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The Avengers Have the Most Humiliating Use For Wolverine

Wolverine is easily one of the toughest heroes in the Marvel universe, but the Avengers have the most humiliating use for him nonetheless. Logan has often been the butt of jokes, but his abilities are no laughing matter - at least not usually. Earth's Mightiest Heroes may take saving the world seriously, but sometimes they don't take each other seriously - which leads to some crazy antics.

Carnage, U.S.A. #1 - published in 2011 - focuses on the possession of a small-town by Carnage, the symbiote son of Venom. Kletus Kassidy uses his symbiote to take over Doverton, Colorado in a grotesque story where Captain America, Hawkeye, the Thing, and Wolverine are all taken over by Carnage. However, before these Avengers find out about Carnage's threat, they're chilling with Spider-Man and trying to get Wolverine to agree to a ridiculous idea.

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In this comic from the creative team of Zeb Wells, Clayton Crain, and Vc Clayton Cowles, Spider-Man and Hawkeye try to make Wolverine agree to play a game of William Tell. Spidey wants to place an apple on the mutant's head for Hawkeye to masterfully shoot off. This is not an idea that Wolverine likes, but the webslinger brings up an excellent point about it: Wolverine has a healing factor. Even if Hawkeye misses, this isn't as deadly a stunt for Wolverine as it would be for someone else.

Nonetheless, this X-Men member is NOT on board with the idea. As he says, he's not the clown team, and even if Hawkeye is a master marksman, that doesn't give him the right to put Wolverine in such a humiliating position. Even with a healing factor, staring down at an arrow directed at one's face is no light manner. Yet, given Wolverine's ability, it would stand to reason that he COULD make a very good moving target to practice with. He is one of the fiercest fighters in the Marvel universe, he's fast, and there is very little that can actually stop him.

Wolverine has been selected to be a teacher of young mutants before, but in reality he may have missed his calling as a practice dummy. What better way to test how effective new weapons are or how deadly a young hero's powers could be than by using a live opponent to run some tests? The X-Men have training simulations - likely because they already know better than to try roping their teammate into such a stupid scheme. Besides, Wolverine's usually too busy fighting an enemy to be around enough to be a regularly used target. The healing factor should take off a lot of the nerves, but that definitely doesn't mean it would hurt any less. Does that make him a coward? Not really, though this bet seems to be set up in a way that could make him look like one.

The Avengers have some heavy hitters like the Hulk and skilled heroes like Hawkeye, but Wolverine is in a league all his own. His abilities are very different from the other Avengers and when blowing off steam with an idea that could end badly, naturally none of the others would want to be involved. If it weren't for the Thing's unappreciated sense of humor, he would also be a good candidate for this situation and his rocky skin blocks bullets, so a standard arrow should feel like nothing more than a finger flick by comparison. Wolverine takes himself far too seriously to be on the other side of anyone's silly games and would be more likely to agree to loose the arrow himself than take it. If the Avengers want a "human" punching bag, they're betting off trying to recruit Deadpool - unlike Wolverine, he's used to being a clown.

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