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Game Of Thrones: 10 Low-Key Villains On The Show | ScreenRant

While Game of Thrones delivered some iconic television heroes over the course of its run, the show was also certainly not lacking in villains. Characters like Joffrey Baratheon and Ramsay Bolton became the most hated characters on television. There were even seemingly heroic characters that suddenly did horrific things to become villains, like Daenerys.

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But in the cutthroat world of this show, some of the villains were less overt. These characters were not as prominent in the story or perhaps didn’t seem as bad compared to the truly evil ones. However, their actions made things tougher for the heroes while showing their lack of morals.

10 Archmaester Ebrose

In the case of Archmaester Ebrose, it is not so much what he does that makes him a bit of a villain, but rather what he doesn't do. He is introduced when Sam comes to study at the Citadel but finds that they are all stubborn men who are slow to act.

Ebrose hears about the Night King and his army coming but refuses to do anything to help stop them. When Jorah Mormont arrives infected with greyscale, Ebrose doesn't even attempt to help him. For all his intellect, Ebrose has become a man unable to see beyond what he reads in a book.

9 Locke

Jaime Lannister began the series as a man who slept with his sister and pushed a young boy out of a window. The fact that by season 3 the audience was starting to sympathize with him is pretty wild, and a lot of that sympathy comes from Jaime’s treatment at the hands of Locke.

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Locke is a loyal henchman of Roose Bolton, and since Bolton was an ally of Robb Stark at the time, it was safe to assume Locke was a good guy. However, he quickly proved that to be false as he cut off Jaime’s hand and tried to feed Brienne to a bear. For a lackey, he certainly did a lot of damage.

8 Orell

In season 3, Jon Snow infiltrates the Wildlings and joins their mission to climb the Wall and attack Castle Black. He is accepted by most of the group except for Orell. The fact that Orell is right to not trust Jon is easy to forget as he just acts like such a jerk.

It’s easy to get the sense that Orell only hates Jon because he’s jealous of his romance with Ygritte. But despite claiming he would make a good husband to Ygritte, he doesn’t hesitate to nearly send her to her death during the climb of the Wall.

7 Dagmer Cleftjaw

When Theon Greyjoy returns to his home on the Iron Islands, Dagmer Cleftjaw is the only one who treats him with any respect. However, audiences should have realized someone who is friendly with Theon is not necessarily a good person.

Though Theon deserves a lot of blame for what he did at Winterfell, he was egged on the entire time by Dagmer. He convinced Theon to kill Rodrik Cassel and to kill two innocent orphans and disguise them as the missing Stark boys. After all that, Dagmer still betrays Theon and kills Maester Luwin for no reason.

6 Doreah

Fans might have a hard time even remembering who Doreah was, as she was a small part of the first two seasons of the show. She was one of Daenerys' handmaids who would give her advice and became a loyal follower.

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When Daenerys and her company arrived in Qarth, Doreah was apparently approached by Xaro Xhoan Daxos to betray her queen and steal her dragons. Once Daenerys kills the warlocks and gets her dragons back, she finds Doreah in bed with Xaro. In the end, Doreah became another unfortunate person to make the mistake of underestimating Daenerys.

5 Randyll Tarly

In season 1, Samwell Tarly tells Jon Snow that his father gave him the choice to join the Night's Watch or he would kill Sam and make it look like an accident. That doesn't exactly give a great impression of the man once he finally appears in the show.

Unsurprisingly, Randyll Tarly is a pretty awful father who openly insults Sam and Gilly when they come to stay at the castle. He later shows that he doesn't have much loyalty either, as he betrays his sworn liege House of Tyrell and joins the Lannisters in attacking High Garden.

4 Olly

When Olly was first introduced as an innocent young boy whose parents were killed by Wildlings right in front of him, few could have predicted how hated of a character he would become.

His hatred for the Wildlings is understandable, which led to him killing Ygritte as Jon Snow looked on. But when Jon then let the Wildlings through the Wall, Olly started seeing Jon as an enemy as well and joined the Night's Watch mutineers in ambushing him and stabbing him to death.

3 Lancel Lannister

Lancel Lannister was yet another example of how truly bizarre the Lannister family was. He was the awkward and timid squire for Robert Baratheon who was always just hanging around, but ended up doing some pretty bad stuff on the down-low.

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Along with sleeping with his cousin Cersei, Lancel also helped ensure King Robert's death and then became a sniveling servant of Joffrey. Quite surprisingly, he later found religion under the High Sparrow and became a violent bigot because of it.

2 Lysa Arryn

In the first episode of the series, Catelyn receives a letter from her sister Lysa warning her that the Lannisters are plotting to take the throne. However, any assumption that she was a level-headed person based on that letter disappears as soon as she appears on the show.

From her refusal to aid her sister Catelyn or House Stark to her treatment of Tyrion Lannister, she just seems awful. That turns out to just be the beginning. It is also revealed that Lysa killed her husband at Littlefinger's behest and she even tried to kill Sansa in a jealous rage.

1 Ilyn Payne

Though he disappeared from the show after season 1, Ilyn Payne certainly made an impression despite limited screen time and no dialogue. He is the king's executioner who previously had his tongue cut out by the Mad King Aerys for a comment he didn't like.

Payne isn't really shown to have much agency of his own as all of his actions are basically just following whatever orders he is given. Once Joffrey becomes king, those orders become more brutal, yet Payne never seems to mind. The fact that he is the one who kills Ned Stark makes him an easy man to hate.

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