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Gilmore Girls: 10 Biggest BTS Revelations From Reddit AMAs With The Cast

Ever since Gilmore Girls ended in 2007, fans wondered if there would be a movie, and thankfully, Netflix gave fans the 2016 revival A Year In The Life. As with every popular TV series and film franchise, Gilmore Girls inspires a lot of passion in people and everyone has questions about what life was like on set, whether the cast really got along, and most importantly, who is Team Logan, Dean, or Jess.

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Every time a celebrity does an "Ask Me Anything" on Reddit, it's a fun chance for fans to learn more about them, and some actors from Gilmore Girls have participated in this forum. Their answers have given viewers a lot to think about.

10 Matt Czuchry Is Scared Of Heights

In a Reddit AMA from several years ago, Matt Czuchry said that he's scared of heights. He also mentioned how the character inspires him: "But in terms of Logan's sense of adventure and grand gestures and spontaneity, those are elements that I try to take from him and apply to my own life."

This is fun for fans to hear, as Logan is infamous for being part of the Life and Death Brigade and scaring Rory on a regular basis as he loves performing dangerous stunts. It's true that while Logan makes mistakes and doesn't always think things through, he's brave and compelling.

9 Matt Czuchry Likes That Rory Turned Down Logan's Proposal

In the same Reddit AMA, Matt Czuchry said that he likes that Rory said no to Logan's proposal. He wrote, "I feel that the show is about two strong independent women, and that refusal captures the heart of the show. And I don't think it was personal to Logan. I just think it was the right decision for Rory regardless of who her boyfriend was."

While many fans ship this couple, others see the problems that Logan caused, and many viewers feel it was definitely right for Rory to say no. She wanted to focus on her journalism dreams and it wasn't the right time to settle down.

8 Lauren Graham Is Also A Huge Coffee Fan

In her Reddit AMA from a few years ago, a fan asked Lauren Graham if she also likes coffee as much as her character does, and she said, "Sadly, yes. I drink it all day."

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Fans love hearing this as it's definitely a question on everyone's minds since Lorelai is so obsessed with coffee. The caffeinated beverage is almost a character on the show, as Lorelai will do anything to drink several coffees a day, including begging Luke as she famously does in the very first episode.

7 Keiko Agena Hoped Lane Would Pursue Music

When answering a question in a Reddit AMA about Lane's future, Keiko Agena said she hoped Lane would pursue music. She also mentioned that some fans don't love that Lane got married and become a parent young.

This is a fun revelation to hear since, of course, fans do get to catch up with Lane in A Year In The Life and they see that while she and Zack are still married, she still plays drums and music is still a massive part of her life. It might not be the focal point of her life as some wanted, but it's still part of her.

6 Keiko Agena Is Team Jess

When asked if she prefers Logan, Dean, or Jess for Rory, Keiko Agena said on Reddit that she loves Jess. She did explain how much she loves Logan, too: "I think I'd have to go Jess. Although I love Logan for the wrong reasons. I've been watching The Good Wife for so long now that I think he's incredible. So I think that's kinda spilled over to my Logan-love." Agena also mentioned that Dean "got weird" but she loves Jared Padalecki.

When Gilmore Girls actors are interviewed, they're often asked which partner they want Rory to have, so it's great to hear Keiko Agena's answer. While Jess and Rory do have their problems during their high school years, Jess grows so much that it would be fascinating to see them date again when they're older.

5 Keiko Agena Has Great Advice For Fans

When Keiko Agena did a Reddit AMA after A Year In The Life, a fan asked what she wants people to "take away" from Lane or Gilmore Girls, and she said, "Be a good friend."

Fans love the friendship between Rory and Lane and it's satisfying to hear Agena's advice that viewers can learn a lot from the relationship that these characters share. There are several moments when Rory isn't the nicest to Lane, especially when she ignores her when dating Dean in season 1.

4 Matt Czuchry Has An Interesting Way Of Viewing Logan

In one of his Reddit AMAs, Matt Czuchry explained how he views Logan: "he pushed Rory to seek new adventures in her life." This is a good way to describe Logan, as on the one hand, fans see many issues with his relationship with Rory, but on the other hand, she does seem to learn a lot and become more confident during the time that she spends with him.

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This romance is a perfect example of a college relationship with ups and downs, some trust issues, and two people who genuinely care about each other.

3 Even Lauren Graham Didn't Know The Final Four Words

When a fan asked about the final four words, Lauren Graham said she didn't know, and she wrote, "If I knew, I'd tell you!" and said of Amy Sherman-Palladino, "I'm going to ask her next time I see her."

This is a huge revelation, as it's easy to assume that Graham and her fellow actors were told what the original ending was going to be, and even if no one was told, it seems like at least Graham and Alexis Bledel would know. Fans waited so long for those four words and it felt special to finally hear them.

2 Lauren Graham Called The Long Dialogue Challenging

Lauren Graham said in her Reddit AMA the "long speeches could be a challenge" and she misses the writing on the show. Graham did an incredible job saying Lorelai's many long quotes and fans always praise her acting talents, as the show is definitely fast-paced and wordy.

The dialogue on Gilmore Girls is one of the most popular and recognizable parts of the series, and it's what sets it apart from any other family or teenage dramas.

1 No One Could Do Improv As The Scripts Had To Be Followed

Keiko Agena also shared that the scripts had to be "word perfect" and there wasn't any improv allowed in any Gilmore Girls episodes.

This is a great question to hear the answer to, as TV fans often hear about casts doing some level of improv on sitcoms or in comedic movies, but it makes sense that Gilmore Girls would follow each script to the letter as the writing is known for being wonderful.

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