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10 Fast & Furious Scenes Viewers Love To Watch Over And Over

Nothing gets the heart racing like a fast car, and the Fast and Furious franchise has an abundance of them. With eight movies out so far and F9 coming out soon, there are plenty of scenes available to fuel every car fanatic's desires. Although the movies go back all the way to 2001, they're still a favorite of many fans all around the world.

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In preparation for the F9 release, fans have been streaming the Fast and Furious movies to remember the story so far and their favorite crew of drivers. The franchise has plenty of memorable scenes that fans can't help but rewatch. Whether it's one of the many epic street races or the death-defying car stunts, these are some fan-favorite scenes, worthy of a repeat.

10 The First Race

The one that started it all. In a bid to gain Dom's respect and some street cred, Brian raced against Dom for the first time in The Fast and The Furious. While he was confident his Mistubishi Eclipse GSX would win against Dom's Mazda RX-7, he was in for a rude awakening when his car started falling apart and he lost.

For the audience, this scene was an adrenaline-filled introduction to the world of street racing. It set the tone for the movie and set up the two protagonists in a memorable way. While Brian learned an important lesson on winning, the audience discovered being fast and furious is about more than just the make of a car.

9 The Bridge Jump

By the second movie of the franchise, 2 Fast 2 Furious, Brian had a little more street racing experience. It came in handy during the last stretch of a street race when he had to drive his Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R over a movable bridge. This time around, he knew just the right move to make and when, which led to him winning the race.

Apart from Brian making a smooth landing without a single wheel or bolt out of place, this was an exhilarating scene. While the Fast and Furious franchise has certainly delved into more chaotic car stunts in later movies, this bridge jump was definitely an impressive one.

8 The Race In Tokyo

Han's last race in The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift became his final one. While racing for his life in the orange and black Mazda RX-7 against Takashi, Han weaved through traffic, people, and dodged bullets—all without breaking a sweat.

Although the race through the streets of Tokyo was invigorating and filled with seat-gripping suspense, the explosive ending made the scene worth rewatching. In addition, the F9 trailer showed that Han survived this tragic accident, making it even more interesting as the audience tries to figure out how Han is alive.

7 The Train Heist

Fast Five shifted the focus from street racing and moved the franchise into bigger storylines. One of the earliest scenes of the movie was the train heist. What began as Mia, Brian, and Dom stealing a 1965 Ford GT40 ended with the two men driving off a cliff and into the water, seconds before they would have smashed into a bridge.

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With the new tone this movie set for the rest of the franchise, the stunts did get bigger and more dangerous. The hand-to-hand combat on the train, Brian's near-miss, and Dom's epic last-minute save were just too good to watch once.

6 The Prison Break

Initially set up at the end of Fast and Furious 4, Dom's escape from the prison-bound bus culminated in a high-speed chase in Fast Five. Unlike other scenes in this movie and the rest of the franchise, this one wasn't heavy on the car stunts, but the bus roll is still memorable.

The fifth installment of the franchise leaned heavily on the message of the importance of family and this daring breakout was one way of showing that. Even though Dom had accepted his fate to go to prison, his family didn't give up on him and they saved him the best way they knew how.

5 The Dom Vs. Hobbs Fight

Although the expensive cars, stunts, and drift racing were a big part of what made the Fast and Furious franchise popular, some of the fans' favorite scenes didn't involve cars at all. For example, in Fast Five, Dom and Hobbs went against each other in a hand-to-hand combat scene worthy of a WWE screening. The tension between the two was set up in the famous "This is Brazil" scene, later leading to this fight. Both men showed off their strength, throwing punches and taking blows with barely a break in between.

For a franchise focused on the characters showing off their strengths through their ability to pull off the most complex car maneuvers, this fight scene was refreshing. It not only showed that their abilities went beyond shifting gears in the blink of an eye, but also set up Dom and Hobbs as equal rivals.

4 The Vault Heist

If there's one scene that made a lasting impression on the audience, it's the vault heist in Fast Five. After pulling off an impressive, albeit conspicuous, heist, Dom and Brian drove off with a vault full of money hooked to their cars. Seeing them drag that large metal structure as they drove fast to escape the cops in pursuit was both awe-inspiring and hilarious—especially when Roman and Han joined in.

The most impressive thing about this scene was when Dom cut Brian's car loose, changed direction, and turned the vault into a wrecking ball. As the vault crashed into several police cars, it was impossible to look away, right up to the moment Dom jumped out of his car. The plot twist at the end of the vault switch added to the intrigue of the scene, making it a must for most to rewatch and see how they pulled it off.

3 The Tank Rescue

The franchise got a little more daring in Fast and Furious 6, bringing in a military tank in one of the most epic scenes. Although watching the tank roll over everything in its wake was quite iconic, the scene became even more memorable when Letty got thrown off the tank and Dom caught her mid-air.

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The scene, which never fails to get the heart racing even for viewers who know it's coming, is a mastery of action stunts. Besides the action, Dom saving Letty added an emotional component that made it one of the best scenes of the entire franchise.

2 The Airplane Chase

The Fast and Furious franchise is popular for displaying the most impossible stunts with unbelievable finesse. In Fast and Furious 6, Dom and his team chased Deckard Shaw onto a plane and then brought the plane down, armed with nothing but some fast cars and some pretty sturdy grappling hooks.

The scene had everything fans love about the franchise; from a fast car chase on the runway to a furious fight scene on the plane, to the emotional toll of Giselle's untimely death. Each aspect was balanced perfectly, making for a scene that's hard not to watch over and over again.

1 The Last Ride

Fans of the Fast and Furious franchise, along with the cast, were hit by the sad news of Paul Walker's (Brian) death just before the filming of Fast and Furious 7 wrapped up. As a touching farewell to him, the final scene of the movie showed Dom and Brian (with the help of his brothers and CGI), having one final race.

The memorial scene to Paul struck a chord with many fans, making it a scene worth remembering and rewatching. Not only did it pay respect to Paul's memory in a beautiful way, but it also gave fans a fitting farewell to Brian, a character who was part of the beloved franchise from the very start.

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