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The Big Bang Theory: 10 Low-Key Heroes On The Show | ScreenRant

The friend group of The Big Bang Theory has all helped each other at one point or another where they were viewed as heroes. Sheldon saved Howard, Leonard, and Raj from the elevator explosion, Leonard stayed in apartment 4A for Sheldon's sake, and Penny saved the group from embarrassment time and time again. However, there were just as many minor characters who proved their heroism.

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As small as some moments are, they were heroic on a bigger scale. These characters had moments where they taught the main group something, covered for them at work, or simply lent a helping hand. And as beloved as the core group is, these unsung heroes shouldn't be forgotten.

10 Mary Cooper Got Sheldon Back On Track

Mary Cooper's traditional Southern roots got her in trouble while visiting "Shelly" and his friends in California, but that's not to say that she didn't have her moments of heroism.

Even though Mary lived in Texas, she was always on-call for Leonard when Sheldon was having a meltdown of sorts. She flew to see him when he and Amy ended their romance early on, she gave Penny sage dating advice, and she was like a second mom to Leonard. Her small acts were underrated but helpful.

9 Mrs. Wolowitz Took Care Of Everyone

Even though viewers have never seen Howard's mom, Mrs. Wolowitz, her presence (and voice) were always felt.

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She cared for Howard until her last breath, she took Stuart in and treated him as her own son (or boyfriend, no one really knows), and it was her house that became Howard and Bernadette's family home. From the food she made to the love she gave, Mrs. Wolowitz deserves a round of applause.

8 Janine Davis Taught The Guys A Valuable Lesson

Janine Davis was Caltech's human resources manager who took her career very seriously. She was only in a few episodes of The Big Bang Theory but her scenes were memorable. Just as Penny had to teach the guys about how to act in public, Janine had to teach Sheldon, Leonard, Raj, and Howard how to behave properly at work.

As brilliant as the guys were, they had a hard time understanding what was appropriate for work versus not at work. Thanks to Janine's honest discussions with them, they had no choice but to change under her watchful eye.

7 Cinnamon Got Raj Out Of His Funk

After yet another breakup from Lucy, Raj was in a dark hole of despair. He found himself unlovable and wanted what his friends had. Adorably, Howard and Bernadette came to the rescue and gave Raj a "girl" that would never leave him: a dog named Cinnamon.

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Although Cinnamon was an adorable dog, she was a hero. She got Raj out of his funk and gave him responsibility. He was finally looking forward to going home and having someone to look after, which means that Cinnamon saved the day.

6 Denise Helped Stuart Make The Comic Book Store A Success

Denise didn't pop up until season 11 but she was the hero Stuart always needed. After his comic book store was finally seeing some success, he had to hire a store manager to keep up with demands.

Denise was a student in the area and was as interested in comics as Stuart was. She helped Stuart keep the business afloat and answered everyone's comic questions or needs. She was exactly what Stuart needed whether he realized it or not, and fans wished they saw more of her interactions.

5 Amy Farrah Fowler Made Sheldon Grow

Amy Farrah Fowler is the only main character with an underrated hero status because she is part of the reason for Sheldon's tremendous character arc. She taught him more about life than he ever could through books or lectures.

Amy taught Sheldon about humility and how to be a better person to others. She's more than just Penny's best friend and Sheldon's wife, she's a hero.

4 Stephanie Barnett Helped Leonard In Multiple Ways

Was Stephanie Barnett the one that got away? She was a wonderful doctor who met the group after being picked up by Howard. After being introduced to Leonard, the two quickly began dating.

And unlike many of Leonard's former girlfriends, Stephanie knew how to communicate with Sheldon and how to keep him busy. That act alone is heroic in itself. Her medical bravery came into play when Leonard cut his hand and needed stitches. It was Dr. Barnett to the rescue!

3 Wil Wheaton Was An Outlet For The Group Of Friends

Without Wil Wheaton and Stuart, the main friends of TBBT would only hang out with each other. In reality, Sheldon, Leonard, Raj, and Howard needed outside friends for perspective and balance.

The group was together all the time, which was amazing for viewers but there were times where they were too much. Wil's influence introduced the group to new people and got them outside of their comfort zone. He was more than a famous actor, he was a friend.

2 Claire Reminded Raj Not To Settle

Raj met Claire at the comic book store and the two hit it off immediately due to his knowledge of astrophysics and her interest in space and comics. The only problem was that Raj was dating Emily at the time. Raj was always on the fence about his relationship with Emily but didn't know what to do about it.

It wasn't until he met Claire that he realized he was in a rut and needed to end his time with Emily. Because of Claire, Raj was reminded not to settle and to date around as long as he was being honest and having fun. Claire, like Cinnamon, got Raj out of his habits.

1 Leslie Winkle Put Sheldon & Howard In Their Place

Leslie Winkle worked in the same field as Leonard and was basically Leonard in female form. The two dated for a short time, which was rather intriguing because they had so much in common.

The two didn't last long but it was her honesty with Leonard and Sheldon that was heroic. She found Sheldon to be a misogynist and didn't think it was right for someone to speak down to females in science. Leslie was a badass hero for spoke for female scientists everywhere.

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