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Icarus' Trailer Shows Off Awesome Fire Effects | Screen Rant

In this morning’s PC Gaming Show showcase event as a part of the E3 event, a new Icarus trailer was shown, featuring awesome new fire effects and deadly environments. This trailer is just the latest instalment in the marketing for Icarus ahead of the release in August this year.

Icarus is the next game from the developers behind DayZ, Dean Hall, with the game being a sort of next step for the developers in making what many have dubbed “walking simulators.” Dean Hall’s new game, Icarus, is a PvE open-world survival game with more of an emphasis on quickly hunting and collecting to survive the dangers present across the map, rather than just rushing to gather equipment like in DayZ. Unlike other survival crafting games, Icarus has a heavy influence on speed over quality. Building up impressive bases and hordes of resources are not the main focus, instead, players will need to make what they can on the run and be prepared to lose it all. Play in groups of up to 8 players, or alone, to survive in the harsh environments of this new Earth. 

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The latest trailer for Icarus was presented during the PC Gaming Show, featuring all-new gameplay footage and some sweet fire effects that have attracted the attention of many new players. The new trailer can be seen on YouTube, thanks to PC Gamer. New harsh terrains were featured in the trailer, with the new state of the Earth-like planet being far more deadly than our Earth. Player-made settlements and polar bear attacks were featured in Icarus' trailer as well, with new gameplay footage showcasing just how players will need to fend off the environmental factors in the world in Icarus from destroying all that they have worked so hard to build. A new compound bow was also given some serious screen time, showing the kind of weapon crafting that will be in the finished product.

The biggest reveal this week about Icarus is the developer’s decision to transition the game away from being free to play, instead, switching over to a standard release paywall. This release will now include a $100 deluxe edition of Icarus, which will give players full access to the game and the first two DLC chapters and special goods, compared to the $30 price tag players can pay to access the first chapter of Icarus

More about the game will be announced as it gets closer to the release date. Icarus will be released on August 11, 2021 on Steam for Windows PC. 

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Source: PC Gamer/YouTube

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