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The Office: 9 Of The Worst Reasons Couples Broke Up | ScreenRant

The Office ran for nine-season on NBC and introduced fans to some of the most interesting characters in television history. The dynamic of a show that is generally set inside one floor of an office building can lead to many relationships developing between the characters.

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The workers of Dunder Mifflin went through several relationships before finding the perfect match. Some of the breakups were handled well, as it could just have been the wrong time for them. However, there were several where characters did something uncharacteristic or flat-out hurtful to their partners to end things.

9 Kevin Malone & Stacy

Kevin was always the happy-go-lucky member of the Scranton Branch who didn't seem to let much bother him, mostly due to his obliviousness. He even came into the show being in a seemingly stable relationship with his then-fiancee Stacy. Kevin even brings Stacy's daughter to work one day.

So when the long-engaged couple ended their relationship, everyone was curious as to what happened. What they learn is that Stacy abruptly ended things after one Sunday morning Kevin exclaimed that the Philadelphia Eagles might win the NFC East. Fans weren't exposed to this relationship as much as many others, but to see Kevin's engagement end over something so small was a sad moment nonetheless.

8 Michael Scott & Donna Newton

Michael first meets Donna at Sid & Dexter's bar, where she's the manager. What starts as arguing leads to flirting, and the night ends with Donna asking Michael when he will come back for a free lunch. Donna later comes to the office to look into purchasing office equipment, and the meeting ends with Michael and Donna kissing in the parking lot.

Sadly for Michael, Donna is a married woman cheating on her husband with him. After much debate, Michael decides to call things off with a text while Donna is waiting to meet up with him. Michael was right to end this relationship, but ending it with a text is still wrong, and he could have handled it better.

7 Kelly Kapoor & Ravi

Ryan is an inherently selfish person and even though Kelly has her faults, she deserved better. So when Pam sets Kelly up with her kids' pediatrician Ravi, it seemed like the on and off relationship with Ryan was finally over. Especially when Ravi proposes to Kelly and she accepts, even agreeing to move to Ohio with him for work.

At Dwight and Angela's wedding, Ryan goes as far as to give his baby an allergic reaction to make Ravi check on him. Kelly is so impressed by this twisted act of love that they kiss and decide to run off together, leaving Ravi and the baby behind. Ravi was a good man, and he truly cared about Kelly, accepting her for who she is. To leave him like that is a low point for Kelly.

6 Jim Halpert & Katy Moore

Aspiring handbag saleswoman Katy comes to Dunder Mifflin intending to move some merchandise. She ends up leaving with a date with Jim, as the two begin their relationship. The night of the booze cruise, Jim and Katy end up hanging with Roy and Pam most of the night. With the help of a little alcohol, Roy announces he and Pam's official wedding date, to everyone's surprise.

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Jim is crushed by this and goes into a funk. When Katy asks him if he thinks that could ever be them, he immediately responds with a no. Katy confronts him, and he decides that they should just break up. Jim's inability to get over his feelings for Pam should have stopped him from dating Katy in the first place.

5 Dwight Schrute & Esther Bruegger

Dwight goes back to his family farm due to the death of his Aunt. No one at the funeral seems to catch Dwight's eye more than Esther, the daughter of another farmer in the area. The fireworks are there from the start, as Dwight throws the beaks of a crow at her, signaling his attempt at courtship, which she excepts by destroying them.

Dwight plans to propose but backs out when he realizes that he still loves and wants to be with Angela, instead proposing to her. Angela and Dwight always seemed destined to be together, but for Dwight to go from wanting to propose to Esther to the audience never seeing her again is a sharp turn that she didn't deserve.

4 Darryl Philbin & Val

Darryl always had an interest in Val, but had to put them on pause many times, due to either Val not wanting to date a co-worker, or currently having a boyfriend. Darryl would always still talk up Val and make sure she was recognized as a top employee, so after breaking up with her boyfriend, Val and Darryl begin their relationship.

Darryl wasn't happy in the relationship, and Athlead was taking off, so Darryl decides to end the relationship. He goes about it terribly, manipulating Val into breaking up with him. This was a cowardly way for Darryl to avoid having to step up and end the relationship and make him look pretty bad.

3 Andy Bernard & Erin Hannon

It took quite a while for reconciliation between these two due to Andy not being truthful about his previous engagement with Angela, but Andy professes his love for Erin and they get back together. It's short-lived because when Andy's family implodes, he takes the family boat and sails off for Bermuda, without even inviting Erin to come with him.

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Andy would end up being gone for three months, barely even attempting to contact Erin while he was gone. While he assumes they are still together when he returns, Erin had gotten close with Pete and was ready to move on, standing up to Andy and breaking up with him. Erin is the reason that Andy even went to the harbor to sail his boat, and she deserved to be respected more than Andy did.

2 Michael Scott & Helene Beesly

At Jim and Pam's wedding, Michael got close with Pam's recently divorced mother Helene, and the two started dating. When Michael tells Pam, she is less than enthusiastic, but that does not deter him to continue seeing Helene. For Helene's birthday, Michael gets a table and decorations at Helene's favorite restaurant for the two of them, Jim and Pam.

During the lunch, Michael learns the age of Helene, and he handles the news poorly. Michael decides he'd rather grow old with somebody else than be with someone whose already old. Despite loving Helene, he breaks up with her on her birthday. He even tries to use Pam as an excuse to break up. Michael breaking up with Helene just because of her age is incredibly shallow and is an awful moment for the character.

1 Jim Halpert & Karen Filippelli

Jim couldn't handle his emotions after being rejected by Pam, so he packed up and transferred to the Stamford branch. While there, he meets Karen, and the two get together. After the Stamford branch is downsized, Jim and Karen both end up transferring to Scranton.

When they return, Pam is no longer with Roy and is interested in Jim. Even though his relationship with Karen is progressing well, Jim decides that he wants to be with Pam more than anything. Jim abandons Karen in New York to drive back and ask Pam out, all without breaking up with Karen first.

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