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Bachelor In Paradise: Biggest Villains In The History Of The Show

Since Bachelor in Paradise aired its first episode in 2014, several contestants have left the show as villains. The premise of the series is to give The Bachelor and The Bachelorette rejects a chance to find love with their fellow contestants at a luxurious resort in Mexico. Even though the show has resulted in a number of marriages and families, it has its fair share of drama, tears, and many love triangles.

One of the worst things a contestant can do when they arrive at the resort is start drama with their fellow cast members. When this happens, their time on the show is guaranteed to end poorly. However, the drama is the best part of the show and the reason people tune in. If it weren't for the villains, BIP wouldn't be the success it is today. Here are a few of the biggest villains to come out of the Bachelor Nation series.

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During Daniel's second stint on BIP, he left the season in a committed relationship with Lacey Mark. However, during the reunion episode, the two revealed they had ended their relationship. Lacey called Daniel out for playing her, as he told her in the fantasy suite that he wanted to make their relationship work outside the show. In reality, she felt Daniel wasn’t putting in any effort. An unaired clip then played from the day after overnight, where Daniel is shown telling a producer he would never change his Facebook relationship status to "in a relationship" with Lacey.

After appearing on Katlyn Bristowe's season, Joe Bailey found himself in hot water during season two of BIP. He was a late addition and quickly formed a connection with Juelia Kinney on the beach. However, when Samantha Steffen came along, he broke it off with Juelia to pursue a relationship with Samantha. But what made Joe one of the biggest villains at the time is what most contestants do today. During filming, it was revealed that Joe and Samantha spoke to each other prior to filming. Joe faked his feelings for Juelia to stay on the show until Samantha arrived. Bachelor Nation didn't respond kindly to their sneaky tactics.

Josh Murray took quite the fall from grace when he appeared on season three of BIP. It started when he decided to take Amanda Stanton on a date even though she already built a connection with Nick Viall. However, she and Josh formed a stronger bond, which intensified the feud between Josh and Nick. Besides the feud between the boys, Josh's ex, Andi Dorfman, released a memoir while he was in Paradise, claiming her ex-fiancé emotionally abused her. Josh came out looking like the villain, while Nick was named the next star of The Bachelor.

Chad Johnson managed to make himself look worse on BIP than he did on The Bachelorette. After getting wasted on night one, Chad became aggressive. He argued with Lace and displayed hostile behavior towards the other contestants. Sarah Heron, one of the contestants on the beach, called Chad out for his bad behavior, to which he responded by calling her a "one-armed b*tch." Sarah, who was born with only one arm, walked away from the conversation in tears while Chad passed out on the beach. The following morning, former host Chris Harrison had to remove him from the resort.

With season six of Bachelor in Paradise only a couple of months away, fans are excited to see who is the next villain to come out of the series. Rumor has it, Victoria Larson, the villain in Matt James' season of The Bachelor, will appear next season and will more than likely cause some drama amongst the cast. But viewers will have to wait and see what happens this August.

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