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10 Pieces Of Cartoon Network Show Crossover Fan Art That Make Us Super Nostalgic

Throughout the years, young viewers of animated shows have found many of their favorites on Cartoon Network. Whether it is action or comedy, there has been something on the screen that caters to any type of audience. Some of the most popular shows from the network aired in the 1990s and 2000s, and they are still beloved among fans today. 

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More artistically talented fans have shown their appreciation by capturing these series in drawings and paintings. Some go one step further by not only focusing on one Cartoon Network show but including a second in order to create a remarkable collaboration.

10 Bros From Another Era

Every hero needs a goofy sidekick, and there is no better depiction of this than Samurai Jack and Johnny Bravo. Fans have made the two title characters a dynamic duo throughout the years, and artist Junkmix captures their comradery perfectly.

This particular piece of artwork is based on an actual Cartoon Network commercial where Jack and Johnny meet at the laundromat, which is made evident by the basket in Jack’s hands. In a fun twist, the two men end up giving each other’s outfits a try.

9 Old Meets New

This fanart by BroGirl62 brings two generational favorites together. Ed, Edd, n Eddy is from the early 2000s, while Regular Show is from the 2010s. What makes this piece remarkable is how the characters from the two shows interact with each other.

The airheaded Ed enjoys cuddling the raccoon Rigby, who is less than thrilled. The intelligent bluejay Mordecai teases the equally smart Edd (aka Double D) by trying to pull off his precious beanie. In the back, the loud-mouthed Eddy and the authoritative Benson are having a full-on shouting match.

8 Father Figures

There are several prominent father figures featured in Cartoon Network shows, and three of them are featured with their children in this artwork by Spruik. The good-natured Professor Utonium of The Powerpuff Girls finds himself surrounded by the shadowy figures of Father from Codename: Kids Next Door and Nergal from The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

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Each paternal character is accompanied by their respective children; The Powerpuff Girls, The Delightful Children from Down the Lane, and Nergal Junior. From everyone’s expressions, things may be a bit tense.

7 Canines Facing The Creepy

While many millennials remember Courage the Cowardly Dog for its supernatural themes, there is the older classic Scooby-Doo which follows similar storylines. What this picture from Scoobypedia depicts is the two animated canines joining forces against the creepy and haunting, along with their human companions.

It is easy to imagine both Courage and Scooby running away from whatever monster they are facing. There are rumors that an actual crossover of the shows could happen in the future, and that is something fans of all ages would enjoy. 

6 Professor Aku

If there are any characters besides Jack that can give the evil Aku a run for his money, it would be The Powerpuff Girls. Teacupballerina’s artwork shows the antagonist of Samurai Jack dressed in a costume very similar to the Girls’ dear Professor, and looking very perplexed by the superpowered children.

Typical of their characters, Bubbles warms up to Aku with a hug, Buttercup gives a punch in the arm, and Blossom gets ready to lead the team into action.

5 Courage & The Samurai

One unlikely team that Cartoon Network fans would expect is Courage and Samurai Jack. The purple pup freaks out whenever trouble shows up, while Jack takes on his adversaries with his sword. However, this illustration on Tumblr shows the scared dog finding a good owner in the kind warrior.

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While Courage’s current owners tend to dismiss his encounters with danger, Jack would not only believe the canine but take out the threat. If anyone can help Courage live up to his name, it is Jack.

4 Teen Titans Next Door

For fans of Codename: Kids Next Door, it is well known that once a KND agent becomes a teenager, they get deactivated. However, this artwork from Jdan-S shows us what the beloved team from Sector V would be like as an older crime-fighting gang by dressing them up as the characters from Teen Titans.

Each costume is fitting for each team member; Numbuh 1 and Robin are the leaders, Numbuh 2 and Cyborg are the tech geniuses, Numbuh 3 and Starfire are optimistic, Numbuh 4 and Beast Boy are comedically awkward, and Numbuh 5 and Raven can send any bad guy running.

3 Redhead Love

One popular crossover pairing among the Cartoon Network fandom is Dexter of Dexter’s Laboratory and Blossom of The Powerpuff Girls. This match makes perfect sense; they are both young, highly intelligent, and have full heads of red hair. These similarities make the two a cute couple in some fans’ eyes.

This image from Skeleion shows inventor Dexter proudly showing off his laboratory. Judging by the look on Blossom’s face, she is impressed with both the technology around her and her crush for inventing it.

2 Behind the Scenes

What makes this fanart from Xeternalflamebryx so hilarious is that it breaks the fourth wall in a way. Both Bubbles from The Powerpuff Girls and Raven from Teen Titans are voiced by Tara Strong, who is well known among voice actors for her range of characters.

It is amusing to see the low-toned and droll-sounding Raven find something in common with the high-pitched and squeaky Bubbles. Judging by the looks on the faces of the other Powerpuffs and Teen Titans in the background, they are aware of the reference.

1 Saving The World

Given all the skills and superpowers that many of the Cartoon Network characters are capable of, fans have wondered what if they all joined forces in order to save the world in some way. Artist J8d answers the question with this work of art.

Fans see the Powerpuff Girls, the Rowdyruff Boys, Samurai Jack, Dexter, Mandark, and Mandy coming together to face whatever is threatening their planet. Even a non-network superhero steps in to lend a hand, with Jenny from the Nickelodeon show My Life as a Teenage Robot making an appearance.

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