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10 Marvel Characters Who Are Smarter Than They Look | ScreenRant

The Marvel universe is no stranger to genius characters, some of the most famous heroes are scientists such as Bruce Banner, Tony Stark, or Peter Parker, just to name a few examples. Some are inherently intelligent due to their circumstances like The Leader or Vision, as their intelligence comes with their creation.

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However, Marvel also features many characters that readers might not expect to be all that smart. The characters may come off as average, silly, or even thick-headed, but surprise the fans with their capabilities. In some of these cases, their minds are deadlier than any skills or powers they possess.

10 Ironheart

Riri Williams is very advanced for her age and comic readers might think that just means she belongs in college by her mid-teens, right? Incorrect. Even as a young tween, she was building her own Iron Man-esque suits and hacking into anything imaginable.

In fact, Riri is ranked as the smartest character in the Marvel universe, beating out even Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four. This is why Riri was perfect to continue Tony Stark's legacy as the new hero known as Ironheart.

9 Doctor Doom

Unlike most villains that seek world domination, Doctor Doom goes about it in less obvious ways. He uses diplomatic immunity, manipulates world leaders, and uses everything in his political position as ruler of Latveria to gain his way.

Of course, that's not all he can do: Victor Von Doom is also a genius who can go head to head with Reed Richards. Doom mixes his technological genius with magic to create powerful robots, world-threatening plots, and battles the likes of the Avengers and the Fantastic Four.

8 Captain America

This can depend on the comic, but fans often mistake Steve Rogers to be nothing but a fish out of water; that he's too much of a jarhead from the 1940s to ever exist in the modern-day. The truth is that is so not true: Steve Rogers is a survivor who learns to adapt to most situations, especially in battle.

True, he's nowhere near the levels of Tony Stark or Bruce Banner, but he's not a dullard. He can figure out technology, he's great at learning enemy fighting patterns, and he is a tactical master which helps him as leader of the Avengers.

7 Kamala Khan

It's already impossible to hate Kamala Khan AKA Ms. Marvel; she's an adorable fangirl geeking out because now she's a superhero like the people she admires so much. In a way, she's the perfect representation of fans and nerds that aspire to be like Marvel heroes.

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Kamala is also a bit of a computer whiz, she's at least able to do some light hacking. On top of that, Kamala is a problem solver and she's very good at remembering the smallest details, making her a bit of a detective. All these aspects are what have made Kamala Khan a modern icon, especially in the game Marvel's Avengers.

6 Deadpool

Yes, Deadpool is a weirdo with a foul-mouth fit for a Quentin Tarantino production. It's easy to mistake Deadpool for being nothing but a cartoon mercenary with healing abilities. However, there is a reason why Wade Wilson was a top-tier merc even before unlocking his powers.

Deadpool has much knowledge of the criminal underworld, he can hack into technology, and it takes a bit of brain to understand bullet trajectories so he can bounce bullets across surfaces to hit his target. Plus he's fully aware that he's in a comic/movie, that is obviously knowledge that very few characters have.

5 Loki

At first, Loki seems like nothing more than a pompous prankster trying to take over the world. Actually, much like Thor, Loki has accumulated a lot of knowledge, as he's been around for centuries before meeting the likes of the Avengers.

Even among his fellow gods/aliens on Asgard, Loki is not to be trifled with. Of course, he knows how to manipulate with his silver tongue but he knows many of the realms, their creatures, their lore, and their technology. Since Asgard is so advanced, something like the Iron Man seems downright rudimentary to him.

4 Squirrel Girl

Doreen Green is not a scientist or technological master but she does excel in computer science. Also, she has an uncanny ability to uncover the weak points in her enemies, much like Captain America. This makes her a fearsome foe in battle even without her army of squirrel friends helping out.

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Those said squirrels also provide Squirrel Girl with information, giving her eyes and ears across entire cities if necessary. These skills are what helped Squirrel Girl bring down the likes of Galactus and Doctor Doom.

3 Beast

It's very easy to see why so many people mistake Hank McCoy for someone whose more brawn than brains. Beast's animalistic appearance makes it seem like he should only be caring about his next meal. Instead, Hank AKA Beast is a sophisticated gentleman and scientist who builds a lot of technology for the X-Men.

In some instances, Beast is also a politician fighting for equal rights for Mutantkind. Of course, if needed, he can live up to his name in battle and become a fearsome force of brutality. However, most of the time, it's likely he'll be sipping some tea and developing a time machine for fun.

2 Groot

Good old lovable Groot of the Guardians Of The Galaxy, he's such a goofy yet huggable creature that will impale enemies with his branches. Well, don't let his demeanor and unique speech patterns fool anyone. Behind that is an old and wise tree creature known as a Flora Colossi with extensive knowledge of the universe.

It's also hinted that memories of Flora Colossi pass onto their offspring, making them holders of wisdom as old as when their race first began. However, in the end, Groot still remains a kid in a tree monster's body to cover all that, and fans wouldn't have him any other way.

1 She-Hulk

On the surface, Jen Walters AKA She-Hulk gives off the vibe of a woman relying on her beauty rather than her brains. That is actually the result of her newfound confidence as She-Hulk, but she retains the wisdom of Jen Walters. Jen was already an astounding lawyer, rivaling the likes of Matt Murdock. Much like Loki, she's clever and can expose weaknesses and information just by talking.

In battle, She-Hulk is not the savage that Hulk is and instead knows how to strategize and use tactics. She is an experienced martial artist and a problem solver, allowing her to improvise in the heat of battle. Jen may not be the genius that her cousin Bruce is but she is still a woman who can destroy with her mind and body.

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