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Grey’s Anatomy: The 10 Best Characters On The Show | ScreenRant

Over 17 seasons, many characters have passed away on Grey's Anatomy or moved away from Seattle, and in most cases, it has been heartbreaking to see them go. While Meredith is of course the main character whose story is focused on the most, her friends, family members, fellow doctors, and love interests are just as important in every episode of the popular hospital drama.

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Some of the people in Meredith's world are fan favorites and others aren't very well-liked, but there are several who, time and time again, stand out. These well-crafted characters have great personalities and tend to be given the more compelling storylines on the series.

10 Owen Hunt

When Cristina fell in love with Owen, she learned that he had PTSD from his past, and this allowed viewers to have a more layered understanding of Owen.

He remains one of the best characters on Grey's Anatomy because he is a kind, talented doctor who does his best to move forward despite his painful and traumatizing past. Owen is also involved in many dramatic moments on the show, from his work at the hospital to his complicated love story with Teddy.

9 Lexie Grey

Fans love Meredith's half-sister Lexie, as she's a kind, positive person, and it's also interesting watching her relationship with Mark develop.

Fans still miss Lexie, who met a tragic end as a result of the horrific plane crash in the season 8 finale, because it was important to see Meredith begin to embrace her family. Lexie is a unique character because she's funny and innocent, and while April also has those qualities, Lexie surprised fans with many moments of bravery, like when she and Mark began dating.

8 Maggie Pierce

Maggie is also one of the best characters on Grey's Anatomy as she's passionate, ambitious, and incredibly intelligent.

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Fans enjoy watching Maggie's journey, as it's so relatable. When she meets Clide on a dating app and learns that he's actually married, everyone watching understands how tough it is to be single and trying to date online, and it's nice to see this side of this character. Maggie also experiences many emotional scenes, like when she loses her mother while she's at the hospital. While fans don't love watching Maggie and Jackson date, this character has enough wonderful qualities that she is still a favorite on her own.

7 Arizona Robbins

There is much to love about Arizona, from her love story with Callie to her incredible ability to make kids feel comfortable when they're suffering and sick.

Arizona is a fan favorite, and while it's sad that she's no longer on the series, her memory lives on, and fans are glad that it seems like she moved to New York to be with Callie again. Arizona makes many mistakes, including cheating on Callie, but she does her best to fix them and become a better person. It's also impossible to forget the powerful story of Arizona losing her leg after the plane crash. She is open and vulnerable about how hard it is to recover afterward, and it's one of Grey's Anatomy's most memorable plotlines.

6 Jackson Avery

While Jackson comes from a rich and privileged world, and many don't like him because of his conceited personality, his dramatic and emotional relationship with April is a huge part of the show. It would be impossible to imagine Grey's Anatomy without Jackson, so he can be considered one of the best characters on the show.

Viewers learn more about Jackson as he proves himself to be a reliable person and doctor, and he's a wonderful dad to his two children. Jackson has some tension with his mom Catherine and with the fact that he's a legacy at the hospital, and that's interesting to see.

5 Alex Karev

At first, Alex is a cranky and pessimistic intern, and fans aren't sure if they're ever going to like him. He doesn't seem interested in making friends or even talking to anyone unless he absolutely has to.

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Viewers love Alex's character arc as he betters himself, and Alex even helps many people during his time on the show. Out of all of the main characters, Alex changes the most, learning more about himself and what he can offer the world. Fans learn that he came from a tough background and that his relationships with Izzie and Jo have made him realize that he's a good person and that he can love himself as well as someone else. Not everyone loves that he goes back to Izzie before leaving the show, but it's hard to picture the series without Alex, especially since he becomes Meredith's "person" after Cristina moves away.

4 Miranda Bailey

Bailey makes everyone laugh regularly, and she's the perfect example of a vulnerable doctor who is equal parts sensitive and tough.

Bailey becomes like family to the interns who become doctors under her watch, and she loves each of them so much. It's very emotional for fans to think about how far they have come since Bailey first met them. Whether she's leaving her first husband because he doesn't appreciate her, falling in love with Ben, or mentoring the other characters, Bailey is strong, warm, and loving.

3 Richard Webber

Richard and Meredith have a great bond, and fans enjoy seeing them interacting at the hospital as they become closer and closer.

Richard is another solid character on Grey's Anatomy thanks to his history with Meredith's mother Ellis. Richard goes through many personal struggles over the years, from his alcoholism to his marriage to Adele and his unresolved feelings for Ellis. Richard's career is also very dramatic and intense, as although he's Chief when fans first meet him, he changes jobs a few times.

2 Cristina Yang

Fans love Cristina and appreciate her bold, brave personality, perceptive commentary on life at the hospital, and ability to always understand what the other characters are going through.

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While Cristina is incredibly tough, she proves how caring and compassionate she is through her friendship with Meredith, which viewers cherish. Cristina is a relatable character, as her main struggle is one that many face: balancing a romantic relationship with career ambition.

1 Meredith Grey

Meredith has to move past many struggles in order to succeed, and fans appreciate her courage, strength, independence, and also the moments when she lets people see her vulnerability.

While Meredith is never perfect, she's compelling, and that's why she's always going to be a fan-favorite character. Since the show is from her point of view, fans feel that they understand her completely as she walks around with pain from her childhood and has to deal with losing her one true love, Derek.

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