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Sexy Beasts: Why Viewers Are Baffled By The Netflix Reality Series

Just when viewers thought Netflix could not shock them with anything after Tiger King was released last year, they dropped the trailer for the new dating show Sexy Beasts. It seems as if the show has taken a great concept and turned it into this bizarre and slightly disturbing reality show that has left people confused. Here is why viewers are baffled by this new show.

Netflix just released a bizarre trailer for an upcoming dating reality show called Sexy Beasts that reminds viewers of the show Love Is Blind. The concept of the show is to date someone based on personality only, which is why all of the participants are wearing prosthetic makeup and masks that make them unattractive and a bit scary to look at. While it is a great idea, it is a little hard for viewers to get past the creepy outfits these people are wearing. The show has a strange and icky feel to it, leaving viewers unsettled and completely baffled. Here is how people are reacting and why they seem so disturbed by Sexy Beasts.

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According to The Independent, one viewer tweeted in confusion, “WTF did I just watch!?” and this sums up how a lot of people are feeling right now. Another viewer said, “This almost makes me want to cancel my subscription.” One person tweeted that anyone involved in the creation of Sexy Beasts should be in jail. Someone else pointed out the fact that there is a minor flaw in the concept of the show, stating that all of the people under the masks and makeup appear to be thin and attractive underneath, so this cancels out the idea that this is only based on personality.

It is fitting that one viewer says they nearly want to cancel their subscription, hinting that they likely will not because this show looks like a perfect train wreck where fans want to look away, but they just can’t. Flashbacks of the shocking release of Tiger King come to mind when people thought that show was as bad as it could get when it comes to Netflix releases, but viewers seem to think this show is worse.

Regardless of how baffled people are after the first trailer of Sexy Beasts dropped, it is obvious this show has attracted a lot of attention and buzz. People will likely watch just to see if it lives up to their low expectations. The show premieres on Netflix in July, so only time will tell if it is a hit or a complete flop.

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Source: The Independent

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