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DCEU: 10 Unpopular Opinions About Superman (According To Reddit)

The DC Extended Universe is a hub of unpopular opinions, as there have been so many liberties taken with each comic book character in the movie world. From Batman murdering people to Wonder Woman being able to fly, there are many hot takes to explore. But there is one character in the series above all the others who is at the epicenter for both criticism and praise, and that’s Superman.

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With the future of Superman up in the air, as there’s no knowing where the JJ Abrams helmed reboot will take the character, there’s no better time to look back at Henry Cavill’s portrayal of the Man of Steel. Whether it’s fans thinking the character was wasted potential, believing his doom and gloom outlook was called for, or simply criticizing his costume, there are many unpopular opinions swimming around about the DCEU character.

10 Superman Is Best When He’s Vulnerable

Though he’s one of the most famous superhero characters in the world, Superman is unique in the DC comics, as he’s very happy-go-lucky compared to the rest of them. However, that changed in the DCEU, and it was almost flipped on its head, as he’s by far the most vulnerable he’s ever been in Man of Steel.

This depiction of the character wasn’t for everybody, but this Redditor argues that the portrayal is more realistic and that Superman isn’t always going to know what to do every time. And on top of that, they claim that the Clark Kent seen in MoS, with emotional turmoil and all, is more complex than the character has ever been.

9 The Tone Of The DCEU Makes Superman Look Silly

There’s no denying that any DCEU movie that Superman crops up in is a lot darker than the original movies, and though that’s a common criticism of the series, this user thinks it makes superman look silly. They worry that because of how dark the series has gotten, they might not get to see some of Superman’s best powers.

The user specifically mentions that his freeze breath would look so stupid and out of place in the series, which led to a mass debate in the comments more than anything else.

8 The Death Of Superman Storyline Came Too Early

One of the biggest moments in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice came when Superman sacrificed himself. But in a movie about the two superhero titans going head to head, it was a surprise to see the Death of Superman narrative in the same movie. A few users believe the movie was overstuffed and that Superman’s death shouldn’t have been there at all.

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To the user’s credit, it wasn’t done in a suspenseful way and there weren’t really any stakes, as everybody knew he was coming back considering that a Justice League movie hadn’t even been released yet.

7 Superman’s Emotions Are OK

Superman didn’t just come across as vulnerable in Man of Steel, but most fans of the character thought he came off too “mopey” throughout the whole series.

One Redditor is totally OK with that, claiming that it’s a reasonable reaction to the events that happen in both MoS and Batman v Superman. And considering the comment is one of the few posts that actually has more downvotes than upvotes, it really is an unpopular opinion.

6 The Confrontation Between Superman & Batman Was A Let-Down

It was disappointing that they only fought for 10 minutes in a movie that was over two and a half hours long, but when it did finally arrive, every second of it was exciting, as short as it was. And though they joined forces to fight against Doomsday, which was something everyone saw coming, their tussle was mostly satisfying.

But one user sees it differently, as they call the fight a huge swing and a miss. They compare it to a similar but very different movie, Captain America: Civil War, by saying BvS was clumsy and uncoordinated compared to Iron Man vs Captain America.

5 BvS Is Basically A Witch Hunt Against Superman

With the release of Batman v Superman, it was clear that director Zack Snyder wanted to make a Batman movie much more than he wanted to make a Superman movie, but there are still some great Superman-led scenes.

However, this user argues that the whole movie was a witch hunt against Superman, and this hot take actually holds some weight, as there’s evidence to back it up. The whole city was holding him accountable for all the damage he caused in MoS, and Batman literally tried to murder him for wrongly thinking he was bad simply because he has powers.

4 He Was Right To Break Zod’s Neck

Putting Superman through the wringer in his very first outing in the DCEU, General Zod seriously tests how far Superman is willing to go. Just like how Snyder changed Batman by making him break his one rule of not killing people, he does the same with Superman, as he simply snaps Zod’s neck in the epic finale.

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This evidently didn’t sit well with most fans, as if there’s one thing Superman isn’t, it’s a cold-blooded killer. But this Reddit user agrees that not only was it a good decision to snap General Zod’s neck, but if they were Superman, they would have done it a lot earlier in the movie.

3 Man Of Steel Is Excellent

It makes sense for Batman to have tonally dark movies, as it fits his character, but given that Superman is optimistic and hopeful, the dark direction of Man of Steel was a strange decision.

Needless to say, the movie didn’t get the best reception, as it sits at just 56% on Rotten Tomatoes. However, there is a small minority of fans who think the film is excellent, and to be fair, there are some incredible scenes in the movie, such as the first time Clark learns to fly.

2 The Black Suit In Zack Snyder’s Justice League Was Pointless

One of the biggest differences between the theatrical cut of the movie and Zack Snyder’s Justice League was Superman’s black suit. It was a hair-raising moment in the movie and one of the best pieces of fan service in the four-hour flick, but it wasn’t for everyone.

They explain that that’s all it was, fan service, and that the suit didn’t actually have any purpose in the movie. There wasn’t any explanation for it in the film and it would have made more sense when he battled Doomsday in the previous movie.

1 Henry Cavill Deserves More Superman Movies

After ranting about how Warner Bros. needs to stop meddling with the directors’ visions, which is true to some extent, as that’s arguably why Suicide Squad turned out the way it did, this Redditor champions Henry Cavill. Though fans’ complaints lay more with the way Superman was written than the way he was portrayed by the actor, the Redditor makes a good point.

Cavill deserves more movies, as though BvS is essentially Man of Steel 2, he only really had one solo movie. But as the hero is getting rebooted with JJ Abrams attached to direct, whether Cavill remains as Superman is the question everyone’s asking.

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