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5 Ways So The Drama Is A Better Kim Possible Movie (& 5 It's A Sitch In Time)

Kim Possible was one of the most popular Disney Channel shows. In 2019, it even got a live-action film. But, when the show was a popular animated series, Kim Possible got two special events, Kim Possible: A Sitch In Time and Kim Possible: So The Drama. Each movie was filled with what fans loved about the show. However, which of the two was the better Kim Possible movie?

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Both films had plenty to offer, but each had its own strengths from start to finish. Kim Possible: So The Drama acted as an action romance, with each holding significant parts of the plot. Meanwhile, Kim Possible: A Sitch In Time included more involvement from the villains and allowed them to work together while also allowing the rest of the supporting characters to get a bigger stake in the action.

10 So The Drama: Kim And Ron Remember The Events

Due to Disney Channel's 65 episode rule, Kim Possible: So The Drama was actually meant to act as the series finale. But, because of how much fans loved the show, Kim Possible was picked up for a final season. The events of season 4 pick up a few months after the ending of Kim Possible: So The Drama. There are references to the events of the movie, including how it kickstarted Kim and Ron's relationship.

This is a major difference from Kim Possible: A Sitch In Time. The events are basically wiped out of existence, and the movie is brought back to the beginning.

9 A Sitch In Time: Villain Collaboration

Although villain collaborations occasionally happened, one of the things that made Kim Possible: A Sitch In Time so special and exciting was that it featured Dr. Drakken, Shego, Monkey Fist, and Duff Killigan all working together toward a common goal.

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All share Kim Possible as a nemesis in common, and each of them desires to find the Tempus Simia, the Time Monkey, to ensure a future of their design. However, given their different personalities, they occasionally clash on ideas, leaving more room for comedic moments.

8 So The Drama: Bigger Emotional Arc For Ron

Ron Stoppable goes through a big change in both movies, but his emotional arc may be bigger during Kim Possible: So The Drama. While during Kim Possible: A Sitch In Time, Ron must move to Norway and deal with being so distantly separated from Kim, in Kim Possible: So The Drama, Ron deals with possibly losing Kim in a completely different way.

In addition to losing Bueno Nacho the way he always loved it, Kim's relationship with new student Eric triggers an emotional response in Ron he wasn't prepared for as he realizes he may like Kim romantically.

7 A Sitch In Time: Shego Takes Over The World

Given the options for antagonists in Kim Possible, it is not difficult to narrow down Shego as the evilest villain of the bunch. But, Kim Possible: A Sitch In Time plays with the concept of "The Supreme One." While it is never directly suggested who the "Supreme One" actually is, when Kim gets a short glimpse at the future, she wrongly assumes that Drakken is the mastermind at work while Shego remained a sidekick.

But, Kim Possible goes beyond that, showing that Shego is by far the most capable of the group to actually accomplish such a task.

6 So The Drama: Discusses Kim's Insecurities

Even though Kim Possible is a very talented person and never apologizes for her abilities, she is still a person with insecurities. In Kim Possible: So The Drama, Kim discusses those with Monique when Kim lets Bonnie's comments about a boyfriend and prom date get to her.

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Kim claims her kicking villains out of windows is a "vivid image" and wonders if she is throwing guys off. Monique, however, refuses to let Kim go down the rabbit hole and reminds Kim that anyone who thinks low of her is not worthy of her time. Still, it is good to remember that even Kim Possible has some teen angst.

5 A Sitch In Time: Proves Ron Is Important

Most of the time, Kim storms into the lair and defeats the bad guys while Ron attempts to help and ends up messing up or needing help. Kim is clearly the savior in their missions, but Kim Possible: A Sitch In Time proves that Ron is an integral part of the team. Even if it may not look like it immediately, Kim does need Ron to help her out.

Kim and Ron being in different parts of the world prevents them from working effectively and causes them to lose several important missions. However, when Kim and Ron work together, they are at their strongest.

4 So The Drama: Drakken Had A Competent Plan

In a rare moment, Dr. Drakken actually comes up with a competent plan. While his plans are easily beatable most of the time, he has actually cracked the code this time and creates a plan that nearly succeeds. It's so well thought out that even Shego can't figure it out. Drakken's plan has many parts, including a toy design and teen content. But, toward the end, it all comes together. Drakken had created Eric, who was actually a Synthodrone.

By doing so, Drakken had an inside man beside Kim and a way to distract her because Drakken determined that Kim's weakness was boys and dating, which Kim later proves would not get in the way of Kim defeating Drakken. Drakken also took over Bueno Nacho to sell his evil toy robots all over the world. Sadly for Drakken, even his most competent plan failed as Kim and Ron rushed to save the world and succeeded.

3 A Sitch In Time: Visiting Past, Present, And Future

By visiting the past, present, and future, Kim Possible: A Sitch In Time looks at some of the show's most important characters in different time periods. The trip to the past shows how Kim and Ron became friends in pre-school and what their dynamic was as children. There are also moments dedicated to Kim and Ron's first mission and when Ron first got Rufus. In the present, it also emphasizes Kim and Ron's friendship and how important it is to both of them.

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But, the future changes things up, and since Kim and Ron are still teenagers, the future resistance is lead by Wade, Monique, Rufus 3000, Jim, and Tim. Wade and Monique had grown up, as did Jim and Tim, and each of them played a huge role in the rebellion against Shego. It also shows what had become of Shego and the world she built.

2 So The Drama: Teen Drama

Kim Possible: So The Drama does include exciting action sequences, but plenty of the film focused on regular teen drama and angst. Ron's anxiety toward change is constant. Kim tries to work out her friendship with Ron while holding on to her relationship with Eric.

Plenty of the movie's main focus is on relationships, and emotional arcs, mostly because Drakken's plan calls for Eric to distract Kim from his evil plans.

1 A Sitch In Time: Action Packed

While there are emotional storylines involved, such as Kim and Ron's sadness over Ron's sudden move away from Middleton, Kim Possible: A Sitch In Time is a more action-packed event.

There are far more missions for Kim to defeat Drakken, Shego, Monkey Fist, and Duff Killigan. In addition, in the future setting, everyone gets a role in helping to defeat Shego rather than just Kim, Ron, and Rufus.

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