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Naruto: 10 MCU Characters Who Could Pass The Chunin Exams

In the world of Naruto, ninja aren't just born ready to go. They attend specialized schools, undergo rigorous training, form teams, and take exams to move up in the ranks. While some of the most accomplished ninjas in the franchise, like the titular Naruto, never actually pass their Chunin Exams to move up to the next level, that doesn't mean they're impossible.

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The exams test the base knowledge of the shinobi in training with a written portion, a dangerous scavenger-hunt-like session in the woods, and in one-on-on sparring matches. There are a good number of characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe who would be right at home in the Chunin Exam, and would even pass them fairly easily.

10 Black Widow

Black Widow might be one of the best characters in the MCU to pass the Chunin Exams. She's no stranger to hand-to-hand combat, adept in a variety of styles and weapons. The exams, however, aren't all about fighting.

They're also about stealth. Students are encouraged to cheat on the written portion, as long as they don't get caught. There also aren't really any rules during the forest portion of the exam as long as the teams complete their objective. Black Widow understands how to play enemies against one another, keep herself hidden, and knows her own strengths in a fight. Her only struggle might be teamwork if her team doesn't agree with her tactics.

9 Phil Coulson

He might not have superpowers or be on the actual Avengers team, but Phil Coulson is certainly one of the most adept agents in SHIELD. Although he's a fun addition to the films, most fans got to see what Coulson could really do in Agents Of SHIELD rather than the movie arm of the MCU.

Like Black Widow, Coulson knows how to keep secrets and stay stealthy. He also inspires loyalty thanks to his commitment to always trying to do the right thing. Coulson would have no problem in the teamwork portion of the exam. His love of history and ability to memorize information would mean the written exams would be no problem for him either.

8 Scarlet Witch

Unlike most of the Avengers, Scarlet Witch's power set is actually closest to the shinobi exhibiting a variety of Jutsu in the Naruto franchise. Though she has largely been using her power as telekinetic abilities, it's clear after the events of WandaVision that Scarlet Witch can do so much more.

Her immense power would give her an edge over the competition. Like Black Widow, she might not always be in the same mindset as her team, but she understands that a team has to work together to get a job done, proven when she worked with Hawkeye in Captain America: Civil War.

7 Loki

Loki might have a tendency to double-cross his allies, but he's one of the most versatile fighters in the MCU. Like many shinobi in Naruto, he doesn't actually need to rely on his hand-to-hand skills very often thanks to his magical abilities.

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Loki understands the value of breaking the rules. He also only stabs someone in the back after he's got what he wants from them. Those things would get him far in both the written exam and the trek through the woods. It's the one-on-one matches where Loki would have to be careful to not let his ego get in the way of what he can actually do.

6 Quake

When the Agents Of SHIELD series begins, Skye is likely not someone who could hold her own in the Chunin Exams. She's not a trained fighter and hasn't had much experience with magical occurrences.

By the time she discovers her identity as Daisy Johnson and gains the superhero moniker Quake, however, she is definitely someone who could pass the exams with flying colors. Quake is incredibly observant, someone who can manipulate the "vibrations" of the world around her, and someone who functions best as part of a team. She retains Skye's idea of everyone around her being able to contribute their own piece to a puzzle.

5 Nakia

Introduced to the MCU in Black Panther, and set to appear in the sequel, Nakia is a spy for Wakanda. She's able to blend in when placed in unfamiliar surroundings, but she's also been trained to fight in a similar style to the Dora Milaje.

Her need to help everyone might mean she wouldn't be so quick to work against other teams during the exams, but her intelligence would mean quick work on the written exams. She's also shown herself capable of keeping up in a fight, even against those who might be stronger than her.

4 Wasp

Though Ant-Man is the character at the center of his self-titled movies, Hope van Dyne's Wasp proves herself to be a quick study and a proficient fighter - even better than him. Growing up around the Ant-Man technology, she takes to it quickly, demonstrating mastery of communicating with them long before Scott Lang does.

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She's also the person who teaches Scott just how to use the shrinking technology to improve the way he fights. Her understanding shows that she would adapt quickly to the shinobi world and would have no problem getting through the exams.

3 The Winter Soldier

Some fans might think the Winter Soldier passing the exams would be based on the brute strength of his arm and the conditioning of the Winter Soldier program. That's not the case. Without the programming that comes from the Winter Soldier program, Bucky Barnes would still pass the exams.

Bucky is someone who can easily follow the rules and be the perfect soldier. He also, however, is perfectly willing to bend the rules to achieve his own ends. He's not unlike Naruto Uzumaki himself in that respect.

2 Peggy Carter

Unlike most of the MCU characters here, Peggy Carter doesn't have any special superpowers. Like Nakia and Phil Coulson, however, she's trained as a spy. Peggy has had experience as a codebreaker, in undercover work, and in hand-to-hand combat over the course of her investigations.

She's the type of character who genuinely lets nothing get in her way. When told not to investigate something, she works her way around the official investigation to complete her own. Bending rules and fighting people more powerful than her is second nature.

1 Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange has an immense understanding of magic, but he learned about it in a very short span of time. He learned astral projection purely to be able to study magic for longer periods of time uninterrupted. That's commitment.

If he uses that same work ethic - and his need to be the best at everything - he would go far in the Chunin Exams. Even him butting heads with Iron Man in Avengers: Infinity War was short-lived as the two reached an understanding, showing the audience that he would adapt to teamwork well.

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