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Modern Family: 9 Low-Key Villains On The Show | ScreenRant

Modern Family is known for its full-circle moments and comedic bonds between family members. While most episodes revolve around a white-lie or one of the Dunphys, Tucker-Pritchetts, or Delgado-Pritchetts sneaking around the other family members, there's a lot of love and support between the family

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However, not every family member or minor character has the best intentions. DeDe Pritchet and Javier Delgado were known villains in the series but there are also main (and minor) characters who are low-key villains themselves. They might not knowingly realize how crooked they can be but the proof is in the pudding.

9 Sal Was An Adult Bully To Lily

When viewers first met Sal, she was Mitchell and Cameron's best friend and go-to gal before Lily came around. With Lily in the picture, Mitchell and Cameron spent most of their days as a family instead of going out clubbing with Sal. Sal found a problem in this new life change and loathed Lily for taking her friends from her.

Although hilarious, Sal outwardly insulted a young Lily and never respected Mitch and Cam's space. She once showed up unannounced on Valentine's Day and ruined the pair's date just because she wanted to drink with them. As much as Sal cared about the couple, she had her evil moments.

8 Did Pepper Saltzman Even Enjoy Mitch & Cam's Company?

Pepper was another one of Mitch and Cam's close friends but it's hard to tell if he was an actual friend or if they just used him for his connections. In return, Pepper enjoyed Mitch and Cam but he insulted their way of life constantly.

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He judged their parenting, the size of their home, and everything revolving around their finances. Pepper was a hilarious character with a soft side but his mistreatment of his so-called friends makes him villainous.

7 Barry Broke The Law In A Big Way

In season 2's, 'Slow Down Your Neighbors,' Cameron panicked when he found a strange, yet attractive, man in their family hot tub. With Mitchell's help, they confronted him and found out he was living in the upstairs apartment.

The three got along swimmingly and Barry taught Cam and Mitch how to relax. But little by little, Cam found out that Barry wasn't living upstairs, he was living in Lily's playhouse in the backyard. As handsome and charming as Barry was, he broke the law in a major way and could have been a threat to the Tucker-Pritchetts.

6 Beth Was Out To Get Haley (& Andy)

When Haley and Andy began spending more time together as friends, she learned everything about Andy's girlfriend Beth. Haley always assumed Beth was made up but when she finally met her, she was stunning and liked by everyone.

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And it wasn't just Haley who was jealous of Beth, it was Beth who was jealous of Haley. Beth was passive-aggressive with Haley, but what's worse is that she cheated on Andy with multiple men and broke his heart. As beautiful and beloved as Beth was, she was also illicit.

5 Tracy & Mitchell Never Had Closure

In season 2, viewers met Mitchell's former high school girlfriend, Tracy. The two were hot and heavy but when Mitchell realized he was more attracted to men, he left Tracy in the dust. Because of their unfinished business, Tracy was incredibly cold to Mitchell and had zero interest in getting to hear more about his new life.

Her icy behavior was unpopular with fans. She wasn't a villain in the sense where she hurt Mitch and Cam by her presence, but she made Mitchell feel guilty about their relationship ending over 15 years prior. It was safe to say that these two were not going to be friends after running into each other.

4 Valerie Judged Claire's New Life

Valerie and Claire use to be friends back in the day when the two worked together. But when Claire found out she was pregnant with her and Phil's firstborn, she stopped working to focus on her growing family. Valerie, however, took Claire's job and continued climbing the corporate ladder.

When Claire and Valerie met for lunch, the two went tit-for-tat about how great their lives were. However, Valerie pitied Claire and felt bad that she gave up her career to just be a mom. It was disheartening that Claire hung out with someone who not only disapproved of her decisions but felt bad that she was who she was.

3 Pilar Ramirez Was Controlling

Pilar meant well but her nice efforts always fell short. She appeared controlling, distant, and a tad resentful. Gloria was living a life that Pilar and Sonia always wanted. She was married to an adoring husband and didn't need to work necessarily.

When Pilar came to visit Gloria, she took over the house and made everyone cater to her. What's worse is that she also disliked Jay and didn't give him the same respect that he showed her. At the end of the day, Pilar was nothing more than a villain in beautiful suits.

2 Cameron Gets Himself In Trouble

As lighthearted and fun as Cameron is, he's also a villain. He gets himself into sticky situations time and time again because of his white lies, lack of communication, and misinterpretations. Because of his own personal issues with confidence, Cam lets his petty side come out in practically every episode.

He didn't always trust his husband, and that mistrust eventually became a tumbleweed. The only one digging him into troubling situations on-screen was himself.

1 Jay Wasn't Always So Supportive

As lovely as Jay was by the series finale, he wasn't always that way. He started the series as a villain of sorts. Jay wasn't always accepting of his son's life, and he put far too much pressure on Claire to be the best.

Both Claire and Mitchell speak openly about their unique childhood and how it was hard living with Jay because of his expectations. But as everyone aged and he and Gloria became closer, Jay softened and became more compassionate. Those sweet moments at the end of the series shouldn't take away from the fact that he was once a villain.

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