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10 Most Wholesome Family Moments in Sabrina | ScreenRant

Touching family moments aren't expected from a horror show, but The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina couldn't help it. While the Spellman family isn't the average family, that doesn't stop them from loving and supporting each other. This leads to some truly wholesome family moments - between attacking monsters, magic spells, and visits from Satan, of course.

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The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is part teenage drama, part horror, part supernatural show with elements of humor woven throughout. But, most importantly, it is a coming-of-age story for Sabrina and her friends. This combination means some of the more wholesome family moments are connected directly to moments of horror and struggle.

10 The First Family Breakfast

Before Sabrina's 16th birthday and dark baptism, the Spellman family discusses the upcoming events at the family breakfast table. The aunties and Ambrose offer Sabrina encouragement and praise for both the young woman and young witch she is becoming. Hilda is making food, while Zelda offers advice and suggestions about her future, while Ambrose shows his affection through sarcasm.

This Spellman family moment is the first time fans see the family together. It sets up the family dynamic and prepares viewers for the family's challenges throughout the series. This scene also sets up the precedent for future family breakfasts throughout the show. What's more, it reminds viewers that, while things are about to get scary, this is still a story about a young woman and her family.

9 Spellman's "Defeat" A Demon

This Season 1 wholesome family moment didn't technically happen. However, after Sabrina opens her father's magic puzzle box, she sets free a dream demon. The family quickly comes together and traps the demon in an urn. Afterward, they have a nice cup of claiming tea and discuss the lessons Sabrina learned about opening magic boxes and letting out demons.

After the fiasco of Sabrina's baptism and Hilda's ex-communication, there is tension between the aunties and Sabrina. But when the family comes together to protect each other and their home from the demon, they were all able to put their issues aside. The family celebrated a victory because no matter what happens between them, they are always there for each other.

8 A Christmas Carol

Like many Christmas-themed episodes, this was book-ended by two sweet family moments. The first was the family gathering together to light the yule log and say their spell for the winter solstice. The family decorated the parlor, shared memories of solstices past, and talked about reading ghost stories. Then a lot of crazy things happened that threatened the safety of the family and their friends.

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However, after the Spellman's dispatched their foes, they returned to the parlor. The fire still roared. The decorations were lit. They shared a toast of hot cider, and Ambrose began reading from A Christmas Carol. What is more wholesome than reading Dickins on Christmas?

7 Theo's Transition

While most wholesome family moments happen between the Spellman's, Theo has quite a touching moment with his father in Season 2. Known then as Suzie, Theo's father asks if he wants a new dress for the Valentine's Day dance. Theo takes this opportunity to tell his father that he is transgender. He says that he feels comfortable in boys' clothes and that he isn't a girl, but a boy.

While it is apparent that this takes his father by surprise, Mr. Putnum accepts what Theo says. He even takes Theo to get a new haircut and a suit for the dance. It's Mr. Putnum's instant acceptance of his son that makes this moment so special. Fans know that Theo is nervous, especially after being picked on at school. So being accepted right away by the only family he has is an important moment for him.

6 Fright Club Performances

Since the beginning, Sabrina and her friends, Harvey, Roz, and Theo, have had a special friendship. They are all outcasts and rely on each other throughout the series for support. What's more, they accept each other for who they are. They are a bit of a found family.

Many of their most wholesome moments come when they are rocking out. While covering classic hits, the Fright Club couldn't be happier to be together. These moments are so important to the group of friends that in Season 4, Sabrina Morningstar chooses to spend her last few hours alive jamming with her friends.

5 New Coven's First Breakfast

At the beginning of Season 3, what remains of the coven find refuge at the Spellman family mortuary. This new coven shares breakfast together, prepared by Hilda. While the witches eat, Zelda tells them of her plan to take back the Academy of Unseen Arts and re-establish themselves as a coven. Despite everything they have been through, the coven trusts Zelda's resolve and is ready to follow her lead.

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Hilda and Zelda are known for taking in strays. They gave Sabrina and Ambrose a place to live when they had nothing. But this first breakfast with the coven shows that their charity extends beyond their blood to their larger community. They see their community as their family too. They want to protect it, and, in turn, the community protects the Spellman's.

4 Zelda In The Nether Realm

At the end of Season 3, Zelda is shot. But before her spirit can move on, she is sent to the nether realm. Here, aunt Zelda meets aunt Hilda, who Zelda had killed earlier, and her brother Edward. This is the first time fans get to see the three siblings interact. They travel through time, seeing Zelda as a young girl, the aunties the day Sabrina arrived, and the day Zelda dies. While all of the moments the siblings share are important moments, it is the glance at Zelda's future that is truly touching.

As Zelda lies in bed, she is surrounded by other witches, Hilda and Sabrina. Sabrina takes a moment to thank Zelda for being an incredible mother. It's Sabrina's acknowledgment that Zelda was more than just an aunt, more than a caretaker that really hits viewers in the heartstrings. Zelda might not have her own children, but she will always be a mother to Sabrina.

3 Hilda's Pre-Wedding Speech

In Season 4, aunt Hilda gets married. But not everyone is feeling the love on the wedding day. Sabrina is down after her breakup with Nick - and her string of bad dates. Everyone is paired off but her. Hilda notices and, despite it being her day, takes a moment to sit down with her niece and give her some advice on love.

Hilda opens up to Sabrina in a way that fans haven't seen before, openly talking about how lonely she has been over the years. But she assures Sabrina that in the end, it is worth the wait. While Hilda has always seemed more the warm and motherly type between the two aunties, it is always nice to see her and Sabrina bonding.

2 Small Family Wedding

After Hilda's wedding reception was interrupted by an eldritch terror, the Spellman family have a small ceremony in their parlor. This type of wedding Hilda had always wanted, small where everyone dresses up as their favorite horror movie monster. The whole family is there, supporting her, shedding tears of happiness.

This small family gathering is a beautiful moment for the Spellman's as they accept a new person into their close-knit group. Despite all of the chaos going on around them, they all know that taking this moment for the family is important. What is more important than being there for someone you love on their wedding day?

1 Sabrina's Funeral

The Spellman family, the coven, and the Fright Club mourn the loss of Sabrina Spellman and Sabrina Morningstar. They all share in this immense loss and are determined to help each other through it. At that moment, all three groups are one whole family. After the funeral, the aunties mourn Sabrina together. Hilda, who was always adamant about moving out of the mortuary after her marriage, decides to move back in because "Spellmans should stick together."

A funeral isn't normally a place where a viewer can find wholesome family moments, but that is the nature of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Wholesome moments are woven between supernatural events and monsters of the week.

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