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10 Best Record Of Ragnarok Main Characters, Ranked | ScreenRant

Record of Ragnarok has only recently taken the anime world by storm, but it has been dazzling manga readers with peak usage of the battle formula for the last couple of years. Since then, it has used its straightforward, battle setting to efficiently reveal tell the stories of its main characters and contestants.

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When two competitors step into that arena, their styles are apparent, their values are expressed in great, frenetic action, and their character arcs are fleshed out within a couple episodes when other battle series would typically take years. That just means that Record of Ragnarok has managed to already bring a variety of new and distinct characters to anime fans, with many already gunning to be people's fan favorites.

10 Göll

Göll is the youngest of the Valkyrie sisters and essentially Brunhilde's sidekick. Her trademark is her inherent timidity and lack of knowledge of the various histories and dynamics going into the fights, essentially making her the fill in character for the audience and the catalyst for a lot of the story's exposition.

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That is in no way a weakness given Record of Ragnarok's reach between different cultures (with the added benefit of some liberal interpretations) and the fact that this helps make Göll the bleeding heart of the story. While it would be nice for humanity to reach seven wins sooner than later, the story will also likely use every historical figure and Valkyrie, meaning that Göll may also be joining the tournament at some point.

9 Shiva

In more ways than one, Shiva is the obvious hot head of the Gods' team. As a god of destruction and the leader of the Hindu Pantheon, Shiva has a lot to offer and a lot to prove as a fighter. For much of the early story, he offered plenty of hilarious bits where he was itching to get into the ring, only to be side stepped by one of his peers.

This let Shiva sit a little longer in the fans' imaginations and hype up his eventual fight. When his turn did come up, the bratty god didn't disappoint, and he had an absolutely incredible opponent in Raiden Tameemon.

8 Loki

Record of Ragnarok has a fun interpretation of the Norse god of mischief. While most other incarnations have him dressed in traditional, Norse garb or, at least, something more colorful, Record of Ragnarok has the trickster wear a butler's uniform, appearing more formal and restrained.

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This has helped him slip into the sly and vengeful archetype of anime character, a devilish bad boy just waiting to remove his cuff links. Disappointingly, Loki hasn't had a chance to fight, let alone show some mischief, but he has done a great job of being the series' lead commentator, analyzing and critiquing the abilities and moves of the fighters.

7 Brunhilde

For all intents and purposes, Brunhilde is the real main character of the story, though the story formula is gonna focus most of the story on the fights and backstories of the contestants. As the person who set the story's events in motion and the manager of humanity's team, much of the tournament's stakes and consequences are going to be tied back to Brunhilde who will live up every victory and be remorseful after every defeat.

With that being said, as essentially humanity's tactician, Brunhilde has also had a few animated moments where she's shown her dark and twisted side. A responsible agent for all of humanity and a strong female character with plenty of tricks and personality under her sleeve, Brunhilde is the right person to be telling this story through.

6 Heracles

Given that any of them can be erased from existence almost as soon as they debut, all of the competitors for the tournament have to immediately connect with the audience in some way, and few characters in the series have managed to do so as quickly and effectively as Heracles.

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As soon as his broad shoulders appeared in the story, he immediately emanated a natural, palpable sense of love and respect that most only feel through older siblings. While the Gods are playing the villains in this story (assuming viewers and readers are human), Heracles worked to represent both sides and became one of the few characters that everyone was rooting for.

5 Buddha

Buddha is one of the few fighters to be introduced in advance; but even without a fight, Buddha would already jump at fans as one of the coolest characters in the story. Oozing some of the most "whatever" energy ever seen in manga, Buddha is a calm, collected character who became a wild card for the story given how hard it was to read his intentions.

This suspicion would be rewarded in spades when he shockingly switched over to humanity's side. As the series went over his backstory, his respect to the fans only went higher as Buddha's reimagined legacy just kept getting cooler and cooler.

4 Zeus

A lot of stories love to envision Zeus as this large and muscular old man with a white beard and long hair. Record of Ragnarok however makes another interesting twist and dresses Zeus up as a deceptively small and wrinkled old man who, beneath the beard, is one of the series' strongest characters. His face alone makes him more distinct than anyone else, as its cartoonish features and malleability make for some memorable reaction shots.

However, what shines most in him is his childish and arrogant personality. The ultimate culmination of what it means to be an empowered and entitled god, Zeus has come off frighteningly childish and self-centered in his story. This only becomes even more frightening when he reveals his true powers.

3 Jack The Ripper

While Heracles was a God who proved to be the ultimate hero, Jack the Ripper was a human meant to play his villain. Hated for both his historical infamy and gall to represent humanity, Jack and his version of the anime anti-hero had an interesting dynamic with the audience when he debuted.

While many want to root for humanity, is Jack the Ripper the face of humanity that people want to literally live by? This thematic conflict made Jack one of the most engaging characters in the story so far. It certainly helped that he's had the most unique and clever fights yet.

2 Kojiro Sasaki

At a time when humanity was on a losing streak, it's best bet was on the greatest loser in all of history, Kojiro Sasaki. While there are plenty of famous samurai to choose from Japan's canon (just look at their historical fiction or samurai films), few have the same, diverse history that Sasaki has.

As the ultimate student of swordplay, Sasaki was able to utilize the teachings from some of his era's greatest swordsmen and, by extension, prove the value of losing/learning experiences when he faced Poseidon. Brimming with humility, Sasaki was the perfect person to break humanity's losing streak.

1 Adam

As the #1 human, Adam represented a lot during his story. Humanity was already down one fight when he debuted, and he was up against the most powerful and arrogant of all the gods, Zeus. Adam, however, not only had the incredible physique and gentle looks of a J-Pop star, but his line about wanting to defend his children, i.e. all of humanity, gave him the best dad vibes ever imagined in any story.

While many battle series try to suspend disbelief with long, detailed backstories, Adam was able to immediately connect with fans by appearing as if he truly was defending them.

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