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Necromunda: Hired Gun - The Best Augmetics to Get First

If running around at near super-speed, and shredding enemies into pieces sounds fun, then Necromunda: Hired Gun is the place to be. In this game, players enter the underworld of planet Necromunda as a mercenary whose only concern is to kill and get paid. After botching a prior contract, the mercenary finds themselves completely wasted and nearly in pieces. By the grace of a "frenemy" and a rogue doctor, the mercenary is quickly put back together and eager to get back on their feet.

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After players wake up in the Rogue Doctor's operating room, he explains that a large portion of the mercenaries body has been switch out with bionic implants. The implants increase the character's overall performance, allowing them to defy gravity and logic, and cause mass mayhem out in the world. Players have the ability to upgrade these new parts specifically using Augmetics. By earning upgrade points from missions and entering combat, players can become a living, breathing, gun-slinging nightmare. Here are some recommended augmetics to unlock early in Necromunda: Hired Gun.

Augmetics in Necromunda: Hired Gun are bionic enhancements for the mercenary. Upgrading certain areas will alter the character's physical appearance, but choosing form over function here really isn't recommended. Within the upgrade menu, players will see pages for the Arms, Luminen, Legs, Internal, Cerebral, and R. Field. Each section has further sub-divisions of roughly four augmetics to choose from. Ranking from one to four, players can upgrade each augmetic with any obtained points without adhering to any specific order. Players also have to upgrade that section of the body in order to further enhance their augmetics. For example, if Bionic Arms is only at Level Two, then the second tier is the highest degree any augmetic in the category can upgrade to.

When just starting in Necromunda: Hired Gun, these augmetics are worth prioritizing:

  • Perfect Aim: Increases base weapon stability, guaranteeing more consistent head-shot damage.
  • Auto Sanguine: More damage and more kills rewards more health back. Recovers health after being hit. When the mercenary is closer to enemies, the effect increases.
  • Augur Array: Reveals enemy positions by highlighting them bright red. This includes enemies moving around and hidden behind walls.
  • Heightened Senses: Speeds up consciousness for more than five seconds of slowed time. This upgrade is perfect for taking advantage of the game's mobility and dodging, repositioning, and obliterating vasts numbers of enemies in an overwhelming situation.
  • Voice Implant: Boosts bounty bonus up to 30%. Improves the ability to generate money from side missions and minor contracts. This upgrade also enables the mercenary-turned-bounty-hunter to influence people and get better rewards from contracts.
  • Suspensors: Improves balance and lowers recoil, improving overall accuracy during wall-running, wall-jumping, and sliding.

While most of these Necromunda: Hired Gun upgrades are in the Cerebral and Internal categories, the Bionic Leg tree might be worth focusing on when not acquiring any of these upgrades. The Leg tree improves the mercenary's ability to maneuver in and out of combat. Maglev Coils controls double-jumping, Attraction control affects wall-running, and Repulsion control affects wall-jumping. Throwing at least one skill point in each of these upgrades early will definitely help in the long run.

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Necromunda: Hired Gun is available on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.

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