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Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart - How to Solve the Blizar Prime Anomaly Puzzle

While the Ratchet & Clank series has always been a very action-heavy affair, the newest entry, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, has added a host of puzzles and side activities for players to check out as well. These provide new challenges for players that aren't necessarily based on what their reaction skills are, and instead force them to explore the world around them and think about what they must do next. This is particularly true for the game's puzzles.

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One group of puzzles that are interesting for players to solve are the Anomaly Puzzles that can be found a couple of different planets. These anomalies have the player solving three puzzles each and they are unique in that they will require the player to collect and position orbs in a certain order to direct a projection of Ratchet (or Rivet) across an area to enter a doorway. this guide shows players how to solve the Anomaly Puzzle at Blizar Prime.

In order to check out the Blizar Prime puzzle, the player will first need to bring all of the Science Bots back to the chief engineer on this planet and then travel to the Mining Hub. From here the player will be able to go up the ramp that is nearby in order to find the rift that leads to the puzzle. Toss Clank into the rift and then get to work on the first part of the puzzle.

The player will need to begin by heading down the ramp ahead of them and destroy the boxes ahead of them. Here they can grab the blue orb that they can then toss onto the floating platform to weigh it down. There will then be a second blue orb that can be grabbed and loaded into the spinning saw ahead of them to drop and break some objects below. The orb can then be retrieved and tossed into the first orb slot, and then the player can stand on the button to have their projection open up the door.

When the player reaches the next chamber they should break the boxes ahead and then head down the right side path. There will be an elevator that the player can jump on where they can grab the red orb, and then a slot behind them to put that orb inside. From there they will be able to jump up to where the pillar is holding the blue orb. The player should then take both orbs and head back to the elevator and ride it up to the top. Once here the red orb can be used to activate the smasher and the blue orb can be used to lower it down to the ground. The green orb can now be snagged, so the player should grab it and the other two orbs as well. The blue orb should be placed inside the saw, the red orb on the very far end, and the green one should be placed in the slot right before the red one. This should solve the puzzle.

In the final puzzle room, the player should walk forward until they find the blue orb. This orb can then be tossed in the slot for two spinning saws ahead which can then be jumped over to retrieve the red orb. The player should grab both orbs and then toss the red one inside the smasher before running under it to get to the green orb. With all of the ports in possession, the blue one should go inside the very first slot, which will allow the projection to leap over the fan. The green one can then be placed inside the next one which will speed up the projection, and then the red one can go in the last slot to help them rush through and open the door.

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Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart can be played on PlayStation 5.

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