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Teen Wolf: 5 Ways Allison Could've Come Back (& 5 Ways She Was Better Gone)

Back in 2014, Teen Wolf fans everywhere mourned as Allison Argent was killed off the show. Many viewers were devastated by the death as it saw her perish in the arms of her first love, Scott, before she could even say goodbye to her father.

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However, it turns out that this may not have been the initial decision Teen Wolf creator Jeff Davis made. With Allison actor Crystal Reed wanting to leave and explore other projects, and shows like Game of Thrones creating a trend of killing off main characters, Davis felt pressure to eliminate Allison from Teen Wolf.

Since then, the fan rumor mill on Reddit has been churning about what Allison's storylines would have looked like, including turning her into a werewolf and reuniting her with Scott. This has sparked a fierce debate among fans as to whether Allison returning would make Teen Wolf better or worse.

10 Bring Back: Allison Could Have Been A Werewolf

If the rumors were true and Allison was going to become a werewolf, then this could have made for a fascinating character arc. Since the Argent family had a code about one of their own being turned into a werewolf, fans can't help but be intrigued about how Gerard, Kate, or Chris would have reacted.

It would have also allowed Allison to have her own individual arc, breaking her out of the confines of being just another love interest for the boys.

9 Stayed Gone: Allison's Death Influenced Character Growth

Although many fans hate to admit it, Allison's death did allow the other characters on the show to grow. The viewers saw Chris become an ally of Scott's pack and become a lot more compassionate towards the teens. Lydia was seen to step up, helping the pack a lot more with their investigations, and provided a lot of insight into the supernatural.

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Even Scott was seen to mature a lot quicker, with Allison's death making him realize that danger lurked around every corner and that his pack was not indestructible. Naive teens became cautious warriors, as Allison's death changed everyone in Teen Wolf.

8 Bring Back: Allison Could Have Been A Ghost

With Teen Wolf introducing scary, powerful creatures every season, it wouldn't have been surprising if Allison turned up as a ghost or part of someone's moral conscious.

Whether it was the plane the Ghost Riders sent everyone to or if a character was between life and death, Allison could have shown up one more time to save her friends and set them on the right path. Considering the sad and painful way she died, it would have been nice to see her find peace.

7 Stayed Gone: Allison's Death Propelled The Story Forward

While many fans believe they had seen the last of Allison in the iconic penultimate episode of Teen Wolf season 3, her absence and death did affect the future narratives and propelled the story forward.

Her name was used as a password for one of the Deadpool lists, with Lydia often showcasing her guilt over getting her friend killed. The best moments in Allison and Scott's relationship ended up saving his life after Sebastian tried to manipulate him. Chris even became the pack's personal protector because Allison's last wishes were to protect those who couldn't protect themselves. Her absence was hugely felt after she left.

6 Bring Back: The Anuk-Ite Could Have Used Allison

Scott's pack went up against one of the most difficult villains they ever faced as the Anuk-Ite almost succeeded in killing them all. One of the reasons it was able to do this was because it managed to transform itself into a person's deepest regrets or loved one.  For Scott, the Anuk-Ite tried to use his guilt over Allison's death to get him to confront them.

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However, this plan ultimately failed because the Anuke-Ite transformed into the Nogitsune Stiles. If the entity had decided to wear Allison's face, or Reed had made one final appearance, fans are sure that Scott would have died because he carried her loss with him all the time.

5 Stayed Gone: Allowed For Scott & Kira Romance To Progress

Scott was Allison's first love in Teen Wolf, but in season 3, the couple had been placed in two awkward love triangles, which eventually saw them explore different relationships (one including Scott and Kira).

At the time, Scott had still been hesitant to pursue another relationship since he had residual feelings for Allison. Since the first two seasons focused on their forbidden romance, many fans were ready for something new and didn't want to fall into repetitive patterns. With Allison now gone, Scott and Kira's relationship was able to develop naturally.

4 Bring Back: Included In More Unseen Flashbacks

Back in season 5, when Scott was facing off against Sebastian, the viewers were surprised when Allison made an appearance in a series of quick flashbacks. It was basically a repeat of key scenes between Scott and Allison from the early stages of their relationship.

However, this got fans thinking about whether the show could have incorporated more flashbacks from never-before-seen moments of Allison's life. They could have involved characters that Allison didn't always interact with, or allowed viewers to see her relationships with her father, Lydia, or Scott in a new light.

3 Stayed Gone: Allison's Storylines Were Limited

While Allison becoming a werewolf would have made for a compelling concept, many fans will consider where else the show could have taken her character after she had adjusted to her powers.

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Although fans do love the relationship Allison had with Scott, they wouldn't have wanted her to go back to being just his girlfriend because that would have undermined their arcs. In the three seasons that Allison was on the show, her main function was to protect the pack. There were no long-term storylines that would have kept everyone interested.

2 Bring Back: Allison Could Have Become A Villain

A character being brought to life has become a common staple in most supernatural TV shows, including The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, or Roswell: New Mexico. Teen Wolf was no different as Kate Argent made a surprise return to the show in season 4 after being she was "killed off" by Peter.

Since Kate became the new big bad for season 4, some fans might want to consider if a similar storyline was planned for Allison if she was resurrected. After all, Allison had never been the same since the ritual in season 3, with a new darkness plaguing her. If she had come back from the dead, it's possible this darkness could have taken over her and she could have become the show's biggest antagonist.

1 Stayed Gone: Bringing Allison Back Would Undermine Her Story

While viewers would have loved to have Allison come back to life, a lot of the fandom will agree that having her return would have ruined her whole arc. Although Allison's death was one of the most tragic moments in the show's history, she died a hero and saved her friends' lives.

She managed to do the impossible and find a way to defeat the Nogitsune, meaning no more people had to die. Scott and Allison's fans also got their closure too as Allison admitted that she had still loved him and was not scared of dying. Bringing her back may have ruined the character's ending on Teen Wolf.

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