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10 Most Memorable Episodes Of Haikyuu!!, Ranked | ScreenRant

Hinata Shoyo enrolls at Karasuno High School after seeing their volleyball team participate in a match. He joins the team in hopes of becoming their next star player but encounters rivalries and players that challenge him every step of the way.

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The series contains episodes that have hilarious comedy and intense volleyball matches. Characters have rivalries that span entire seasons and the teams rally together to earn their victories. Matches can go on for episodes at a time, but the episodes have enough light-hearted humor and character growth to keep an audience interested.

10 The End & The Beginning

This episode is a perfect entry into volleyball for those who know nothing about the sport and sets up the characters and their motivations perfectly. The highlight of the episode is Hinata vs the 'king of the court' Kageyama Tobio, setting up their rivalry through dialogue and intense action.

Hinata's passion for the sport is evident from his first entrance onto the court, and his excitement only grows stronger when he finds a worthy rival in Kageyama.

9 The View From The Summit

Kei Tsukishima's growth throughout the series is one of the best character arcs in the show, but his teasing of Hinata for his height and Kageyama for his selfish play-style is best shown in this episode. While other players come to Hinata and Kageyama's defense, Tsukishima does not relent until Hinata shows him their true strength, earning a little of Tsukishima's respect.

Watching this episode back after finishing the series is a must to see how the players have grown, but especially Kageyama and Tsukishima, who must both accept their team to win their matches.

8 An Interesting Team

In one of the more comedic episodes in an already light-hearted show, the Karasuno team attempts to intimidate their rivals on the Aoba Josai team, but Hinata's nerves make him fall apart. This episode is an introduction to rivals outside of Karasuno, and since the audience has gotten to understand the Karasuno players, it is fun to see them face obstacles outside of their comfort zone.

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Hinata's slapstick antics rile up Kageyama, and the heart of this episode comes from the Karasuno players learning each others' weaknesses on the court to support each other where they can.

7 He Who Is Called 'Ace'

Yuu Nishinoya is the Karasuno libero, a player that specializes in playing at the back of the court. Yuu arrives on the scene and immediately establishes his perfect gameplay, impressing Hinata. Yuu is a delight to watch, in part due to his voice actor Nobuhiko Okamoto putting his all into the role.

Okamoto has also played similarly aggressive characters such as Bakugo in My Hero Academia and Ryo Kurokiba in Food Wars. Yuu's first appearance in the show is extremely memorable, and this episode uses him well through both humor and demonstrations of athletic ability.

6 The Iron Wall

An intense battle continues as Karasuno takes on Date Tech, a school that uses their team as an iron wall to prevent the other players from spiking the ball. This episode shows that every match is a struggle of wills, and Hinata cannot rely solely on his jumping spike, he must switch up his moves to become great.

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This episode is memorable for its power struggles between the two teams, showing Karasuno grow and adapt to their opponent's strategies. Though the team makes mistakes, they pull together and show how they genuinely earn victories.

5 Senpai's True Abilities

When Kageyama gets overwhelmed in the middle of a match, the upperclassman Sugawara takes his place as the setter. Sugawara is personable, calming everyone down and reforming the team to come together as a cohesive group. His introduction steers the match into Karasuno's favor.

The audience for the match is wary of Sugawara at first since the first-year Kageyama took his place and therefore he must not be very good, but Sugawara proves them wrong as he instills confidence in his team.

4 Removing The 'Lonely King'

Kageyama finally breaks from his past as a solitary player, truly becoming part of the Karasuno team, acknowledging them as strong players that can support him. The team's bond grows closer than ever thanks to this realization.

The episode's highlights include the team rallying around Kageyama and assuring him that they will have his back, Hinata and Kageyama standing up together after their fight, and the ending scene of the team crying together over a group meal, hoping to become stronger in the future.

3 To The Next

Perhaps most memorable for the final scene in which captain Daichi is knocked unconscious, leaving the episode on a cliffhanger as to whether he will get better, this episode features spirited gameplay from all the characters as well as a lot of light-hearted banter.

A highlight of the episode is the teams pulling together, as well as Tsukishima's annoyance at Hinata and little things throughout the match.

2 The Halo Around The Moon

This episode establishes the entire team of Shiratorizawa as formidable players, not just their captain, Ushijima. Karasuno develops rivalries with the Shiratorizawa players as they continue their intense final match.

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Seeing Tsukishima planning with Hinata to do a special move is a reminder of how far the both of them have grown. Hinata's goofiness and positivity annoying Tsukishima is always fun, and here makes their teamwork even better.

1 The Battle Of Concepts

Karasuno finally concludes their season-long sports match against Shiratorizawa. What is most memorable about this episode is the heart-stopping moment at the end of the match before the whistle is blown, both the audience and characters waiting to hear who has won.

This episode ends with a nice character moment, with the Karasuno players competing to jump the highest, reviving Kageyama and Hinata's series-long rivalry.

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