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Harry Potter & 9 Other Movie Heroes Who Would Fit Into The Avengers

While The Avengers might be classed as Earth's mightiest heroes, that doesn't mean that they're the only heroes within the movie world. The likes of Iron-Man and Thor have done some wonderful things within the MCU, and there are constantly new characters being added from Marvel's catalog of heroes, but what if people from outside this world were added to the group?

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Heroes from different places and times with totally contrasting powers and abilities to those within the MCU could be something that would spice up the universe. But out of all the movie heroes outside of Marvel, who would be best suited to join them?

10 Harry Potter

Harry Potter is a superb example of a true hero who is willing to sacrifice himself for the greater good of others. Everything Harry does is with kindness as he attempts to try and defeat darkness while helping his friends and family.

Those traits would make him a good fit in The Avengers, plus his ability to use magic would be an excellent resource for the group. Not only in a battle against enemies, but in terms of fixing problems and helping other heroes, Harry's magic would be an amazing add-on.

9 Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones is one of the greatest movie heroes of all time. Someone with great intelligence that is willing to head out on an adventure whenever needed would allow him to slot into the group well, especially with his charm and confident personality.

Seeing him interact with the likes of Tony Stark would be hilarious, but he is also someone who can hold his own in a fight. Indiana has no problem taking a risk or fighting against any enemy, and that is something The Avengers can always benefit from.

8 Frozone

Of course, being an actual superhero, it is easy to see how Frozone would work well in The Avengers. Much like the rest of the characters, Frozone has his own abilities and they would certainly help. Being able to freeze things is something that the group doesn't currently have, which would make him stand out.

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However, the best reason Frozone would fit into The Avengers is that he is a team player. He is someone who has no problem helping out when needed, which he does for the Parr family, never wanting to be the center of attention.

7 Legolas

The ability to use a bow and arrow with expert ability and tremendous accuracy is something that works well within the MCU. That has been proven by Hawkeye and is why Legolas would fit into The Avengers perfectly.

While his weapon of choice is similar to Hawkeye, Legolas offers so much more. He's extremely intelligent, wise, and able to guide others and provide advice when needed. But he is also able to track enemies and sense when danger is coming, which are traits that would seriously help the group.

6 William Wallace

Sometimes what is needed in a fighting situation is someone with pure intensity who won't back down from a challenge, no matter what. That's exactly what William Wallace would provide for the group, being someone who isn't scared and will happily join his fellow heroes in any situation.

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He is also a real leader, which is something that the group always needs. Being able to pull people together and will them on to take on others and head into war is something that would help the heroes become even stronger.

5 Optimus Prime

A giant robot that can transform into a moving vehicle when needed seems like a perfect fit into the world of the MCU. Optimus Prime would be extremely useful when taking on strong and powerful villains, or if the group ever needed to get out of a situation in a hurry.

He is also a character with leadership abilities who knows how to bring the best out of others and is aware that looking after the general public is a necessity. Optimus is also a great planner and knows that there are times when violence isn't the answer, which is what The Avengers are all about.

4 Neo

Fighting is a crucial part of what The Avengers do, and that is why Neo would be a great hero to join the group. He's someone who has an array of abilities, from manipulation to being able to dodge bullets, all while having fantastic hand-to-hand combat skills.

These types of abilities are something that works excellently within a superhero movie. While he might not be a classic superhero like Spider-Man, Neo would be one of the strongest members of the group if he was to join.

3 Genie

Magic is something that is slowly starting to creep into the MCU, but few have the abilities that The Genie is able to produce. While he can't bring anyone back from the dead, make someone fall in love, or kill someone, Genie would still be very useful within The Avengers.

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Using his incredible magic, Genie could help the group in a variety of ways, from creating situations or turning others into something else in order to give the group the best possible advantage in a situation.

2 James Bond

Someone with great fighting ability seems like an obvious person to slot into The Avengers. James Bond has got hand-to-hand combat skills, the ability to use a variety of weapons, and fantastic driving chops, which all come together to make him a strong fit for the group.

He is also an intelligent person who can come up with solutions and take his time to analyze a situation in order to make the right decision. Plus, the fact he is a spy who is able to head out and gain information on enemies would be a major help to the group overall.

1 Luke Skywalker

Luke Skywalker is the true definition of a hero, and that is why he would slot into The Avengers with ease. No matter what situation he's put into, Luke would fight with all of his heart in order to make things work. He is always looking to do good and make the right choices, and that's something that is key to being in The Avengers.

Of course, being part of this group requires some fighting ability, and Luke certainly is skilled in that department. Whether it's using The Force, having a blaster, or using his lightsaber, Luke would be able to hold his own against some of the toughest MCU villains.

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