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Loki Episode 2 Credits Hint At Lady Loki's Real Identity (Not A Variant)

Warning: Contains SPOILERS for Loki episode 2.

The credits for Loki episode 2 drop a subtle hint that "Lady Loki" is actually a version of a Marvel villain called the Enchantress. The Time Variance Authority is sworn to protect the timeline, but they appear to have met their match in a variant of Loki, the God of Mischief, who has been traveling through the timeline wreaking havoc. Loki episode 2 even saw this (apparently) evil version of Loki create Marvel's Multiverse of Madness.

The dangerous variant seems to be Lady Loki, played by Sophia Di Martino. In the comics, Lady Loki was created as part of the Ragnarok Cycle, when Loki's spirit possessed the human body that should have become the reincarnation of Sif. But the MCU's version of Lady Loki has clearly been changed in some rather curious ways, notably with her trademark black hair switched to blonde, especially odd given Di Martino is naturally dark-haired and dyed her hair for this role. That has naturally led to some speculation there's another twist coming, and this may not be a variant of Loki after all.

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This would appear to be supported by Loki episode 2's end credits, at least, in some languages. In English, the character of Lady Loki is referred to as "The Variant" in the credits for episode 2, but overseas she's been given the name of "Sylvie." In the comics, Sylvie Lushton was a young woman who woke up one morning with magical powers and styled herself as the new Enchantress. Though she did not know it, in reality, she had been created by Loki as part of a trap against teams who call themselves "Avengers." The idea was that she would infiltrate any team of Young Avengers, with Loki learning all their secrets through her, while her character was designed to cause maximum friction.

This would fit well with the fact Marvel has chosen to make this character, apparently Lady Loki, but never actually identified as such on-screen and not even named in the English credits–a blonde rather than dark-haired. What's more, Loki episode 2 also hints the trickster god possesses the power to create entities–at the very least duplicates–exact body doubles, so there's no reason a Loki couldn't have created this being as well. If that is the case, then the real Loki variant causing all this trouble is still out there in the timeline somewhere, enjoying the chaos his pawn is causing.

If this is indeed Enchantress, then it's possible Loki won't be the end of her story. Marvel is quite clearly setting up the Young Avengers; Wiccan and Speed were introduced in WandaVision, Patriot in The Falcon & the Winter Soldier, and Kate Bishop's Hawkeye will soon make her MCU debut as well. Given Enchantress' ties to the Young Avengers, she too may well be sticking around when this show is over. Tom Hiddleston's time as Loki may seem to be coming to an end, but that doesn't mean some of this show's supporting characters couldn't go on to be major players.

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