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Panic: The Best Characters, Ranked | ScreenRant

Panic is one of Amazon's newest original shows, and this riveting drama is an interesting dive into high school, greed, crime, and thrills. With so many different and intriguing characters, some are certainly meant to be more villainous while others are meant to save the day.

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While everyone was rooting for Heather, there are certainly others that had fans were watching closely and falling in love with. It's time to stack the characters up, regardless if they were playing the game or not, and see who the best ones truly are. From Nat to Ray, every unique personality has its strengths - and some are just better than others.

10 Tyler Young

There might actually be more unlikeable characters than totally redeemable ones, and Tyler Young is definitely the one that walks the line. There isn't really anything horrible about him, despite the fact that he kinds of forgets that actions have consequences.

He's a bit reckless, and he's more Ray's child or pet than a character that can flourish on his own. He's a bit selfish, but as far as the crew goes on this show, Tyler has some depth that goes pretty unexplored, and he seems to have a fun and free spirit.

9 Bishop Moore

Bishop isn't a bad person. However, fans can probably all agree that he isn't exactly the best. Bishop is secretive, arrogant, and mysterious in a way that's more frustrating than it is intriguing. Bishop doesn't tell his friends much, and he really only cares about himself.

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He's smart and seems caring, and he does prove that he does have a heart for Natalie and Heather. However, Bishop is a bit shifty and manipulative, and fans were always rooting for Heather and Ray over Heather and Bishop.

8 Drew Santiago

Of all the characters on this list, there isn't much to know about Drew Santiago. However, there's nothing to dislike. It's pretty admirable that this seemingly reserved and careful kid tries his hand at the game. Beyond that, he isn't willing to cross others or step on toes.

Rather, he seems to have a good heart. He also offers a bit of comedic relief, but mainly, fans can relate to his fear throughout the games and respect that he never does anything rude, manipulative, or hateful. He's a pretty decent character.

7 Summer Calvo

Summer is another character that fans don't get to know very well. However, her free spirit and fun attitude are undeniably lovable, and her smile and energy are contagious. Summer is that cool and carefree high school student that everyone loves and admires.

However, she can't be the best, because she does definitely put a lot of pressure on the contestants of the game, and doesn't really care about the consequences or danger that comes with it. She's more about the experience and the entertainment, and she could certainly be more caring.

6 Natalie Williams

Natalie has some moments that are certainly far from redeeming, but fans also learn the reason that she acts the way she does throughout the games. Her deal with Dodge is still a bit of a betrayal to Heather, and it's hard to really love her when she lied to her best friend the entire time.

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However, Natalie does some have great qualities. She does care about her friend and even goes out of her way to get the truth about Dodge's sister, which she does selflessly and because it's the right thing. Natalie is bold and charming, and this makes her a pretty likable character.

5 Anne McCarthy

All of the adults take a back seat in this show, but there's no denying that Anne McCarthy is a pretty awesome character. She's fierce and smart, but she's also really caring and understanding. She takes Heather and Lily in and understands the difficulties that they have faced.

She's willing to give some tough love, too, but Anne is mostly the cool lady that owns a lot of animals and has a heart of gold. She offers a lot of great advice throughout the series, and fans really have no reason not to like Anne.

4 Dodge Mason

If there's one character that's really mysterious, it's Dodge. Fortunately for fans though, Dodge does open up and starts to reveal his values, his goals, and his entire personality. He's intriguing and intelligent, but he's also brave and has a huge heart.

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Natalie wasn't the only one falling for Dodge Mason, and fans can all agree that he was one of the most likable characters in the series. He has something to offer in just about every aspect, and this brave and determined character is undeniably one of the best.

3 Ray Hall

Ray started off being a pretty unlikeable guy, but there was something about him that made fans continue to root for him. Behind his façade, Ray slowly started to peel his layers back one by one, revealing a pretty dedicated, passionate, brave, and caring guy.

He was guilty of caring too much about his reputation and trying to act strong and fearless, but fans knew that there was a lot more to him than that. Ray Hall ended up being a character that everyone wanted the best for, and were more than happy to see Heather end up with him.

2 Daniel Diggins

For a secondary character, there's no better one than Daniel Diggins. In fact, fans probably wish that they got to see more screen-time with this character. The host of the games, it's kind of surprising that he took the job, based on his caring heart and responsible nature.

Diggins was always there for Heather, and he made it clear he didn't totally agree with the challenges of the games and how it played with their feelings. Diggins also lets Heather and Lily stay at the motel for cheap. He was a good guy with a good sense of humor.

1 Heather Nill

It's probably not surprising that the lead character is the best, and this show is certainly no exception. Heather Nill grew a lot over the series, but she was always a strong character. She was smart, selfless, and ambitious. However, she had no intention of ever burning bridges or hurting others.

She does everything she does for those around her and for her future. She's admirable for her strength, but also for her ability to be who she is and do it with conviction and kindness. Heather Nill is undoubtedly the best character in the series.

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