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God Of War: 10 Best Skills To Unlock Early On | ScreenRant

God Of War is one of the most critically acclaimed video games of all time. With an amazing storyline, rich and beautiful landscapes, and some seriously fun combat and game mechanics, it's easy to see why players are still picking the game up nearly 3 years after its release. Following a slightly older Kratos than previous installments, the game follows the titular character on his quest to teach his son how to survive in a harsh and dangerous world.

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Despite the game being a few years old, many players are just picking it up for the first time, and many will be struggling with deciding which skills to upgrade first to make combat go more smoothly. It can be difficult to know what skills to focus on and how to spend those hard-earned XP points, which can be somewhat hard to come by in the earlier stages of the game. With a ton to choose from it can be daunting trying to ensure that players aren't wasting points on skills that they will hardly use.

10 Pride Of The Frost

Kratos' axe will be most players go to in the early stages of the game when ranged combat isn't as effective until later in the game. This makes the Pride of The Frost skill a must and should be acquired as soon as possible. Using the skill is as easy as chaining three light attacks and a heavy attack together, which results in a powerful blow to the enemies.

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Besides being easy to use in the middle of tense combat situations the skill is also especially useful when taking out groups of enemies, not only dealing damage but clearing some space for the player to reset and catch their breath.

9 Teamwork

When compared to the massive and powerful Kratos, his son and companion Atreus may not seem like much. However, upgrading Atreus early on in the game will pay dividends down the road.

Aside from dealing a fair amount of damage with the right skills Atreus is especially helpful when taking down groups of enemies as he is able to distract them from going after Kratos, allowing him to focus on a smaller amount of enemies at a time.

8 Countering Strike

One of the first shield combat skills that new players should unlock will quickly become one of the most used skills in the game.

Allowing players to push back an enemy after a last-second block, gives the ability to create space from enemies as well as giving players the opportunity to take advantage of the brief slow-motion sequence that the skill triggers and attempt a finishing move or possibly a chain of attacks. When used correctly, the skill is wildly effective against almost any enemy.

7 PermaFrost

Another skill that players will find themselves using constantly once acquired, Permafrost is useful because it allows players to deal extra damage while doing something that they are going to be doing anyway.

Since players don't have to specifically activate the skill during combat, it's perfect for those moments when things get a little hectic and a good ol' hack and slash is all that the player can manage.

6 Ferocity

Another useful skill involving Atreus, Ferocity allows Atreus to stun enemies that get a little too close. When facing multiple strong enemies this can be especially useful as he can pretty much keep at least one of them out of the fight at any time.

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This skill also allows players to have a bit of peace of mind when focusing on a particularly difficult foe, as Atreus will be able to keep the lower-level enemies at bay for a short amount of time.

5 Countering Blast

Although one of the more expensive skills for players early on in the game it is also one of the most useful. Essentially the ranged version of the Countering Strike Skill, the Countering Blast allows Kratos to block and return damage from ranged attacks.

This allows Kratos to easily take out opponents firing ranged attacks from a distance, one of the more difficult aspects of the game,  while still allowing Kratos to have most of his focus on the closer enemies. If ranged foes aren't too big of a problem, the damage can also be reflected towards more menacing enemies as well.

4 Whirling Storm

Perhaps not for players that prefer a slower, more heavy attack dominant combat style, Whirling Storm is a must for players that prefer lots of movement and quicker attacks.

The skill essentially allows players to combine dodge with light attacks meaning that even when dodging attacks or moving between multiple enemies, Kratos can still dish out plenty of damage while playing defense. Although not as powerful as some other skills, it's great for chipping away at multiple opponents in quick succession.

3 Guardian Sweep

Great for groups of enemies, the Guardian Sweep is one of the most useful skills for finishing a fight, sometimes before it's even fully begun. Knocking back groups of enemies and stunning them at the same time gives Kratos plenty of time to finish off the weaker enemies or start a chain attack to finish one off entirely.

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Just like all the skills that stun enemies this one is also great for giving players a moment to get into a better position or take out that pesky ranged enemy.

2 Haymaker Crush

A great way to get closer to enemies that are dodging the player's attacks or staying at a distance, the Haymaker Crush is a great way to practice unarmed combat.

By being able to rush opponents and stun them simultaneously, Kratos is able to get in close and start a more effective chain of attacks before the enemies even knew what hit them. Also, unarmed combat just might be some of the most satisfying combat that the game has to offer.

1 Block Break

A skill that is insanely useful earlier in the game can seem almost unfair at times. When going up against stronger enemies or those that don't seem to care about Kratos' axe, the Block Break should be every player's go-to.

When used repeatedly the move will make it so enemies can't even get up from the ground before they're blasted yet again. It can be combined with a ranged attack or let Arteus finish them off for some seriously easy kills.

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