butt-Head Do America (64)

Even though it may seem like an odd choice for a movie adaption, the Beavis and Butt-Head movie was generally well-liked, especially amongst fans of the television series. Featuring the same cast as the show, the title characters set out on a wacky adventure in search of their stolen television and get into plenty of trouble along the way.

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There's also plenty of guest appearances to be had with Bruce Willis, Demi Moore, and Robert Stack all lending their voices to the movie.

8 Miami Vice (65)

Based on the quintessential 1980's television series of the same name, Miami Vice brings a new cast and story, while still staying true to the original feel of the television series.

Adding big names to the cast with Jamie Foxx and Colin Farell, the movie came out to mostly positive reviews, though most fans still prefer the television series to the movie. Filled with all the explosions, nightclubs, and crazy stunts as the show, the movie carries the same neon aesthetic and adrenaline-pumping action the made the original so popular.

7 21 Jump Street (69)

A major box office success, the 2012 adaption of the tv show was a huge hit amongst viewers and even spawned a sequel. Featuring Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum as two undercover cops in a high school, the movie is full of raunchy high-school jokes that one would expect from the two actors.

Based on the tv series of the same name the movie even features a cameo from the two leads from the show; Johnny Depp and Peter Deluise. The movie also has a great supporting cast including Brie Larson, Dave Franco, and Ice Cube.

6 Batman (71)

What would be the first in a long line of movies based on the popular comic book character the 1966 film starring Adam West is still a classic amongst superhero and comic book fans today.

With most of the original cast of the popular television series, the movie is a campy delight, in a time where the limitations of practical effects made it hard to view superheroes as intimidating or even take them seriously, The Batman takes full advantage of these limitations and commits to the silliness.

5 The Muppets (75)

Although there have been plenty of Muppet movie adaptions over the years that have received critical acclaim, the 2011 adaption might actually be the best one. The movie is full of all the things that fans have grown to love over the years; the Fourth wall breaks, hilarious songs, and plenty of fan-favorite characters making appearances in one way or another.

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With a large gap between The Muppets and the previous film, the movie also works as a soft reboot of the franchise, acknowledging the time that's passed as their target audience has gotten older.

4 The Simpsons Movie (80)

The longest-running animated television show ever also managed to create an extremely successful adaption for the big screen. With many of the show's original writers still on board for the movie, many people view the movie as the last truly great Simpsons episode, before the show's decline following an exodus of several major writers.

A rare instance that sees the family leave their town of Springfield, the movie is full of the jokes, visual gags, and characters that make the Simpsons great.

3 Star Trek (82)

Based on the wildly popular television series, Star Trek is far from the first movie to be based on the series. However, the 2000 film from J.J. abrams might be the best adaption ever. Starring Chris Pine as a young Captain Kirk, the movie takes everything fans loved about the show and amps it up to 11 in true Abrams fashion.

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The special effects are where these movies are able to really shine as so many of the ideas and concepts from the show are able to be fully realized with advancements in CGI, making the universe of Star Trek seem bigger than ever.

2 Mission Impossible - Fallout (86)

With a franchise that's been around for this long and been this successful both at the box office and amongst critics, it's easy to forget that it was actually based on a television show originally.

However, the movies have definitely outgrown the brief stint of the show. It seems with each release the franchise tries to top itself in terms of the sheer craziness and Fallout is no different. With tons of stunts, explosions, and hilarious quips the movie is the embodiment of the franchise and possibly the best installment yet.

1 The Fugitive (87)

The Harrison Ford thriller is an absolute must-see in its own right, but fans of the movie may be surprised to know that it is actually based on a television series of the same name that first aired in 1966. The Fugitive is an extremely rare case of both the movie and television series have positive critical reception.

The series was the winner of multiple Emmy awards and the movie was even nominated for best picture at the academy awards. One of Harrisons Ford's best, The Fugitive is a high-octane and nerve-wracking search for justice.

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