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Megalobox: 10 Ways It Gets Boxing Right | ScreenRant

Boxing is one of the most popular sports in the world. High-profile matches can attract millions of viewers and top fighters are treated like celebrities by their fans and the media. It's both a simple and complex sport that acts as a metaphor for life itself while also providing violent entertainment.

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One anime that accurately depicts boxing is Megaloboxwhich follows the story of a nameless boxer named Junk Dog as he attempts to make a name for himself as a fighter. Set in a future where boxers fight with robotic assistanceMegalobox is a great series for both fans of boxing and anime alike.

10 The Underground Boxing Scene

When most people think of underground boxing, they likely think of seedy competitions run by gangsters in basements and speakeasies. In truth, underground boxing simply refers to unlicensed matches, which are matches that are not recognized by any of the major boxing organizations.

Prior to becoming a professional boxer, Junk Dog, or Joe as he is also called, fights solely in underground matches. While he has the skills to compete with the best, he lacks the representation or visibility to fight in the pro league. Many boxers like Joe start out in the underground scene and cut their teeth fighting in unlicensed matches to both gain experience and attract a following.

9 Fixing In Boxing Matches

In a fixed boxing match, the outcome of the fight is decided before it starts to ensure a profit for the individuals who fixed the fight. Boxing has a chequered history with fixing, as a number of promoters and fighters have been accused of fixing fights for money.

In Megalobox, Joe starts out fighting in fixed matches to make ends meet. Under the guidance of his handler, Gansaku Nanbu, the outcomes of all of Joe's fights are determined per the demands of the crime boss, Fujimaki, who organizes the matches. Joe longs for a real fight but is forced to take what he can get until his luck changes when he runs into Yukiko Shirato, the woman who organizes the massive Megalobox tournament.

8 Head & Body Movements

Along with having to learn how to throw a punch, boxers must also practice moves to help them avoid being hit. Head movement, slips, and pivots are all techniques that professional boxers must master if they hope to rise through the ranks and carve their names into the history books.

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Although Joe starts out fighting in fixed and unlicensed matches, he is actually a technically sound boxer. In his first professional fight against Shark Samejima, Joe weaves around Samejima's powerful punches. He effectively drops his hips before he slips around Samejima's guard to land solid punches, and bobs his head like a pro.

7 Using The Full Ten Count After Getting Knocked Down

According to boxing rules, if a fighter is knocked down during a fight, that fighter has ten seconds to stand back up and continue fighting or face disqualification. It's become a common strategy in the sport for boxers to use the full ten seconds even if they are not hurt, so they can rest for as long as possible.

In his fight against Shark Samejima, Joe gets knocked down in the first round and is badly disoriented. To collect himself, he uses the full ten count before getting back to his feet, which buys him just enough time to recover his senses. Later, in his fight with Aragaki, Joe is again knocked down and uses the full ten count before returning to his feet.

6 Taking The Mouthguard Out Between Rounds

During a match, all boxers wear a mouthguard to protect their teeth and stop themselves from biting their tongues. However, it's common practice for boxers to take out their mouthguard between rounds because it helps them breathe better and talk more clearly with their coach and trainer.

Joe is an experienced fighter, and it shows because he frequently takes his mouthguard out as soon as a round ends. He often talks with Nanbu between rounds to both discuss strategy and boost his own confidence, and this would not be as easy if he was wearing a mouthguard. In fact, he's so good at taking out his mouthguard, he almost forgets to put it back in before the second round of his fight with Shark Samejima.

5 The Nerves Fighters Feel Before & During A Fight

Even after years of experience, many professional fighters feel nervous before and during a fight. Many athletes describe the feeling as being on full alert or wired, which can be detrimental for an athlete as this heightened state causes muscles to tense and reduces physical performance.

While Joe is an experienced boxer, one thing that he struggles with is controlling his emotions. At the start of his fight with Samejima, Joe is so nervous that his movements are tight and slow, which leads to him getting knocked down. His fear almost consumes him, but Nanbu and Sachio help him regain his confidence, and that allows him to loosen up and ultimately win the fight.

4 Evasive Footwork

Toe-to-toe is a phrase used in boxing to describe when two fighters plant their feet and attempt to trade punches with one another until one retreats or emerges victoriously. Trading punches is a dangerous strategy and requires extreme confidence and power. It's much more common for fighters to use evasive footwork to avoid getting hit and probe their opponent's defense for openings.

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Joe occasionally likes to brawl, such as during his fight with Aragaki, when he attempts to match the seasoned boxer punch-for-punch. However, he also demonstrates excellent footwork, such as during his fight with Samejima when he literally runs around the ring to put distance between himself and the hard-punching Samejima. He also shows off his skills in his fight with Yuri, when he effectively backsteps Yuri's jabs just like pro boxers do in real matches.

3 The Importance Of Coaching

Coaching is an important aspect of many sports, and boxing is no exception. Boxers rely on the coaches in their corner to help them make adjustments between rounds and to notice their opponent's bad habits that may be exploited.

Although he is enmeshed in fixing fights and the underworld, Nanbu is actually a great coach. Nanbu helps Joe overcome his fear in his fight with Samejima, reminding him that he belongs in the ring as a pro. Later, in Joe's fight with Glen Burroughs, Joe is about to give up, and neither Sachio nor Yuri's words of encouragement reach him. It takes a passionate plea from Nanbu over the PA system to rouse Joe off the canvas and get him back into the fight.

2 The Mental Aspects Of Boxing

Boxing is as much a mental game as a physical contest. Its important for fighters to be mentally strong if they hope to compete, as a fighter who doesn't think they can win is doomed to fail.

One thing that sets Joe apart from other boxers is his unwavering confidence. Even when he is knocked down he doesn't lose heart and continues to get back up. In his fight with Mikio, Joe can't find an opening due to Mikio's smart gear, Ace. His every move is predicated by Mikio's gear, but he refuses to give up. He stays focused, and this allows him to devise a way to trick Mikio's gear, which allows him to land a devastating counter that ends the fight.

1 Boxing Mania

Despite lagging in popularity in the US, boxing is still very popular around the world. Boxing greats like Muhammad Ali and Floyd Mayweather are some of the most recognizable figures in sports history, and prize fights can net the winner tens of millions of dollars.

In Megalobox, professional fighters are treated like celebrities. Yuri is a household name and is idolized by his fans, and many of the other pro fighters have dedicated legions of fans. Due to his scrappy personality and choice to not wear any gear, Joe slowly amasses his own following, especially amongst the lower classes who view him as a hero and an example of rags to riches success.

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