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Genshin Impact Character Leaks: Is Kokomi Playable | Screen Rant

By now, Genshin Impact character leaks are as regular as the six-week updates miHoYo officially adds to the game. Like clockwork, alleged leaks and datamines appear online to show off what new characters may be coming to the popular free-to-play RPG. One of the newest leaks seems to point toward a character named Kokomi becoming playable. So, when should Genshin Impact fans expect to find Kokomi in the game?

Officially, miHoYo has yet to confirm Kokomi is playable - or even a real character coming to the RPG. However, a character who looks a lot like Kokomi already appeared in a Genshin Impact datamine last year, which included characters that are already in-game or coming soon - like Hu Tao, Rosaria, and Kazuha. So, it certainly seems possible that Kokomi will actually be arriving in the game eventually.

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Kokomi is rumored to be a Hydro user, an Element that has very little representation in Genshin Impact compared to others like Pyro and Anemo. She's also supposedly a Catalyst user, which means out of the playable Hydro characters like Tartaglia and Mona, she'd be the third out of five to be a Hydro Catalyst user. Assuming all of this is accurate, it's indicative of a growing problem in Genshin Impact to have original characters now that the roster has grown so much since launch.

Admittedly, most character leaks for Genshin Impact turn out to be true. Generally, almost every character to appear in the game since launch has leaked online before being officially confirmed by miHoYo. Because of this, it seems likely these Kokomi datamining leaks are real. So when should players expect to find her in-game?

It's likely Kokomi won't be a part of Genshin Impact 1.7, the next major update for the game, which is set to occur next month. This is mostly because miHoYo has already shared playable new characters like Sayu and Yoimiya. Although the company didn't confirm them for 1.7, it seems highly likely that's when they'll appear. Because of this, it's probable that Kokomi and the other allegedly datamined characters won't be appearing until a future update.

The fan renders of Kokomi (pictured above) look a lot like the renders made from the datamine last year, which give a bit more credence to the leaks. For now, though, it's unclear when Kokomi will actually be playable in Genshin Impact, and whether or not she'll receive her own Banner. Hopefully, miHoYo will give some kind of official confirmation soon.

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