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10 Most Wholesome Family Moments In Ginny & Georgia | ScreenRant

The premise of Ginny & Georgia isn't very wholesome, as Georgia moves her two kids to Wellsbury to hide the fact that she killed her two ex-husbands. The series has some dark moments and it's both a smart examination of young adulthood and proof that families carry many secrets around, although Georgia's past is particularly sad and intense.

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While the show isn't family-friendly, Georgia does love her young son Austin and teenage daughter Ginny, and there are some sweet moments between the characters. Whether Ginny and Georgia are actually getting along or Ginny's dad Zion has come to town, Ginny & Georgia features some adorable scenes that tell more light-hearted family stories.

10 Georgia Planned Family Picnics In Her Car

While Georgia did many things that only served her own interests, she could be a good parent, and that included her car picnics. While viewers quickly realized how strange and layered Georgia's past was, they also realized that she truly loved her children and that they often ate some fast food or junk food in their car.

Austin loved this activity, although Ginny clearly felt that it was too lame for her. It was still nice that Georgia wanted to hang out with her kids and do something fun.

9 Zion Visited And The Family Had Dinner

Fans are torn between Paul and Zion as Georgia's main love interest, and it's hard to deny how sweet it was when Zion came to visit. The family had dinner, and for a moment, it seemed like they were really connecting with one another.

While this definitely wasn't a regular occurrence, it was wholesome and felt like it could happen all the time, if only Georgia and Zion could figure their problems out. It didn't seem like Ginny, Georgia, and Austin often sat down to a formal, home-cooked meal, so this was a nice moment.

8 Georgia Wanted Her Daughter To Have A Lovely Spa Day Birthday

When Ginny turned 16, Georgia planned a spa day in their Wellsbury home. She made sure that Ginny's new friends were in attendance, and MANG thought that this was really cool and fun.

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This was a very wholesome moment that Ginny and Georgia shared. They didn't always get along in season 1 of the show, and they were both keeping many secrets close to their chests, but on that day, Ginny knew that her mom loved her so much and would do anything to try to make her happy.

7 Max Protected Her Brother Marcus

In the season 1 finale, Max learned that Ginny and Marcus slept together and Max felt betrayed by Ginny. She didn't like that her new friend had hidden something so important from her, but she was also protecting her brother, since Ginny was dating Hunter at the time and left Marcus totally heartbroken.

While this was a tough situation full of complex emotions, it was perhaps the only moment in this first season that Max cared about her brother. For the two siblings who didn't get along, this was as wholesome as it got.

6 Ginny & Georgia Talked About Ginny' Relationship With Hunter

While Ginny wanted to keep some things private from her mom, the two did have many conversations about dating, which is as sweet and wholesome as their mother/daughter relationship got.

Georgia knew when Ginny had her first date with Hunter, and later, when their romance progressed and things got intimate, Ginny surprised her mom by telling her about it as well. Watching Georgia's excitement over Ginny and Hunter's blossoming relationship is very charming as it's clear that she wanted her daughter to have fun and be happy in Wellsbury.

5 Georgia Volunteered At The Sleepover To Be A Positive Presence For Ginny

Wellsbury is a pretty and nice town and the high school had many opportunities to get involved for students and parents alike. While Ginny was happy to attend the school sleepover with her new friends, Georgia decided to volunteer. This was a wholesome activity to help out with, and she wanted to be there for her daughter and show that she was trying to be a positive influence on her.

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Ginny would never have admitted that she was glad to have her mom there, but it seems like Georgia's presence made her feel more confident and secure.

4 Zion Took Ginny To A Poetry Slam

When Zion visited, he really wanted to make his relationship with Georgia work, and he also wanted Ginny to know that he wanted to be a bigger part of her life.

Zion took Ginny to a poetry slam, which was a sweet father/daughter moment, and she loved being able to see him in his element, expressing his creativity. Zion's poem also told Ginny a lot about how he felt about her, as he told a story of being a father and realizing how grown-up his child was.

3 Georgia Asked Ginny To Talk To Her When She Was Ready To Have Sex

Ginny had strong feelings for both Marcus and Hunter, and her romantic life in season 1 is full of drama. In episode 2 of season 1, "It's A Face Not A Mask," Georgia asked Ginny to talk to her when she was ready to have sex.

This was a sweet mother/daughter moment as Georgia really wanted to be there for Ginny and to help her through big life changes and transitions. It didn't seem likely that this would happen, but it made sense that Georgia wanted it to.

2 Georgia Had A Cake Ready The Morning Of Ginny's 16th Birthday

Ginny & Georgia often talked about serious, dark topics, but there are some lighter moments on the show, too. The morning of Ginny's 16th birthday, she came downstairs to find her mom waiting there with a cake for her.

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This is one of the most wholesome scenes that the two characters shared, since they spent a lot of season 1 fighting and hiding important things from one another. For a moment, they were a normal family ready to enjoy some cake.

1 Georgia Says That Austin Will Be Too Scared Of Horror Movies

In the Halloween episode of Ginny & Georgia's first season, Austin wants to watch some horror movies, and Georgia explains that he will be too scared.

This is a small but sweet moment on the show, as Georgia is trying her best to protect her son and keep him safe. She knows that there are enough problems in the real world that are hurting him, from bullies at school to the truth about his father that she has been keeping from him, and she wants their home to be a peaceful, safe place.

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