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Game of Thrones: 10 Unpopular Opinions About The Starks (According To Reddit)

Game of Thrones will always be one of the most popular and beloved shows in television history, and the Stark family is one of the things that make it as memorable as it is. There are a lot of journeys and dramas to be had by this family, from marriage to war to ruling kingdoms.

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Whether it's about Arya Stark's training, or Jon Snow's heritage, or Sansa's rise to being Queen of the North, most fans can agree on most things regarding House Stark. However, not everyone does, and there are some pretty surprising and unpopular opinions to be found on Reddit.

10 Ned Was A Fool

Most fans can agree they never saw Ned Stark's iconic death coming, and that this pure and honorable man deserved way better. However, there's one opinion on Reddit that a small group is pretty adamant about - and it's that Ned Stark was actually pretty foolish.

From trying to outplay Cersei to being honorable to a fault, Ned made a few interesting decisions that didn't make sense, and this Reddit user is definitely sticking to their guns to say that Ned got way more credit than he deserved.

9 Robb Had The Red Wedding Coming

In a similar fashion to Ned, most fans fell head over heels for Robb Stark. The young, handsome, fierce, and intelligent character was a lovable guy that had a lot of honor and pride that was hard not to admire or root for.

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However, there's an argument that Robb actually made some dumb decisions. It's almost blasphemy in the fandom to not cry terribly over the Red Wedding, but this user is brave enough to say that he had it coming - and they didn't even feel bad for him.

8 Bran Deserved To Be King

Most people didn't see the finale ending the way it did, especially when it came down to Bran Stark becoming King of the Seven Kingdoms. In fact, it's safe to say that the majority of fans were a bit enraged that this pretty uninteresting character took the throne. Mostly, fans were just confused about his entire character.

Of course, though, not everyone would agree. This Reddit thread discusses that it actually makes a lot of sense that Bran ended up on the throne, and that he might have actually been the best choice. This opinion is a hard pill for fans to swallow, though.

7 Arya & Jon?

With so many couples and romances on the show, fans are also pretty serious about making their own romantic pairs and shipping some couples that never got to see love on the show. However, there are some Stark pairings that are pretty uncomfortable to most fans.

There are some who think Jon and Sansa should reign together, but this user thinks that a less weird pairing would actually be Jon and Arya. However, most fans of this show would certainly argue that these two are much better as brother and sister, and it would be weird to change their relationship dynamic that way.

6 Arya Couldn't Keep Up With Brienne

There's a pretty solid consensus that Arya is one of the strongest characters on the show, and it's been shown on the series that she is also one of the best fighters. However, there are certainly at least a few fans that would strongly disagree.

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For example, one unpopular opinion is that there is no way Arya would have any chance of keeping up with Brienne in a sword fight.

5 Sansa Is The Best Character

It's pretty well-known in this fandom that to be a lover of Sansa Stark is to be in the minority, but this unpopular opinion is still persistently making its way through Reddit. For the small number of fans that actually think Sansa is a great queen and a great character, this thread is for them.

However, the popular opinion is definitely that Sansa is a spoiled, annoying, and arrogant character that is pretty unlikable. Still, this Stark came out on top, so maybe this Reddit opinion has some weight to it after all.

4 Arya & The Hound?

Again, there are a lot of interesting couple favorites that never became a reality on the show. While fans are obviously head over heels for Jon and Ygritte, one lovable and unlikely friendship was actually Arya and the Hound. Most fans love this duo, and found it extremely interesting.

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But hat most fans don't think is that these two should have gotten romantic. This Reddit user does, though, and actually thinks that they were one of the most practical choices to end up together. Most viewers probably find this idea uncomfortable.

3 Arya Shouldn't Have Been The One To Kill The Night King

There's certainly a lot of mixed feelings about the finale season of this hit show, but most fans weren't angry that Arya was the one to finally destroy the Night King once and for all. However, this unpopular Reddit opinion thinks it was incredibly dumb that she did.

This entire thread discusses the lead-up and the lack of forethought, and while people typically love Arya, it argues she shouldn't be the one to take all the glory. This take is definitely in the minority, but it's still out there to be discussed.

2 Jon Would've Been A Bad King

It's no secret that fans weren't big lovers of the finale, but they might still respect the fact that Jon didn't actually want to be king. However, every lover of this show would argue that of them all, Jon is high on the list of people who were worthy and would be the best choice.

This Reddit user disagrees. While Daenerys got hungry for power, this user also argues that Jon would have been an equally bad choice to be King of the Seven Kingdoms. This is certainly a hot take, and fans will never know if it's valid.

1 The Starks Aren't Likable

There were a lot of crazy and unexpected things that happened in the final season, but throughout the series, most fans would agree that the Starks were the honorable heroes of the houses. Everyone was rooting for Jon or Arya or Ned, and they were never made out to be the bad guys.

However, this Reddit user has had enough of this dialogue and actually thinks that the Starks are an annoying and useless house. In fact, the final season specifically made them put down their cheerleading gear for this house. This unpopular opinion might just be the most controversial when it comes to the Starks.

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