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Phasmophobia: Yokai Ghost Guide (Tips, Strategies, & Weaknesses)

Yokai are one of the two newest ghosts haunting the halls throughout Phasmophobia. With new haunters, there are different mechanics and weaknesses to learn about. We will cover what players should look out for and collect to handle these new ghouls.

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To get access to the Yokai and Hantu, players will need to update their game. This update is named Beta - Unstable Build. It will allow the players to start interacting and experiencing the newly added ghosts. Once players can experience this, they will need to learn about how to counter the Yokai.

Yokai are a specialized type of ghost, being one of the very few that will arrive even when the player has a higher level of sanity. They will arrive when players get to a sanity level as high as 80%. Making them similar to the Banshee. What makes them hard to deal with is that they are easily angered by conversation. Unlike most other ghosts, even conversations unrelated to the ghosts will anger them.

Due to this, players should be careful not to talk much while they are in the Ghost Room without the proper Evidence needed to figure out which type of ghost they are dealing with. This makes them particularly difficult to deal with early on in the players' investigation. The main pieces of evidence players need to collect to prove whether the ghost is a Yokai or something else are the Spirit Box, Ghost Writing, and Ghost Orb.

The Spirit Box is a starter item costing $50. Players have a 41% chance of getting a ghost to interact with a Ghost Writing Book. Ghost Orbs can be found floating around the Ghost Room. These will cover the basics of ghost hunting. They will most often be found in homes and the ghost room above all.

The good thing to remember is that when dealing with Yokai, while they are easily aggravated, they are weak hunters. Speaking in their presence will start their hunt. In this state, the Yokai will track along the floor, running from room to room. However, while they are like this, their hearing radius is shortened to roughly two meters. Meaning, players would have to be directly next to the Yokai and speak for it to notice the player. Otherwise, keeping out of its track throughout a building will keep the player safe from its wrath.

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Phasmophobia is available on exclusively on PC.

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