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Going Under: Beginner Tips, Tricks, & Strategies | Screen Rant

The roguelike genre is chock full of video games that are incredibly difficult, and Going Under is no different. Players take control of an intern named Jackie who begins working for a startup named Fizzle that is built upon the ruins of other failed companies. The problem is that the monstrous workers of startups passed never left, so Jackie has been tasked with working through each one individually to wipe out all of the feral workers located there.

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While this job is by no means impossible, those with little experience in the genre will probably have a lot of trouble with Going Under. There are a lot of mechanics for the player to learn and many aspects of the game that are not immediately clear at first. Those who hope to make it through each of the previous startups will need all of the help that they can get. This guide shows players some beginner tips and tricks for Going Under.

There are a wide array of different things for players to keep in mind with Going Under as the game doesn't always explain its mechanics entirely. Here are the best tips to keep in mind if the player wants to survive longer:

Use Dodging Mechanics Properly

Going Under doesn't really do a great job of explaining how dodging works in the game because there is a lot more to it than just hitting the space button to avoid attacks. First off players should keep in mind that they can dodge when focused on an enemy to do a short dodge to get out of the way of an attack, whereas pressing the button when unfocused will allow the player to do a dodge roll that covers more distance. The player is also able to dodge in the middle of an attack to perform a dodge cancel, but it's much harder to do this when swinging a larger weapon. The final thing to understand about dodging though is that the player can dodge roll towards a weapon to pick it up quickly, which is best used when a weapon breaks in the middle of a fight and the player needs a replacement. Going Under can be really frantic, so players should dodge whenever they get a chance.

Know Your Weapon Modifications

Weapon modifications are extremely important and are also something that the game doesn't quite explain to its players. Not all weapons have them, but certain ones will have a modified element to them that the player will see on the bottom left portion of the screen when they have a weapon equipped. There are five different ones that a weapon can have and the first four are pretty self-explanatory. The first four are Durability Up, Attack Speed Up, Damage Up, and Crit Chance Up. The fifth and final one however is just called Smart, and there is no other explanation. Weapons with this tag can be thrown at enemies and they will continue launching themselves at an enemy until that enemy is dead or the weapon breaks.

Check Out Jobs In Dungeons

A great way to make some extra cash and snag some unique items is to complete the different jobs that players will find throughout a dungeon. When entering certain rooms they will begin empty and the player will be given a task that they can decide to do or not. They may need to defeat a group of enemies under a set amount of time or collect coins as quickly as possible while avoiding enemy attacks. The better a player performs these tasks then the better rewards they will be given, but they should also make sure not to try and do these missions if they are low on health or don't have any decent weapons.

Look For Secrets

If a player wants to grant themselves an edge in combat though, another great way to do this is to look around dungeons for hidden secrets that they can use to their advantage. The player will need to properly explore each room that they are in to see if there is anything tucked-away places where they wouldn't normally look. Most of the time this amounts to checking breakable objects in a room for extra money or double-checking every weapon in the room to see if there is something special hidden among the standard types. The best secrets though are found behind hidden doors that are shown as outlines on a wall. Behind these secret doors tend to be treasures, skills, or even optional mini-bosses.

Not All Skills Are Equal

The player should always remember that some of the skills in the game are far better than others and others still won't be very useful to a player depending on their play style. For example, the Bomb Dropper skill can wind up being a real nuisance considering that it can deal damage to Jackie as well as to enemies. Since dodging attacks is such a huge part of the game the player will just wind up adding more damaging effects to the room that they have to avoid. Players who dodge often should avoid this skill as much as they possibly can and instead try to invest in something that will be more helpful.

Careful What You Buy

Another thing to keep in mind is that when players come across a shop they should be careful how they spend their money. First and foremost, the most important thing that the player should do is focus on purchasing healing items over anything else. Once they have gotten themselves up to full health they can then purchase items that will grant them an additional health bar, and then pick up any special weapons that they might want. Keep in mind that most of the weapons sold in the shop can be found out in the dungeon as well, so a lot of the time they really aren't worth spending money on. Instead, the player can just save their money until they reach another shop to heal themselves.

Complete Mentor Missions

In between dungeon runs the player will be able to interact with the other employees at Fizzle and they will quickly discover that their coworkers have a lot of tasks that need completing. The player can acquire missions from these people that can then be completed during a dungeon and then in turn they can make those people their mentor. A mentor gives the player a unique special ability that enables the player to achieve different goals. One character boosts the amount of money that the player will obtain during the course of the dungeon whereas another can steal an item at random from each of the shops that the player visits. Players should use each of these skills to their advantage.

Don't Abandon Apps or Food

Since players can only carry a certain amount of weapons and items on their person at a time it makes a lot of sense to leave some behind and then backtrack later on when they are needed. This works really well for the game's weapons, but the player shouldn't do this with food or apps. If the player moves on to another room and then comes back these items won't be available. This means the player should always use these when they have the chance rather than just abandoning them.

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Going Under can be played on Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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