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My Hero Academia: The 10 Nicest Things Deku Ever Did | ScreenRant

It's hard to narrow down what makes Midoriya Izuku, aka Deku, such a good boy. The idea of "nice" has such a high bar in a world with superheroes that it's easy to overshadow universally nice gestures such as giving food to charity or driving several miles to help a friend with a flat tire.

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At the end of the day, holding a door for someone just doesn't stack up to saving someone's life (though holding doors is still really nice). In My Hero Academia's already aspirational and altruistic world, few characters have been quite as selfless, friendly, and nice as Deku. As someone whose most powerful Quirk is just unconsciously doing nice things, Deku has built up quite the good-person portfolio over the years.

10 Offering A Hand To Bakugo

This gesture may seem small in the grand scheme of My Hero Academia's world and Deku's overall journey, but it is emblematic of what has made Deku so special. Despite having grown on the fans, Bakugo was a real terror when he was younger and took every opportunity he could to terrorize and impose on a young Deku.

One day, however, Bakugo accidentally fell into a creek while the kids were exploring. Despite Bakugo being fine and really independent at the time, Deku still offered a helping hand, seeing past all of that to still be considerate. Though this humiliated Bakugo, this would become a core part of the two's friendship.

9 Helping Bakugo Without A Quirk

Despite being discouraged by instructors, doctors, and even his own family's pity, Deku still aspired to become a hero long before he had One for All. The best evidence of this and likely his most iconic scene was when he risked his life to save Bakugo from the Slime Villain at the beginning of the story. Armed with nothing but his backpack, Deku raced to Bakugo before any other hero, even All Might, could react.

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This is despite Bakugo having just destroyed his hero journals earlier, and All Might disillusioning him with his current health and status. Deku just saw a helpless face and let his body do the rest of the work.

8 Saving Ochaco During His Entrance Exam

During Deku's entrance exam to U.A., the prospects had to defeat as many robots as possible within the testing ground. Each one granted a point value despite one meant to be a course hazard. While Deku struggled to find an opportunity to rack up points, everyone else was greedily attacking as many robots as they could.

However, when a giant robot appeared, aka the zero-point hazard, everyone tried running away. That is, except for Deku, who saw Uraraka Ochaco trapped under some rubble along the path of the robot. Deku stopped aiming for the rest of the robots and was the only one to dart towards Ochaco. He was also one of the few people to score the exam's special, hero points.

7 Telling Off Endeavor

Not every nice gesture has to involve giant enemies or explosions. Sometimes, standing up to someone just means standing tall in front of them. During the Sports Festival Arc, Deku had a heartfelt exchange with Todoroki Shoto that involved confronting him with his own insecurities and identity crisis with his father.

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Despite losing, Deku still decided to confront Todoroki's father, Endeavor, when the two crossed paths. Even though Todoroki wasn't there and this man being the #2 hero of the world, Deku still looked him in the eye and told him how Todoroki was his own person. The Todoroki Family has gone through quite the transformation across the story, and it's thanks, in no small part, to Deku.

6 Protecting Kota

Kota Izumi was one of the growing characters in the series who was a hard sell for the hero world. Having lost his parents when they were on the line of duty, he had come to resent hero work. Despite Kota's background and the fact that the kid was a bit of a jerk, Deku still tried to reach out to the kid and look out for him.

This would be all for the best, too, given that Kota would be targeted by the very villain that murdered his parents. Deku's heroics would not only keep Kota safe but even inspire the kid to get involved when Deku was in trouble.

5 Saving A Rival Hero During The Provisional Exam

There's just something about the hero course exams that has Deku saving other students. During the Provisional License Exam, U.A. was competing against a variety of other hero schools to prove their worth for provisional hero licenses. Class 1-A, both as representatives of U.A. and as an infamous classroom, were immediate targets for the rest of the testing group.

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This is clear given that Yo Shindo from the Ketsubutsu Academy lead his class to ambush them specifically. Even though he personally lead the charge to sabotage Class 1-A, Deku still saved Yo during the exam's final portion when everyone had to go against Gang Orca.

4 Saving Eri From Overhaul

Just looking at Eri, it's difficult to think of anyone who wouldn't jump at the scene to protect the girl. When Deku and Mirio stalled at the first opportunity to take Eri away from Kai Chisaki, aka Overhaul, everyone felt their frustration. That's a huge part of what made the Shie Hassakai Arc so special, as heroes not only rushed forward to stop a rising drug/arms dealer but to also save a little girl in trouble.

Deku was still the star in this story, fighting even when Mirio was taken down and Eri was beginning to lose hope once again. He still rushed forward to not only fight Overhaul but keep him away from Eri.

3 Inviting Eri To The School Festival

It's one thing to save someone's life. It's another to save their spirit. Eri has a long road ahead of her given that years of abuse and neglect have desensitized her to a caring world. Deku immediately picked up on this after seeing Eri again after his big fight with Overhaul. With his class preparing for U.A.'s School Festival, Deku naturally invited Eri, thinking that she, if anyone, deserved a good time.

During an arc with plenty of heartfelt, surprising scenes, nothing touched the moment when fans saw the fruit of Deku's invitation, seeing Eri's face when she saw Class 1-A's musical performance.

2 Not Revealing La Brava To The Heroes

Before Deku could see Eri at the School Festival, he had to stop Gentle Criminal from making the event his own personal stage for glory. The two would go on to have one of the best fights in the series, and the story uncovered the unfortunate, sordid events that would lead Gentle down a path of villainy.

In his loss, Gentle Criminal enacted one last act of heroism and took all the blame for his crimes, absolving his assistant, La Brava, of all blame. While Deku knew that La Brava was his accomplice, he understood and honored Gentle Criminal's intentions and kept La Brava's involvement a secret.

1 Offering To Save Shigaraki

During the Paranormal Liberation War Arc (and, technically, long before it), Shigaraki gave people a lot of reasons to identify him as a clear and present danger. The man is evidently unstable and has a destructive power almost designed to kill. This includes Bakugo who, in his greatest act of self-sacrifice in the series, protected Deku from one of Shigaraki's attacks.

Despite Shigaraki's rampage, Deku was still able to pick up on the fragile child inside of Shigaraki (easily given the fact he literally entered his mind). Despite Shigaraki growing in power and influence, Deku still declared to his One for All predecessors that he planned on saving Shigaraki, not just defeating him.

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