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Schitt's Creek: 10 Unpopular Opinions About David (According To Reddit)

David Rose's inclusion throughout Schitt's Creek was imperative to the show's success. Similar to his parents and sister, David was also on a journey of self-exploration after his family lost everything they called home. In fact, it was David's character development throughout the series that fans appreciated the most. However, every fan is different.

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Some Schitt's Creek fans have taken their thoughts about David as a character to Reddit and agreed that the characteristics that a majority of fans love about him, they loathe. From his facial expressions to his sense of style, fans are torn on what makes David popular.

10 David Didn't Deserve Patrick

What made David and Patrick work as a couple was their differences. Patrick was shy and professional, while David was outspoken and theatrical. They both had what the other didn't, which made them the perfect pair. Some fans, however, didn't appreciate how David treated Patrick.

Patrick always tried to make David feel comfortable and safe by taking the reigns at work, buying him food, and even arranging a massage for him before their wedding. Yet David acted unappreciatively and demanding for the majority of their relationship. This view is seen as unpopular because a majority of fans ship Patrick and David specifically because of their contrasts in personalities.

9 His Fashion Sense Is Amazing

Coming from New York City, David stands out among the crowd in Schitt's Creek because of his style. He loves black and white clothing and doesn't shy away from different layers, patterns, and accessories.

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He's not the most stylish Rose family member (after all, a lot of characters have questioned David's fashion choices) but he is the most authentic and is most likely wearing high-end designers. However, there are a few David fans who love the way David dresses and applaud his individuality.

8 Two Words: David's Sweaters

The popular opinion is that while David's sense of style is a tad unfamiliar, his sweaters are cozy-looking and fit him perfectly. Shockingly, not every fan adores David's knits.

One fan noted that some of David's sweaters were "unflattering," going against the grain. Aside from David's different choice of ring configurations, his sweaters were just as important to his esthetic.

7 He Has No Insecurities

One of the most relatable parts of David is how he feels he's "damaged goods" because of his past. He never had a relationship last longer than three months and no one ever expressed interest in living with him. As confident as he dressed and lived, he was insecure. It was because of the people of Schitt's Creek that David learned to become more trusting and confident.

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On the contrary, some fans don't feel David was insecure in the slightest. In an unpopular opinion, they took his outgoing personality as confidence instead of a cover-up for his insecurities.

6 He's The Least Likable Character

One of the focal points of the show was how unlikable the Roses were due to their sense of entitlement. They were judgmental, rude, and treated others in the town as if they were beneath them. But the longer the Roses are in Schitt's Creek, the more lovable they become. They let their guards down and grow as people and as a family.

Once being unlikable, they soon became beloved. On the opposite side of the spectrum, some fans think David is the most unlikable character in the series. The popular answer on Reddit is that Roland is the unlikable one, but it looks like some are not on David's side.

5 Those Iconic Facial Expressions Are Too Much

Aside from his use of "Oh my God" and his love of sweaters, another thing that fans obsess over is David's iconic facial expressions.

His shocked or disgusted looks are a meme in itself. They're part of why David is so humorous. But as is the case with every character, there are fans who thought David's facial expressions were "weird" and overdone.

4 David Was Justified In Walking Down The Aisle With Alexis

One of the more popular thoughts about the series finale is that Johnny should have walked David down the aisle, not Alexis. Johnny did everything he could to get his family on the right track after losing their money and he was often disregarded and tossed to the side.

Choosing Alexis instead of Johnny appeared disrespectful as it's typically the father of the bride or groom who walks them down the aisle. However, some thought Alexis was the right choice considering their growth as siblings and as friends.

3 The Wedding Was Too Much Of The Show

Were Patrick and David's engagement and wedding planning too much of season six? A majority of fans shipped David and Patrick and adored watching their love blossom into a wedding.

Their relationship was so pure that a wedding was inevitable. On the contrary, there are fans who believe their wedding took up too much of the plot in season 6. The show was no longer about the characters' growth as family, individuals, and friends — it became about the wedding.

2 Stevie > Patrick

As forementioned, the popular opinion is that David and Patrick were endgame and that no one could compare to the other.

David and Stevie had a very short union at the beginning of their friendship but they realized they were better off as friends than as lovers. As always, some fans didn't agree with their relationship ending so soon and wished they gave it a real chance instead of calling it off so soon.

1 David Is Immature & Doesn't Grow

The Rose family as a unit were immature, insensitive, and out of touch. But that was the beauty of Schitt's Creek. They all grew to be mature and helpful individuals who were far from the people they were in season 1.

It's the popular opinion that David transformed into the man he was always meant to be by season 6. Some fans, however, think David didn't grow at all and continued being immature. His supposed immaturity made him annoying to some, which opposes the majority's consensus.

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