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How Heather Thomson’s Alleged Embarrassment Led To RHONY Exit

Housewife Heather Thomson recently confirmed that she exited The Real Housewives of New York for a second time, and now inside sources say Heather left the franchise after a plan to align herself with Eboni K. Williams 'backfired.' Fans have had mixed reactions to the heated racism debate that occurred during the ladies' trip to the Hamptons. But things ignited when Heather accused Eboni of being a "race-baiter."

Heather's lack of friends among the cast was very evident this season. She was a former full-time housewife who continued to appear as a friend over the years. But she had rubbed many of the ladies the wrong way with her comments on her podcast, and Leah McSweeney was the main one blasting Heather every chance she could get. During their Hamptons trip, Heather attempted to act as an ally with Eboni after she became upset with LuAnn de Lesseps calling her "angry." But when recalling the experience, Eboni said Heather had done “more harm than good” and accused her of “whitesplaining” during the exchange.

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Now there are mixed reports into why Heather decided to quit the show. Some producer insiders told Page Six that Heather attempted to align herself with Eboni due to her not having many friends among the current cast. She reportedly was only defending Eboni as a “way to fit in" with the full-time housewives. However, after telling Eboni how "articulate" she was, Eboni noted Heather's microaggressions and called them out on the show. The exchange only put more distance between the two co-stars instead of what Heather intended. "She started making excuses about why she couldn’t show up for shoots,” the insider said, noting how embarrassed Heather reportedly was.

But sources for Heather say her exchange with Eboni had nothing to do with why she quit and instead say Leah is to blame. According to Page Six, “[Thomson quitting] had nothing to do with Eboni and everything to do with Leah," the insider said. "Leah made her super uncomfortable, and she didn’t want to deal with her." But her reps recently had to do more damage control for the Bravo star after she was caught agreeing with one critic who called Eboni a "race-baiter." Sources say Heather's Instagram comments led to a "conversation" between her and Eboni where they worked out their differences.

However, Heather is still out after a failed attempt at acting as an ally for the show's first Black housewife. Sources say Heather thought her past experience working with Black-owned fashion companies founded by Beyoncé and Diddy would get her some points in the ally department. Unfortunately, her recollections of standing next to a Black man decked out in Gucci and having to help him get a cab didn't help her RHONY plight in the way she hoped.

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Source: Page Six

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