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Grey's Anatomy: 5 Ways Bailey Is A Good Doctor (& 5 She's Not)

Miranda Bailey is one of the most powerful and able women in Grey's Anatomy and has been on the show since its inception. She is unapologetic and unabashed and doesn't mince words. Fans will recall how she inducted the original interns on their first day at work by telling them without beating around the bush that they were 'the bottom of the surgical food chain'.

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The character has some glaring flaws, as do all Shondaland characters, and it is those very flaws that make them more flesh and blood. However, whether those deficiencies make for a good doctor or not is a different question altogether.

10 Is A Good Doctor: Nerves Of Steel

The good Bailey has nerves of steel and can be a determined woman even in the direst of circumstances. This was evident particularly when she did everything she could to save the life of the young resident from Mercy West, Charles Percy, during the horrifying hospital shooting incident in the season 6 finale.

Miranda was naturally terrified as anybody would be but she kept her nerves and her quick thinking saved the life of the patient Mary Portman too, who played dead and was thus saved from getting shot. Miranda acted like a true hero that day and this proved that she was born to save lives.

9 Not A Good Doctor: Unable To Accept Mistakes

Bailey is not very open to accepting her own mistakes. She is quick to blame others for their errors but when it comes to admitting to her own, she finds it hard to handle.

When Bailey discovered that it was she who had inadvertently become the source of infection that had killed several of her patients post-op, she initially became defiant and it took her a while to accept it. True, it could not have been easy to come to terms with such news, and perhaps her reaction was even perfectly natural, but one wonders if a doctor who could not own up to mistakes would be best suited to attend to patients.

8 Is A Good Doctor: Committed To The Job

Bailey has been shown to dedicate hour after hour to work, a fact that even led to her divorce as her first husband, Tuck, was unable to accept the amount of time she had to spend away from home and her family.

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But what affected her personal life adversely was also what made a dedicated surgeon. On the very day of her second wedding, Richard's wife Adele, whom everybody loved deeply, was admitted into the hospital and Bailey did everything to save her, to the extent of delaying the wedding.

7 Not A Good Doctor: Can Have Moments Of Moral Struggle

Bailey suffers from moments of moral and ethical struggle. She had a few moments of moral confusion when the surgeons had to deal with the death row inmate, William Dunn, and even went to the extent of asking Derek to let Dunn die so that his organs could be donated to another patient who needed them.

Bailey also infamously injected a young patient with deactivated HIV virus going expressly against the wishes of his parents. Although her method worked, this was a massive morally grey area. While she may be well-intentioned, the role of a doctor does not extend to going against a patient's express wishes for their own body.

6 Is A Good Doctor: Hungry For More Knowledge

Miranda has a thirst for knowledge and even after she had completed her surgical residency in general surgery she wanted to do a fellowship in pediatrics. She was a natural with children as was evidenced when she held a little dying girl in her arms right until the moment when her father arrived. Miranda is always ready to learn more and expand her knowledge. She is also eager to contribute to medical research and undertook some very important work on human genome sequencing and pancreatic fistula.

5 Not A Good Doctor: Borders On Being A Workaholic

Bailey's dedication to work borders on being a workaholic, and while a surgeon is expected to have long work hours, being a workaholic is never desirable.

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Bailey got herself overworked and the stress she took on as Chief caused serious harm to her health. She even suffered a heart attack, following which she had to delegate work better. A doctor who becomes overstressed could end up being detrimental to the health of her patients.

4 Is A Good Doctor: Compassionate With Good Bedside Manners

Bailey could be stubborn at times but she also fights for her patients and makes them feel comfortable with pleasant bedside manners. She does her best to convince patients to get the treatment that would be most appropriate for them, and over time she becomes friendly with her patients and their families.

While getting involved with patients to the extent that Izzie Stevens did is definitely not professional, having an attachment with them makes a doctor care for and feel more compassionate towards those for whose lives they are responsible.

3 Not A Good Doctor: Can Be Insecure

Miranda projects confidence, and no doubt she has achieved greatness through sheer hard work. But she gets insecure at times, even about her own mentees like Cristina and Meredith.

This, coming from an excellent surgeon like her, makes no sense. She has no reason to doubt herself and patients need doctors who are fully in charge and do not falter in their belief in themselves.

2 Is A Good Doctor: Shares Knowledge

Miranda is a good, willing teacher, albeit intimidating at times, and has been a mentor to great surgeons like Meredith Grey, Cristina Yang, Alex Karev. She is not one of those who find it difficult to share knowledge and pass it on.

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She teaches with aplomb and was, at any rate, a disciplinarian when the show began. She had herself been mentored by none other than Richard Webber and she understands the importance of knowledge sharing. This is turn makes her a surgeon who is constantly keeping herself updated with the newest surgical innovations.

1 Not A Good Doctor: Gets Sidetracked

Miranda can get sidetracked by issues of ethical right and wrong, often losing sight of what really matters. Interestingly, although she can be righteous about others breaking rules, she has done things that can in no way be condoned ethically, such as treating her patient without parental consent, as mentioned above.

She also seems to take petty things to heart such as her resentment when Callie Torres was made Chief Resident instead of her. A doctor who cares about such issues and is perpetually confused, might be tad dubious a choice for a patient.

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