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Teen Mom: Kailyn Accused of Creating Fake Drama to Boost Ratings

Fans of Teen Mom 2 are not happy with Kailyn Lowry and are accusing her of faking a storyline in order to boost ratings, and distract viewers from her assault charges. Kailyn has had her fair share of controversies while appearing on the popular MTV show. A few years ago, she made headlines for revealing her son Lux, who was 18-months-old at the time, was not vaccinated at all. She went on to say she allowed her oldest son Isaac to be fully vaccinated because she was young and didn't know any better. Her second son Lincoln is only partially vaccinated, only with the vaccines that Kailyn felt were necessary. The more research she did, the less compelled she felt to vaccinate her children. She said vaccination is the parent's choice and no one should judge what a parent thinks is best for their child.

More recently, Kailyn was under fire for a reported domestic violence dispute, in which she allegedly attacked her baby daddy, Chris Lopez. These domestic violence allegations are suspected to be the reason why Kailyn was absent from last week's episode of Teen Mom 2. Kailyn claims it was her choice not to appear in that episode because she didn't want to film with her ex Chris. She says that would be inauthentic to who she is and wouldn't be showing her real life. She also claimed that there was more going on with her other cast members, so she was more than happy to bow out for one episode. Some people, including cast member Briana DeJesus, believe Kailyn didn't want to film with Chris because MTV wanted them to discuss the domestic violence reports.

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Fans are now calling Kailyn out for faking drama with her friend Mark in order to boost ratings and also distract from her domestic violence allegations. The drama with Mark surrounds a trip he planned for his birthday for all his friends. As Heavy reports, Kailyn didn't want to spend the money to go on his birthday trip, but would rather use it to go to the Dominican Republic with her kids. According to her, she was willing to go for one day instead of spending the weekend there. She spoke about it on her podcast, claiming this was the first time she said no to one of his requests. After the podcast dropped, Mark took to his Instagram story, claiming his friend of 15 years just lied about him on her podcast and that the friendship is now effectively over. While he didn't name names, it is clear he is speaking about Kailyn.

Fans think this drama with Mark is fake and an attempt to pull the wool over the audience's eyes. Reddit users are all over the place in regards to their opinions on this. One user is in disbelief over the fact that people are buying into what they think is a fake storyline, even going as far as calling Kailyn a terrible person. Another commenter agreed, claiming Kailyn will do anything to spin a situation in her favor in order not to damage the brand she's created. Some users are unsure if this theory is true. While they don't necessarily put it past Kailyn to pull something like this, they don't think Mark would go along with it. Others are quick to point out that Kailyn has not been able to keep many friendships alive, so it is actually not surprising that this friendship also ended. Some fans even called for MTV to fire her.

MTV doesn't usually pay attention to fans when they ask for Teen Mom 2 cast members to be fired. Unless they do something really awful, like shoot the family dog or dabble in adult films, they can guarantee job security. Kailyn likely will not lose her MTV contract over this, but you never know. Fans have been asking MTV to fire Amber Portwood for years and that has yet to happen. It is unlikely she will choose to leave on her own, but you would think she would get tired of the constant criticism after a certain point. Will the show itself come to an end soon with so many OGs gone?

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Source: Heavy, Reddit

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