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The 10 Most Evil & Nefarious Movie Aliens | ScreenRant

Sci-fi movie aliens tend to be either exotic, benevolent, and inspiring, or downright terrifying. Rarely do the two intersect, and that's largely by design. Some of the evilest alien beings and races in films epitomize all the things that a healthy society would naturally repulse, and that's what makes them so fascinating, as well as frightening.

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Whether it's an intergalactic trophy hunter with skewed morals or a race of unfeeling machines who believe it's their right to conquer the universe, there's no shortage of evil and nefarious aliens in sci-fi films. If nothing else, they do make a good case for humanity remaining on guard if it ever bumps into an extraterrestrial species for real.

10 The Yautja (Predator)

It could be argued that the Yautja species of extraterrestrial hunters aren't necessarily bad guys, seeing as how they do operate under a code of honor, but that's just a smokescreen. These are straight-up evil aliens, through and through. They hunt bipedal humanoid species like themselves for the sheer thrill of it, which is a far cry from going partridge hunting on a Sunday afternoon.

Every single victim of a Predator attack is someone's spouse, parent, or child, and the manner in which they're slaughtered tends to be grotesque. Sure, the Yautja will try to make the hunt as honorable as possible, but that's just for the sake of challenge and a sense of personal pride. Small potatoes for the skulls hanging around its belt.

9 Brandon Breyer (Brightburn)

What if Kal-El came to our world and became a nightmare version of Superman with homicidal tendencies and full-fledged psychopathy? That's the question posed to the audience in 2019's Brightburn, a dark mirroring of the traditional Superman comic.

Young Brandon Breyer starts out normal enough, but when his crashed spaceship begins communicating with him, he learns that his mission is to "take the world." What ensues is a horrifying rampage of murder, mayhem, and destruction with seemingly no end in sight. He might seem like a normal kid, but this evil alien is death incarnate.

8 The Daleks (Doctor Who)

Most fans know of the dreaded Daleks from their long-running and iconic presence on the classic Doctor Who series, but they've also hit the silver screen twice in the past. Doctor Who was loosely adapted into movie form in 1965 and 1966, starring Star Wars' Peter Cushing as the titular Doctor who goes up against his menacing foes on two occasions.

The Daleks are just as malevolent and nefarious as their TV counterparts. These former humanoids were mutated by centuries of chemical, biological, and nuclear warfare which forced them to create travel pods to stay alive. In the process, they lost all semblance of compassion, becoming cold and merciless conquerors. They continue to provoke both fear and awe in old and new fans, alike.

7 The Invaders (Independence Day)

Very little is known of the extraterrestrial invaders that blew up the world (twice) in the Independence Day movies, but they sure aren't a friendly bunch. It's hinted that this particular alien race is comprised of opportunistic conquerors who strip a planet of its resources before moving on to the next potential target.

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Whatever the case, these bad guys show no remorse, and their xenophobia is legendary. They show absolutely no willingness to communicate or reason with mankind and spend most of their time obliterating as many humans as possible, using a variety of high-powered weaponry. Subtlety is not their strong suit.

6 The Kodan Empire (The Last Starfighter)

The plot of The Last Starfighter won't win any awards for twists, turns, and the unexpected, but it's still a classic beloved by so many who grew up with it in the 1980s. The traditional good vs. evil motif was played well, in large part to the film's main antagonists - the Kodan Empire.

Though not the coolest looking aliens by today's standards, the Ko-Dan were menacing enough to capture the imaginations of countless fans. They're also beyond redemption; a cruel race of warmongering conquerors who won't stop until every single star system is under their direct control.

5 Skeletor (Masters Of The Universe)

In the 1980s, He-Man & The Masters Of The Universe was one of the hottest pop culture properties around, and it was only a matter of time before someone adapted it into a full-length movie. That film arrived in 1987 with Dolph Lundgren starring as He-Man, but it wasn't enough to stave off the bad press.

The end film took place largely on Earth, which was a mistake, but it did have one thing going for it - Frank Langella as the cunning villain Skeletor. He took the role at the behest of his young son and fell in love with it. Langella was so good, in fact, that he brought a level of creepiness, violence, and unfettered malice to the character that went leaps and bounds beyond the cartoon version.

4 The Kaiju (Pacific Rim)

Gigantic monsters battling massive robots was a recipe for huge success in 2013, and it made Pacific Rim a household franchise. Part of its allure was the colorful and imaginative designs of the film's main foes, the Kaiju. These horrible monsters ascended from an underwater dimensional rift to attack Earth and pave the way for alien colonization.

The creatures themselves were bio-engineered terrors acting largely as wrecking balls for their alien overlords, but it does seem as if they take great delight in their job. Their nature is wholly homicidal and destructive, with no other purpose beyond that, and they relish any opportunity to rip and tear to their heart's content.

3 The Engineers (Prometheus)

For decades, fans of the original Alien film wondered exactly where that fossilized Space Jockey pilot in the derelict ship came from, and original director Ridley Scott unwisely decided to give them an answer. The result was Prometheus, a massive let-down that tried to connect itself to the Alien universe while bungling everything up in the process.

Whatever the case, the Engineers got their shot at the spotlight and became the franchise's de facto antagonists. Little is known about their culture, other than the fact that they've been around for millions of years, seeding planets with genetic material, while devising the most insidious bio-weapons ever conceived. They're merciless, unforgiving, and antagonistic, especially towards humankind.

2 Sil (Species)

At first glance, it might seem as if the alien race shown in the Species franchise is simply an instinctual one seeking to reproduce, but that's clearly not the case. This is a highly intelligent and advanced alien race that managed to Trojan Horse itself into humanity's good graces with a formula for a limitless energy source.

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Its next move was to convince human scientists to splice its own DNA with that of a human, effectively creating a backdoor invader in the process. Sil immediately set off with the intention to mate and reproduce, and the goal was simply to overwhelm humans and wipe them out. That's some clever and manipulative evil, right there.

1 The Energy Aliens (Virus)

While many extraterrestrial invaders such as the xenomorph from the Alien franchise might appear evil, they're actually just doing what they were designed to do. That's a far cry from the energy-based alien race that manages to take over a Russian ship in the critically panned 1999 sci-fi horror film Virus.

This species is capable of infecting computer and electronic systems and controlling them at will. From there, it builds itself bodies and remote-controlled automatons that look like something straight out of a nightmare. It also sees humanity as a virus to be wiped clean from Earth, and won't hesitate to mutilate their dead corpses and turn them into a Borg-like cyborg horror to carry out mass murder.

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