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10 Horror Movie Villains Who Could Have Been Redeemed (But Weren't)

Horror movie characters are often seen as villains and detestable people who cause pain and suffering to everyone else around them, which is what makes them such iconic characters. While many of them are obviously just cruel with no redeeming qualities, that's not the case for every horror movie character.

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Some of the villains are actually far more misunderstood and have a lot of positive traits that actually showcase how they could've been good people. While that doesn't end up being the case for any of these horror movie villains, there are some which might have gone down a different path if they could have been redeemed.

10 Jason Vorhees (Friday The 13th Franchise)

Jason Vorhees might be one of the most feared horror movie villains of all time who is a force of sheer power and brutality, but Jason could have been redeemed. It's easy to see how he turns into the monster that he becomes, mainly because of how badly bullied he is.

Jason drowns because he tries to get away from bullies, and that is something that makes him unfortunate and makes him easy to sympathize with as well. He's a character who could have had a totally different life and been redeemed if possible, but the behavior of others stops that.

9 Steve Hadley & Gary Sitterson (Cabin In The Woods)

Cabin In The Woods is a movie with a lot of villains, from the monsters that are used to take down the sacrifices to those controlling the entire situation. However, while the monsters act as they do, those who are making the key decisions could be redeemed if they wanted.

When seeing the torture that is going on, the two main technicians, Steve and Gary, could step up. When it's clear that things aren't going to plan, they could opt to walk away from the situation, but that doesn't end up happening.

8 Pelle (Midsommar)

Midsommar is a complex movie that has no shortage of dislikable people. However, the main antagonist is Pelle, as he is the man responsible for taking the group to the festival and he ultimately leads them to their deaths. There are plenty of chances when Pelle could redeem himself, with each death working as a learning curve for him.

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While Dani doesn't end up dying, Pelle does take a risk by taking her there, as it's possible she could've died too. When they freak out at seeing the incident with the cliff, Pelle could have thought better and looked out for his friends, but instead, he went ahead with pushing them towards their death anyway.

7 Carrie White (Carrie)

Carrie White is certainly a brutal villain who has no problem showcasing her mean streak. She kills plenty of people inside the prom and manages to make life hell for all of her victims, but throughout the movie, it's clear to see she had a hard life.

Carrie is bullied at school, which is something nobody deserves, and without that, there's a chance she could've been redeemed as a person. This is especially true considering how much she was put through by her mother and the religious views that she forced upon her at times.

6 Hannibal Lecter (Silence Of The Lambs)

Hannibal Lecter is an extremely smart man and because of that, he could have redeemed himself at any stage if he really wanted to. He's someone who goes through a lot of trauma within his life and because of that, it's no surprise that he ends up going down a darker path.

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However, when he agrees to help Clarice, Hannibal has a true opportunity to prove himself. Rather than trying to escape, he could just help with no strings attached and move on from things, but he doesn't choose that path.

5 Seth Brundle (The Fly)

Seth Brundle isn't a villain in the same sense as other horror characters, as he isn't actively trying to harm people. However, his jealousy issues end up getting the best of him and completely ruin his life once he makes the decision to step inside the telepod machine.

This was a point where he could have stopped and tried to resolve the situation with science or handed himself over. However, he continues to try to work things out and his desperation results in him coming up with terrible plans that only make him seem more dangerous as time goes on.

4 Jack Torrance (The Shining)

Jack Torrance struggles from the moment that he enters the Overlook Hotel, and it becomes clear that he is trying to battle inner and outer demons. However, he has a great support network with his family, yet Jack refuses to listen to them or take their advice.

Wendy can see the impact things are having on him, and she tries to save her husband by making him take a break or leave the hotel. This was a moment where he could have been redeemed as a character, but that doesn't end up happening.

3 David Kessler (An American Werewolf In London)

David Kessler becoming a werewolf is something that he cannot really help, but once he's aware of his situation, David genuinely tries to do everything in his power to solve the situation. He works hard to get himself arrested and even contemplates ending his life in order to save more people.

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The fact that David tells people what will happen and nobody listens isn't any fault of his. He actively tries to get people to watch over him and even if he was taken in and assessed over a period, David might not kill as many when he then becomes the werewolf again.

2 Frankenstein's Monster (Frankenstein)

The story of Frankenstein's Monster has been told plenty of times, and the classic movie villain always gets painted in a negative light. However, it isn't his fault that he behaves in the manner in which he does, as it is simply down to how he was created.

If Frankenstein's Monster had been taught differently or had been created by someone else, there's a good chance that he wouldn't have ended up being a villain at all.

1 John Kramer (Saw Franchise)

John Kramer is one of the most intelligent horror movie villains of all time, with his creative and unique traps showcasing how clever he was. And the traps he put people in were clearly horrendous, but he is a person that could have been redeemed.

If his cancer diagnosis had been done properly, or he was able to get the right insurance, there's a chance that John would never have gone down this path. He only acts the way he does because he felt he was mistreated, and that goes to show how easily his life could have been different.

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