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Gilmore Girls: The 10 Greatest Best Friend Duos, Ranked

If there's one thing that Lorelai and Rory prove on Gilmore Girls, it's that mothers and daughters have the ability to be best friends. Both Rory and Lorelai had their own best friends but did they ever compare to each other? But Lorelai and Rory weren't the only iconic duo in Stars Hollow, Yale, and beyond. There were numerous best friend duos that rivaled Lorelai and Rory.

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These best friends didn't always get the screentime they deserved but when they did have their moment to shine they made it count. They prove that friendships can come in various forms and that one doesn't need to be exactly like the other in order for them to click.

10 Paris & Madeline & Louise

It's shocking that Paris was friends with Madeline and Louise at Chilton because she didn't have a thing in common with them. If anything, Paris was their mentor and tutor, while Madeline and Louise were Paris's sounding board. With Paris out of the picture, Madeline and Louise were the ultimate duo.

Louise took care of Madeline at school when she couldn't stand the word "blood," and Madeline would chase boys with Louise every chance they got. These two were partners in crime.

9 Brian & Zack

Brian and Zack were different individuals but had small things in common that brought them together. Brian's hypochondria appeared to annoy Zack, and sometimes Zack wanted to go harder musically than Brian was comfortable with but they always came back to each other.

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Their friendship really shined when Lane moved in with them. Viewers saw a new side that wasn't previously seen. From helping each other out with the babies to playing video games together, Zack and Brian were like brothers.

8 Lorelai & Michel

Michel and Lorelai were the duo that spent so much time together that they were outwardly annoyed with each other. But when push came to shove, they were there for each other. Michel, in particular, was feisty with Lorelai but he loved her. He chose to work with her and Sookie instead of moving on to a bigger city or chain hotel.

Their dedication to each other was shown tenfold in the reboot when Michel let Lorelai know that he was moving on from The Dragonfly Inn. Lorelai was so devastated at the news that she didn't want to face it. But when it comes down to it, these two were besties.

7 Paris & Rory

Who would have thought that Paris Geller and Rory Gilmore would become best friends? Even Rory didn't realize they were best friends until Paris defended her honor against Lucy.

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Rory was a safe space for Paris. The more Rory got to know Paris, the less she judged her and the more she listened. Likewise, Paris forced Rory to do better academically and to live outside of her comfort zone. As stiff as Paris was, there's nothing she wouldn't try (especially at Yale). By the series finale (and the reboot), Paris and Rory were friends for life.

6 Luke & Lorelai

Before Lorelai and Luke became one of the most popular couples in the series, they were best friends. Whether they realized they were or not is not the point. For Luke, there was no one like Lorelai that he could confide in. Sure, he shared some personal moments with Jess and his sister, but he told everything to Lorelai.

Likewise, when Lorelai found out about something big in Luke's life, she acted as a best friend would. She was mixed parts of excited and concerned all in one. Whether these two worked out or not, they were always going to be friends.

5 Lane & Rory

Lane and Rory have been best friends since they were little girls. They relied on each other and were each other's go-to even when Rory transferred to Chilton. Instead of losing touch when Rory went to Chilton or even Yale, the two became closer and needed each other more than ever.

They were both going through relationship woes and family drama around the same time and needed each other's advice. Seeing their friendship grow over the years has been remarkable and fulfilling for Gilmore Girls fans.

4 Babette & Miss Patty

Babette and Miss Patty were the town know-it-alls. They loved to get together at Luke's Diner and gossip about what the other knows. Their dynamic was so relatable for so many fans. They didn't argue or take things too far but they knew how to bicker without insulting the other or losing their trust.

Babette and Miss Patty were Gilmore Girls' comedic relief. They were also very much the same person in the way that they took care of Lorelai, Rory, and the rest of Stars Hollow.

3 Luke & Kirk

Luke and Kirk loved to hate each other and hated to love each other. Kirk was of Luke's best customers and greatest annoyances. But at the same time, Luke acted as an older brother to Kirk. As annoying as Luke found Kirk, he helped him on numerous occasions.

He helped Kirk with the Easter eggs, he gave him some advice for his first date with Lulu, and he encouraged him to move out of his mom's house and to start a new life as a free man. Kirk always appreciated Luke's advice, which is why he admired him so.

2 Sookie & Lorelai

Much like Lane and Rory, Sookie and Lorelai was the yin to each other's yang. They could communicate with each other by a look and weren't afraid to tell each other what the other really thought.

For Lorelai, Sookie was the only person who could call her out—in a friendly way–on her relationship woes. Whether it was Max, Christopher, or Luke, Sookie called it as she saw it, which was what Lorelai needed from time to time. These two needed each other and never let their business get in the middle of their friendship.

1 Lorelai & Rory

It doesn't get better than Rory and Lorelai. They paved the way for mothers and daughters who were also best friends. Lorelai gave Rory every chance to succeed and Rory went to her for everything in life.

As independent as Rory was, she still needed her best friend and mom as her sounding board; her safe place to land. Everything from their sleepovers to their movie nights was reminiscent of viewers who were also best friends.

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