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Arrow: 10 Underrated Olicity Moments That Aren't Talked About Enough

When it came to Arrow, it didn't take long for the viewers to realize how important the relationships on the show would become. After Oliver returned to Star City after spending five years on the island, he struggled to open up to his family and friends about what he endured there. He became even more distant when he became a vigilante. However, one person who managed to break through his walls was Felicity Smoak.

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At first, Felicity and Oliver seemed like an unlikely pair. However, as time went on, fans got to see what a perfect match they could be. Over the show's eight seasons, Oliver and Felicity's love story became central to the plot, with every scene they shared proving to be pivotal to their relationship.

10 I Do Believe In Magic

Felicity babbles a lot throughout the series. However, Felicity's most endearing blunder is in a flashback of season one in the season five episode "What We Leave Behind." It’s when Oliver asks Felicity to locate the AK Desmond Group.

Felicity says that her magic fingers are more powerful than Google's search engine. She awkwardly states that she doesn't believe in magic and drops her pen. Oliver picks it up and hands it to her, saying that he does believe in magic. It's likely this scene where the couple started to feel a connection between each other.

9 Thank You For Always Being By My Side

As many fans remember, Felicity had been questioning whether she could still be part of Team Arrow after she had been paralyzed as a result of a violent attack. She had also been having hallucinations of her past self, who was trying to make her doubt her worth and identity ("A.O.W.L").

However, with the help of Oliver, Felicity does realize that she can be and still is a hero. She shows Oliver a picture of her goth-self in college, and they talk about how much they have changed. Felicity thanks Oliver for always being by her side, and he responds that there's no place he would rather be. This moment is important for the couple, showing how both characters have grown by knowing each other.

8 Pancakes And Parenting

After the death of William's mother, Oliver and Felicity become his prominent guardians. William stays at their apartment, where they share many great family moments. A scene that perfectly shows the couple's parenting style is in the episode "Star City Slayer."

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During breakfast, Felicity tells Oliver that William got expelled. She also states that he doesn't need pancakes. Instead, William needs to explain why he's been lying to them. Oliver, humorously confused, asks, "After pancakes?" Felicity responds no, showing who's in charge in their household. The scene also highlights the importance Oliver and Felicity have in William's life.

7 Like A Hero

There's a gradual progression of Oliver's Green Arrow costume over time. He starts the series with a minimal outfit. Eventually, Oliver dresses in green leather and ditches the black eye makeup for an actual mask in "Three Ghosts."

Before Barry Allen returns to Central City, he leaves Oliver a mask. Felicity is the one who puts the mask on him for the very first time. This is a huge moment for the superhero, so it's a big deal that he allows Felicity to do the honors. Oliver, always caring what she thinks, asks her how the mask looks. Felicity responds, "Like a hero."

6 The Salamander Ladder Lesson

When Oliver breaks Felicity’s trust, she ends their engagement. They still work together in Team Arrow, despite the tension between them. But in the episode "Underneath," they spend the night together in the bunker.

Oliver teaches Felicity how to do a chin-up on his famous salamander ladder. Felicity struggles, so Oliver helps her down, and the couple has a steamy moment. This fun bonding moment shows that the couple still loves one another. Additionally, it was a much-needed break from their relationship drama.

5 You’re Going To Hawk Me About This Until I Say Yes, Aren't You?

During the Flash crossover episode, "Flash Vs. Arrow" Team Arrow visits Central City. Oliver is hesitant to team up on a case with them, as members of Barry's group think he's a bad influence.

Felicity, however, tells Oliver that Barry stood up for him. The two flirtatiously bicker, and Oliver realizes that Felicity won't give up until he says yes. This scene is light-hearted but significant. It proves that Oliver cannot say no to Felicity, as he agrees to work alongside Barry.

4 The First Glance

Oliver and Felicity first meet in her office. He walks in when she has a red pen in her mouth, and their chemistry is undeniable from the start. However, a significant moment for the couple actually happened before this in "The Return."

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In a flashback, Oliver returns home while under the orders of Amanda Walker. He has to break into Queen Consolidated. That's when he sees Felicity for the first time, who's talking to herself. Oliver smiles—which is a rare occurrence in flashback scenes. This moment may be the first spark of love on Oliver's end.

3 You Have Failed This Omelet

Oliver and Felicity leave Star City at the end of season three. They move into a house in the suburbs and get a taste of domestic bliss. The season four premiere, "Green Arrow," opens with Oliver going on a morning run. When he returns home, Felicity makes him an omelet for breakfast.

However, Felicity's cooking skills aren't as good as her hacking skills. Oliver puts an adorable spin on his superhero catchphrase, saying: "Felicity Smoak, you have failed this omelet." This moment is crucial, as it shows the audience how close Oliver and Felicity have grown as a couple since they last saw them.

2 We Found Ourselves In Each Other

Often, Oliver and Felicity fight due to a lack of communication. Although, they usually reconcile after having heart-to-heart discussions. This happens in "Lost Souls" after they rescue Ray Palmer, a mutual friend they previously believed to be dead.

Both aren't used to being in a long-lasting relationship. But, Felicity states that they will be okay, as they found themselves in each other. Oliver and Felicity kiss in a ying-yang position, which symbolizes how they complete each other.

1 Fight To Live

Oliver made many mistakes before leaving the island, Lian Yu. Because of his past sins, Oliver thinks he doesn't deserve a happy life. But Felicity convinces him that he's changed in the season three finale episode "My Name Is Oliver Queen."

Before Oliver confronts the powerful Ra's al Ghul, Felicity tells him, "Don't fight to die, fight to live." This scene isn't discussed much. However, it's monumental because Felicity's words break through to Oliver. She convinces him that he deserves happiness. It also leads the couple to get together officially.

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