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Final Fantasy 7 Intergrade: Where To Find The 6 Happy Turtle Posters

One of the bigger side-quests available in Final Fantasy 7 Intergrade requires players to find 6 Happy Turtle Posters. This guide will show players where they can find them all. Final Fantasy 7 Intergrade features the full Final Fantasy 7 Remake along with a new episode featuring Yuffie. This character was an unlockable party member in the original game and was born from Wutai, the enemy region for Shinra. Through this new episode, players will be able to play as Yuffie and break into Shinra to steal some valuable Materia. Before doing that, players can assist NPCs in Sector 7 with optional side quests, one of which will tasks players with finding Happy Turtle Posters around the town. This guide will show players where they can find them all.

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Players will be able to start this quest by speaking with Billy Bob when arriving in the town. This character will provide a few hints of where to find each of these posters. One of the bigger hints is small radios that will play music the closer the player gets. If the player hears a new tune, that means they are close to a poster. It can be difficult to know where to look due to the massive size of Sector 7. This guide will show players where to find every Happy Turtle Poster.

There are 6 Happy Turtle Posters in total for players to find. Here is where they are hidden in Sector 7.

  • Poster 1: Located to the right of the quest giver. There will be a playground with a stack of cardboard boxes. Go past them to find the first poster.
  • Poster 2: In the bottom-right corner of Sector 7, players will encounter Wedge. Players will be able to hop over a small box and throw her shuriken at the balloon. The poster will appear near the children.
  • Poster 3: If you've played FF7R, then this location should look familiar. It's on the right side of Sector 7 on the second floor of the apartment complex. There will be a dog that players need to sneak by in order to find the posters. Hide behind the boxes when he picks its head up to get by.
  • Poster 4: This one is located in the north tunnel near the apartment complex. Yuffie will follow a cat with a poster in its mouth. Follow it to find a bunch of cats in the area. Find the correct cat to collect the poster.
  • Poster 5: Head to Pillar Plaza on the east side of town. The poster is attached to the bulletin board. There's some good music on the radio as well.
  • Poster 6: From Pillar Plaza, head to the north and go through the door with 1 guard standing by. For this one, players will need to beat a bunch of enemies. Continue down this path until you face off against the Venomantis. It's pretty powerful but has a weakness to Ice. Set up a Blizzard Materia and use ninjutsu magic to make your attacks have Ice ailments. This can be challenging but this is where the final poster is resting.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2 might take a while to release so this DLC is a nice way to continue the story of Midgard on a smaller scale. The next game has the potential to get wherever it wants after how the last part ended. Regardless, Intergrade is the definitive way to experience the game.

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Final Fantasy 7 Intergrade is available now on PlayStation 5.

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