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MCU Theory: Loki Will Become A Nexus Being | Screen Rant

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Marvel's Loki episode 2, "The Variant"

In Marvel's new Loki series, it seems likely that the variant God of Mischief could become a Nexus Being in the MCU (if he isn't one already). Seeing as how the Time Variance Authority and Agent Mobius have decided to recruit Loki to help them find a reportedly even more dangerous Loki variant, the opportunity exists for him to become a Nexus Being, motivating changes to reality and causing untold havoc on the Time-Keepers' sacred timeline.

Just like the Scarlet Witch (who's most likely a Nexus Being as well), Loki could soon serve as a major player in relation to the multiverse, becoming a potential threat to the Time-Keepers. This idea certainly holds some weight considering that he's just gone rogue to help and possibly ally himself with the variant being hunted, revealed to be a version of Lady Loki at the end of the series' second episode. Not only that, but it's certainly possible that one or both Lokis could soon harness greater power than they've ever known by evolving into Nexus Beings, shaping reality to their chaotic whims. On her own, Lady Loki is already responsible for creating a plethora of nexus events, so she's definitely well on her way to becoming a dangerous Nexus herself.

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Clearly, no Loki should ever be fully trusted, and this absolutely includes the one working for the TVA. However, the possibility exists that not even the Time-Keepers will be able to stop the God of Mischief should events escalate and he becomes a Nexus Being. As Marvel's Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness gets closer, there's the potential that Nexus Beings and events will be largely featured even after Loki concludes on Disney+, tying into the MCU's future by more than likely being the cause of all the multiversal madness (whether it be the fault of Scarlet Witch, Loki, or someone/something else entirely.)

Thus far in the MCU, Nexus Beings have been referenced in Marvel's WandaVision as well as in the first two episodes of Loki. Essentially, Nexus Beings are connected to Nexus events: points in time where a branched timeline can be created. Once they occur, the TVA sends agents to "prune" and eliminate the branch before they manifest into fully realized realities and universes, maintaining the sacred timeline they've sworn to protect. Likewise, Marvel Comics identifies Nexus Beings as "rare individual entities with the power to affect probabilities - and thus the future." While it's as of yet unclear if the MCU's Nexus Beings hold the exact same definition, it appears to be a solid foundation for now with sound logical reasoning.

Additionally, Marvel's WandaVision series saw Wanda Maximoff creating commercials for her fabricated television fantasy, many of which actually spoke to her own subconscious. However, the seventh episode commercial was an ad for a drug called "Nexus", "a unique antidepressant that works to anchor you back to your reality or the reality of your choice" with its final tagline reading: "Because the world doesn't revolve around you...or does it?"

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Essentially, this commercial strongly suggests that Wanda herself is a Nexus Being, perhaps the result of her evolution into the Scarlet Witch. Because Wanda utilizes chaos magic, it would certainly make sense that her actions hold the potential to create new realities and fissures in the sacred timeline. After all, Agatha Harkness did identify her as a being of spontaneous creation. Her specific status as a Nexus Being may be what eventually leads to her involvement in the Doctor Strange sequel with the multiverse falling into madness (as the chaos would be the result of her own actions).

Seeing Loki becoming a Nexus Being similar to the Scarlet Witch certainly seems like a strong and dynamic avenue for the series to take. Loki has already deviated from his set path on the sacred timeline, and his uneasy partnership with Mobius and the TVA has only seen that path venture away even further. As a result, if he continues to make major moves like running off with the new Lady Loki to go wherever and whenever she was headed, he could certainly start having a greater and potentially more compromising impact on the multiverse, potentially becoming a Nexus Being. He could instigate all sorts of nexus events and alternate branched timelines while perhaps also contributing to Doctor Strange's multiversal troubles he'll soon be having.

Likewise, Lady Loki could absolutely become a Nexus Being given all of the TVA reset charges she teleported to several locations and points in time, having a darker glorious purpose of her own. With Loki seemingly joining her, it could lead to both of them becoming Nexus Beings in future episodes, though this would probably be a scenario the TVA fears the most for the volatile and unpredictable variants.

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Supposing that one or both Lokis do indeed become Nexus Beings, it stands to reason that they could then become involved in the greater MCU post-Loki with the series' end, potentially as catalysts for the multiverse's disarray in Phase 4 that will be seen in the Doctor Strange sequel. As a result, who better than Loki (and/or Lady Loki) to become a Nexus Being given his great penchant for chaos, tricks, and of course mischief? They certainly seem like a disastrous recipe leading to branching timelines and all sorts of imbalance.

In any case, Marvel's Loki has thus far proven itself to be an incredibly dynamic series with some great surprises and twists for fans to enjoy. Regardless of whether or not any version of Loki becomes a Nexus Being in future episodes, the journey will no doubt prove to be all kinds of epic. It's safe to assume that Loki and Lady Loki could start doing some major damage to the scared timeline together, creating branched timelines while potentially becoming powerful Nexus Beings down the line in the MCU.

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Loki releases new episodes on Disney+ every Wednesday.

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