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Not Even Twitch Can Stream Nintendo's E3 Event | Screen Rant

Today’s E3 panel is off to a rocky start, as Twitch is currently unable to stream the Nintendo event just minutes before it’s set to begin. Nintendo has already warned outside parties not to stream their planned E3 showcase, and it turns out that the company is really serious about enforcing this policy.

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Mere minutes ago, Twitch’s official Twitter account announced that they are currently unable to stream today’s Nintendo Direct E3 showcase, citing Nintendo’s previous statement regarding outside streamers. Twitch Gaming will be able to stream the event, Twitch itself won’t be airing it at all due to all of the co-creators being denied.

Nintendo is intent on keeping all traffic for today's E3 event directed at its official YouTube channel, where the show is currently airing. Anyone interested in seeing today’s Nintendo Direct event will need to tune in there, as it looks like it will be the only place to see what Nintendo has planned for the final day of E3.                   

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Source: Twitch/Twitter

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