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Phasmophobia: Hantu Ghost Guide (Tips, Strategies, & Weaknesses)

Hantu is one of the two newest ghosts haunting the chilliest parts of Phasmophobia. This ghost comes alongside the Yokai, which is part of the newest update to the game. Once players access the update, they will be able to interact with the Hantu, Yokai, and the 12 base game ghosts.

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Under updates for the game, players can select the Beta - Unstable Build. Load up the game to see the Hantu. Now, players will need to know how to deal with these new ghouls.

The Hantu isn't brought on by any particular activity. However, it often will turn the power off, as it helps the Hantu use its strength to chase characters. It gains extra speed for chasing players through colder rooms. This is a visible and noticeable thing. While speedy, it still isn't quite as ridiculous as the Revenant or Jinn.Because of its ability, the best way to counter the Hantu is by keeping the power on as much as possible.

This will keep it warm in whatever map the player is in. When a Hantu is running from a cold room to a warm one, its pace will visibly change, allowing players to identify it here. However, players can also identify the Hantu with fingerprints, ghostwriting, and ghost orbs. Players can find orbs floating around the ghost room fairly easily. Ghostwriting is a bit harder, as leaving a ghostwriting book out in the room with the ghost only has a 41% chance of causing the ghost to write in it. Lastly, fingerprints can be identified with the UV flashlight or glowstick on surfaces touched by the Hantu.

Although keeping the power on will make most of the rooms warm, the ghost room will stay cold while the Hantu is inside. Depending on which map the Hantu is found in, players may need to keep a closer eye on this. In the prison, the Hantu can chill an entire cell block instead of just a room. If a player encounters the Hantu and must run from it through a cold room, they should use smudge sticks to keep the ghoul off of their back. To use smudge sticks, a player will need both the smudge sticks and a lighter or candle to light them with. Players can only have four in their inventory at once, and they cost $15 each. A cheap way to stay safe.

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Phasmophobia is available exclusively on PC.

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