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See: Which Character Are You, Based On Your Zodiac? | ScreenRant

Apple TV+ has built a robust library of original series on its streaming service and thus far, one of the more underrated has been See. Created by Steven KnightSee takes place in a sci-fi world and a partially-dystopian future in which sight is not a sense that is easy to come by among the characters who populate the world.

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See got off to a slow start, but thanks to those aforementioned characters, it has generated a loyal fan base. With the second season coming up soon in August, it's not a bad idea to get re-familiarized with the characters through the lens of determining the Zodiac signs with which they align.

12 Aries: Bow Lion

Those born under the sign of Aries are known for their eagerness, but it would also be a mistake to forget how quick and furtive they can be, too. That's why Bow Lion fits this Zodiac sign perfectly.

She has immense agility and an ability to be consistently undetected. While one never forgets an Aries they meet, it's quite tricky to share an encounter with them. Rather like Bow Lion, too.

11 Taurus: Jerlamarel

Jerlamarel is hardly the most famous character on See, but he is certainly a pivotal one. As the show's resident heretic, he naturally adheres to a code that is all his own.

This tends to cast Jerlamarel as one of the outsiders of the series, but his own stubborn, individualistic nature is what paints him as such an obvious Taurus representative. Considering Taurus is the sign of the bull, stubbornness is a clear delineator.

10 Gemini: Haniwa

Haniwa might seem like an on-the-nose choice for the sign of Gemini. After all, her major role on the show is being in a sibling pairing that can see, against all reason from the other cast members.

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But Haniwa is more than just a sibling. She is also a virtuous soul with a versatile nature abound. Those qualities alone make her a worthy enough figurehead for Gemini.

9 Cancer: Maghra

Speaking of kindness, Maghra is one of the kindest in the entire show. She is dripping with compassion and care, as well as a general sense of love for those that matter the most to her.

These attributes are typically found within the sign of Cancer. The compassionate Zodiac sign, Cancers feel everything very deeply and are always keen to express their emotions, just like Maghra does.

8 Leo: Tamacti Jun

One of the most well-known signs (even to those who do not regularly subscribe to the Zodiac messages) is Leo. Represented by a lion, Leos are highly passionate and extremely outgoing people.

Tamacti Jun certainly embodies the fiery spirit of a Leo (pretty much any dystopia needs its own Leo figure). He is a whip-smart leader who also tends to have a pretty brutal streak.

7 Virgo: Kofun

The aforementioned sibling with the ability to see is Kofun. While Haniwa leans more towards compassion, Kofun is more focused on apprehension and caution.

That doesn't stop him from being a kind and loyal figure (both definite hallmarks of Virgos). However, it just paints him more along the Virgo lines of being practical and calculating the odds before making crucial decisions.

6 Libra: Nyrie

Loyalty is the name of the game for Nyrie. Tragically, it does seem unlikely that Nyrie will get much more play or exploration on the series, but in her brief stint, she was always a paragon of loyalty.

Nyrie always acted within her driven nature but was also sure to be gracious all the same. Considering how loyal she was to those just ahead of her in the See hierarchy, the Libra sign is a no-brainer, as Libras tend to be the most "stick by your side" companions out there.

5 Scorpio: Baba

Obviously, any list that has to do with See must mention Baba, the series' main character expertly played by Jason Momoa. He gets the most depth and characterization in the series (naturally) and comes across as a highly skilled and trustworthy leader.

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Any Jason Momoa character has a clear passion and lust for life and taking care of those who populate their lives. Baba is no exception. An exceptional leader and caretaker, he'd be aligned with Scorpios on those qualities alone. His courage pushes it over the top.

4 Sagittarius: Gether

Pivoting now to a character who is distinctly devoid of any trust, Gether is one of the show's shiftiest figures. Sometimes, it can be read as an outgoing nature. Others, it can be seen as beguiling.

The former is the nicer way to phrase the attributes lurking within Sagittariuses, though. They have a strong sense of humor and charm. No one can deny Gether has those qualities, even if they're not always wielded well.

3 Capricorn: Boots

When a character like Boots is created, it's hard to peg them under any sort of personality test list. Yet, his mysterious nature makes him the best choice from See for the sign of Capricorn.

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After all, Capricorns usually tend to be reserved and keep to themselves. Boots might reveal more about himself the more he becomes accepted by others, though.

2 Aquarius: Queen Kane

Queen Kane has undeniable streaks of evil within her. And while, like Slytherins, Aquariuses are not always evil, they do have some attributes that can be warped by nefarious characters.

For example, an Aquarius is uncompromising. In many instances, this can be a good thing. In the case of Queen Kane, though, it's seen as a quality that is warped into absolute cruelty.

1 Pisces: Paris

Lastly, Paris is a pillar of wisdom on See. Brought to life by Alfre Woodard, Paris is one of the show's more reliable characters and, frequently, a reminder of what the characters still have left to live for.

Her life is dedicated to and devoted to virtue, empathy, and the sharing of knowledge. Wisdom is a top trait of the Pisces sign, so Paris might just be the easiest archetype on See to place.

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