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5 Marvel Superheroes Harry Potter Can Beat (& 5 He Can't)

Harry Potter is the Chosen One who is able to survive multiple encounters with Death Eaters and against Voldemort himself. However, while he is able to defeat Voldemort once and for all, he might not fare as well against some of the Avengers. Heroes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe have had to go up against some extremely formidable villains such as Ultron and Thanos, and they have superhuman abilities, in many cases, that set them apart.

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While it can be difficult to compare the magical powers that Harry has to the different technologies and superpowers of Marvel heroes, there are some that Harry would be more likely to defeat in a battle than others.

10 Can’t Beat: Iron Man

When it comes to a fight, there’s more than just power or magical ability at play. Intellect also plays a big role, and Tony Stark is a genius with some of the most advanced tech in the world. It’s hard to say whether or not Harry’s spells would be able to get through Tony’s metal armor.

But, even if they could, Iron Man might be able to outsmart Harry because Harry acts rather emotionally and usually just on instinct. It's also logical to assume that many spells would bounce off of Iron Man's wide variety of suits.

9 Can Beat: Star-Lord

Just like Iron Man, Star-Lord doesn’t have actual powers of his own, he might not fare as well in a fight against Harry. Star-Lord may even have the potential to gain powers as a half-celestial, but so far, he’s only been shown to use his fighting skills and weapons.

Harry’s ability to cast all kinds of spells from long and close range would likely give him the upper hand. And, Peter Quill is even more emotional in his reactions and choices than Harry which means Harry could get the better of him.

8 Can’t Beat: Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel is one of the strongest and most powerful heroes in the MCU, and while her powers haven’t really been used that much to help save the world, she does have them.

Carol’s powers include healing, super strength and speed, and the ability to manipulate cosmic energy. It seems likely that many spells would not be able to breach through these cosmic force fields, so he’d be lucky to ever land a curse on her.

7 Can Beat: Black Widow

This might be a controversial pick, and there’s also a good chance that Black Widow could beat Harry in a fight. Natasha Romanoff has a lot more battle experience, and if she was able to use her extensive skill set of spy and assassination, she would definitely win. However, in a more head-on fight, Harry might be able to get the better of her.

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Black Widow does the best in a fight when she is able to get in close range and engage in hand-to-hand combat, and most wizard duels are at a longer range. Harry would likely be able to stun her, but only if he was fast enough.

6 Can’t Beat: Doctor Strange

Of all the Marvel heroes, Doctor Strange has powers that are most analogous to Harry’s. They are both wizards who use magic, and they are both known to be extremely skilled in comparison to their peers.

However, given Doctor Strange's ability to manipulate matter so quickly to create weapons and force fields, he could likely shield from most of Harry’s attacks. It seems like the only curses that Strange couldn’t deflect are those like Avada Kedavra which Harry wouldn’t use anyway.

5 Can Beat: Captain America

Steve Rogers is a super-soldier who is intimidating in any kind of hand-to-hand combat, and he’s also able to throw his vibranium shield at comparatively long distances.

However, his approach to battle is generally more head-on, and assuming he couldn't withstand all that many spells, Harry would likely be able to beat him if he acted quickly. However, the shield would likely be able to deflect some curses, so Harry would have to hit above or below it.

4 Can’t Beat: Black Panther

It can be difficult to compare Harry’s magic to the technology existing in the Marvel world. But, since vibranium is such a powerful and almost magical substance, there’s a good chance that many incantations would just glance off of his suit. More extreme curses, like the Unforgivable Ones, might be able to make contact with T'Challa, but Harry would have to be willing to use them. And, while Harry has used them occasionally, it's hard to imagine him using them against a good person like T'Challa.

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Black Panther is also a relatively well-rounded hero. He does have super speed and strength, but he also has an element of stealth that some of the other strong characters, like Thor, don’t have.

3 Can Beat: Hawkeye

While the comics' version of Hawkeye might be able to beat Harry, the MCU version never comes off as particularly competent. While he does have stealth abilities and the skill to hit enemies at very long ranges, Harry’s instincts might win out in a battle.

They would both likely be sending their respective weapons, in Harry’s case spells, from long range, but magic seems easier to manipulate around obstacles.

2 Can’t Beat: Scarlet Witch

Just like with Doctor Strange, Scarlet Witch is another character who has more similar powers to Harry than some of the others. At the end of WandaVision, Wanda comes into her full power as a sorceress, and her skills are formidable.

She’s one of the most powerful protagonists in the series, and it seems likely that she could overpower Harry. She also has the ability to manipulate minds which would give her an advantage over him. She's also more willing to go to the dark side of magic to win.

1 Can Beat: Spider-Man

As far as age is concerned, Harry and Peter Parker are in the same category, but Harry might have more experience than the MCU Spider-Man.

These two probably wouldn’t even want to fight each other in the first place and would likely find things to relate to each other on. However, Harry Would be likely to act first while Peter is talking and be able to stun him or disarm him before Peter had a chance to use his webbing.

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